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Part 32: Action Therapy


Previously posted:

Trapped in the Fade by a powerful Sloth Demon, Bianca attempts to find a way out. And rescue her friends too, can't forget that...

[There are three zones around the edge of the Fade map that only unlock when you beat the demons in charge of the two adjacent areas.

If you just thought “Wait a minute; three areas? We have three missing friends! Could there be a link?”, then well done! You've figured it out.

These areas are completely optional. We don't have to beat them to leave the Fade, but escape gets a lot harder if we skip 'em.]

Cheery view. I really don't want to know what's on the horizon in this place.

Maker forgive me.


I failed them all. They died and I did not stop it.

Don't believe it, Wynne.

How can I disbelieve what I see, what I hear and smell and feel?

I find a few drinks usually helps.

Death. Can you not see it? It's all around us.

I see it. I just don't believe it.

Why was I spared, if not to help them? What use is my life now that I have failed in the task that was given me?

Leave me to my grief. I shall bury their bones, scatter their ashes to the four winds, and mourn their passing till I too am dead.

This is getting rather morbid.

Your blatant disregard for the souls of the dead strikes me as being utterly inappropriate.

They're not dead yet. This is a trick.

I do not know what you are trying to tell me. Why must you make this more painful?

THIS. IS. A. TRICK. TRIIIIIICK. TRICKY TRICKY TRICK. By the stone, Wynne, come on!

And where were you when this happened? I trusted you as an ally and you were nowhere to be found.

Uggggh. (Persuade) I am the only thing that's real. Ignore everything else.

I do not know what this will accomplish, but I will do this, if it will satisfy you.

It is... difficult... to focus. It feels as though something is... stopping me from concentrating. I have never had so much trouble...

Perhaps some time away from this place will help me think clearly.

That sounds like a good idea.

Don't leave us, Wynne. We don't want to be alone.

Holy Maker! Stay away, foul creature!

I told you this wasn't real.

Stay, Wynne. Sleep soundly in the comforting embrace of the earth. Do not fight it. You belong here, with us.

N-no. Not yet. My task is not yet done... it is not time yet.

Come... come away to your rest...

It's burning time!

Have you always been able to turn into a flaming skeleton, Bianca?

nooooooooo. Itsssssss newwwwwwww.

Oh. I was worried for a moment.

Is it over? Thank the Maker for you. Wait... what's happening? Where are you going?


Wynne? Wynne?



Going by the pattern; if I want to save Alistair and Sten, I need to kill the boss of this zone next.

[The Templar's Nightmare is the most annoying region of the Fade. Two words: Teleporter. Maze.]

[Pictured: Stealth Mouse.

Also pictured: Weird purple Fade portal. The Templar's Nightmare is split into sections, each with a few portals scattered around. One portal leads forwards, the others send you back. The name of the game is to keep using trial and error until you find your way to the boss, while not getting your teeth kicked in by the tough enemies lurking around.]


[There are a lot of mouseholes scattered around as well, in case it wasn't enough work keeping track of the teleporter portals.]



Boo! Weren't expecting that, were you Wolfy?

[Our reward is another Dex boost.]

Now that's what I call parking! Did you aim for the sea and miss?

[Normally, when going back over screenshots, I can recall the narrative of an area; the sequence of exploration and combat that makes up the dungeon.

For this area, all I've got is a collection of interchangeable rooms and corridors and monsters. This whole zone is the worst part of the Fade. It's My First Dungeon, with the whole “dream-world” thing being an excuse for why everything's just piled together.]


[This is a cool/dickish trap, and probably the only memorable thing about this area.

When you teleport in, the room starts to catch fire. Unless you quickly shift to the Burning Man form, you'll be killed instantly. Surprise!]


[Vereveel, the demon, always detects you, even when stealthed.]

[Fortunately, like most enemies, she can't resist the power of GOLEM PUNCH.]

[And with that we're (almost) done with the Fade. All the boss demons killed, all areas opened up, all forms found. All that remains now is to find the remaining members of Bianca Squad, and defeat the Sloth Demon once and for all.

And for good measure, the final Essence is located in Vereveel's arena, giving us +1 to Cunning. We're rolling in the stats.]

[Time for another nightmare...]


Hey! It's great to see you again. I was just thinking about you... isn't that a marvelous coincidence?

This is my sister, Goldanna.

You have a sister?

These are her children, and there's more about somewhere. We're one big happy family, at long last!

Get away from them, Alistair. This is a trick.

What are you talking about?

Well, Alistair, is your friend staying for supper?

Say you'll stay. Goldanna's a great cook. Maybe she'll make her mince pie. You can, can't you?

Of course, dear brother. Anything for you.

I can't stay and you shouldn't either, Alistair.

You're acting really strangely.

And you're acting like you're five years old. (Persuade) Think about this and how you got here. Think carefully.

All right, if it makes you happy. I... it's a little fuzzy, that's strange...

Alistair, come and have some tea.

No... wait... I remember a... tower. The Circle... it was under attack.... there were demons. That's all I really remember.

The sloth demon, do you remember that?

A-are you saying... this is a-a dream? But it's so real...

I assume you can't see the floating islands and random tendrils.

Of course it's real! Now wash up before supper and I...

Something doesn't feel quite right here. I... think I have to go.

Come with me then.

No! He is ours, and I'd rather see him dead than free!

...Have you always been able to turn into a giant rock man?


Well, could you stop? I'm having enough trouble with reality at the moment.


G-Goldanna? I can't believe it. How did I not see this earlier?

The demon probably did something to your head.

Yes... uh, well. Try not to tell everyone how easily fooled I was.

Are we going now? Wait, where are you going? What's happening to me? Hey!


A pattern's emerging.

Oh, well. Better go find Sten anyway.

Sten! Try not to disappear while I talk to you.


Who are you talking to?

Don't bother the sten. Isn't it your turn to cook?

Cook what? There's no food in this miserable, frozen country.

Parshaara! We have a guest. Make room at the fire.

Why do they call you “the sten?”

The same reason they call you, “the Warden.”

Ah. Memory limitations.

[This may be the only point in the game when it's mentioned that Sten is a title not a name.]

We've been days in this place. There's no sign of any threat. The arishok's report was wrong. Can we not go home?


So this is what qunari are like.

Not really.

This is a dream. I'm not a fool, Warden. I remember seeing the karashok there have his head torn off.

Well, at least it's not a great loss.

You are so entertaining, kadan, you should perform in the square with the other trained monkeys. We could throw you peanuts.

It's a dream. But it's a good dream.

This is a cage, Sten. Just like Lothering.

[Sten, and Morrigan if you bring her, are the only companions who realise the truth of the Fade on their own.]

Here, or Lothering, or Orlais, it's all the same. Far from home. One place is no better than any other.

Don't you want to avenge these men?

Revenge... what good does that do them? Their corpses will not taste it, or share in the victory.

I wish we didn't have to taste this.. what is this, anyway? Stew?

...Of course it is. (sigh) Rational men would call this, "despair."

We had a deal. You gave your word to aid me.

(sigh) I did.

You can't abandon your post.

Stand aside. I would hate to see you all die again.

No! We won't let you leave us again!

You're a golem now.



And yet this gives me no peace. I wish to leave this place--

No! More trickery? What is happening?


Welp. I'm assuming that was all for the best.

Now for the Sloth Demon.

NEXT TIME: Back to reality.

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