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Part 95: #Moga


Previously posted:

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but whose head shall hang heaviest? Bianca must decide who claims the throne of Orzammar...

We've argued in these chambers for too long. The will of the Paragon is that the Grey Warden decide.

[drum roll]

...I grant the crown to Bhelen.

At last. This farce is ended and I can take my rightful place on my father's throne.

Let the Memories find you worthy, first amidst the lords of the houses, the king of Orzammar.


We can't animate the crowning sequence, sir. The engine can't cope.

Just have the king duck down and wiggle around a bit. That'll do.

...It looks a little weird, sir. Like the king's... uh...

Don't question me! I'm Jeff Bioware! I OWN YOU!


Do you acknowledge me as king?

I... cannot defy a Paragon. The throne is yours... King Bhelen.

Then as my first act as king, I call for this man's execution!

Guards, seize him!

Harrowmont was an honorable rival. Let him retire in peace.

You know better than anyone the war facing us, Warden. Orzarnmar cannot afford to be divided.

Anyone undermining my reign is serving only the darkspawn.

I will return to my palace to gather my generals and prepare our forces for the surface.

I will see you there, Warden. You have my gratitude for all you have done for me.


You have truly surprised me, Sister.

You have earned the right to rejoin House Aeducan.

Why, thank you brother. It almost makes up for being blamed for murdering Trian in the first place.

I suppose family dinners are going to be little awkward from here on.

At least our family's smaller now. Thanks to you.

Oh, now you have standards? Without your aid, I would not have taken this throne so smoothly or so soon.

The throne belongs with House Aeducan.

As all in Orzammar now see.

My generals are already preparing for a mission to the surface.

When you have need of us, you shall have every able-bodied dwarf in Orzammar. And some of the more mobile invalids.

Since you did more than I expected, I offer a personal reward as well.

You may recognize this. Trian used it to crack skulls when he was showing off for Father. I‘m sure he'd want you to have it.

[As Byzantine mentioned aaaages ago in the thread, there is a half-arsed points system running in the background of the Orzammar questlines, counting up the support for each king candidate. If we encourage people on our travels to back Bhelen/Harrowmont their points increase.

These points come into play once the king is decided- the higher the points they have, the better the reward you're given- Trian's maul being the best reward you can get from Bhelen. Also, if we'd picked Harrowmont, Bhelen would have attacked us with a gang of minions- the more support Harrowmont had, the smaller Bhelen's gang.

Eeeexcept, as a dwarven noble we automatically get the best reward from Bhelen. And as we picked Bhelen, there's no fight either. So the points were meaningless. ]

Now, I have much to do. If there is nothing else...

I want my face on one of those big statues. I want you to have something to remember me by.

I'll see what I can do.

Now. I must address my other petitioners. Come back and visit sometime.

Ciao, brother.

They still haven't cleaned up those dragon bones?

Ah, 'princess'. Good to hear that again.

[Now we're back in Orzammar we can start clearing off the sidequests. First up is the poisoned lady.]

She'll be up and around in no time, thanks to you.

No financial recompense? I mean... she's nobility and those antidote ingredients weren't cheap...

Aren't you the sister of the new king?


[And that's it. Running around the Deep Roads gave Morrigan enough levels in Herbalism to be able to craft the antidote, we clicked on the lady to administer it, and our reward is two lines of NPC dialogue and a pittance of XP.]

[Let's blow this joint.]

Kardol! Taking a break from Bownammar?

It's boringly quiet, thanks to you.

If I‘d heard it second hand I'd have called it a sodding lie. Warden, we've got a king because of you.

The rest, impressive, but the Legion is grateful most for restored leadership. It frees us to fight to the darkspawn properly.

Can I count on you to fight the Blight at my side?

[This is a Persuade check for non-dwarves. Kardol, you racist.]

You'll have us. It's time the surfacers saw the good the Stone can unleash.

Back to Orzammar when we win, though. I'll not stay topside to lose my stone sense.

[The city has changed. Fewer violent gangs on the streets and more people celebrating/commisserating over the new Bhelen's ascension.]

Harrowmont cucked spectacularly at Assembly! All hail Memelord Bhelen! May a thousand keks ring out!

Yeah... the Assembly. Still, what can you do?

[We need to revisit the Shaperate to tie up a few loose ends.]

I-I started to worry. I didn't know if you were ever coming back. Did you find any records? Any sign of the old Ortan Thaig?

I have the records right here. A visit to the Thaig would be bad idea though. Too many ghosts. And spiders. And ghost spiders. And some guy who likes eating spiders.

You... you found them?! Let me see...

That's my great-grandmother's name! And her husband! Oh, great ancestors! It's them! It's me! I am an Ortan! Oh, thank you!

I have to take these to the Assembly right away! Find me there. Once these are acknowledged, I'll give you any reward!

We'd better revisit the Assembly soon, before Bhelen burns it down.

Most impressive, Warden. King Bhelen‘s ascent to his father's throne has been recorded in the Memories.

Is there something more I can help you with?

I have some tracings you might be interested in.

What‘s this? A list of names... Most of these clans no longer even exist! Is this authentic?

You bet your hairy arse it is! Taken from a tablet in Caridin's fortress, no less!

Then... is it true? The rumors of Caridin‘s so-called volunteers? Extraordinary!

I would love to make a copy of this. The Shaperate has never had much information on Caridin and his golems, much less proof of this magnitude.

Warden, I hope this artifact from our archives will suffice as a reward... I must inform the Shaperate at once!


Where's the artifact?

No time! I must away to the Shaperate!

We're standing in the Shaperate.

I mean... another... Shaperate. Excuse me.

[This quest is bugged. There is no reward.]

[The last quest to clear in the Shaperate is getting The Legion of the Dead recognised as a noble house. All we need to do is interact with this book to get our XP reward and a final codex entry.]

[Also, I totally missed the secret boss fight part of this questline- let's quickly turn back time.]

[Back in the creepy ghost room in Bownammar fortress (just before where we fought the Broodmother) is a strange relic on the floor.]

[Interacting with the relic gets us an enigmatic codex entry.]

[Can you tell what you have to do? Can you? Can you? I couldn't, so I totally missed this when we first came through the area.]

[You have to interact with the relic while a member of your party is wearing the complete Legion of the Dead armor. Doing so summons the Gangue Shade bonus boss.]

[It's just a beefed up Shade. Not difficult at all.]

[Our reward is a piece of generic chainmail. No magical swag at all. Boo! This digression has been a complete waste of everyone's time.]

[Back in the Prime Timeline, we need to return to the Assembly to meet up with Orta again.]

My name's Orta. After the old Ortan House.

I know. We just spoke. Have the nobles had you lobotomised already?

They gave our seat back, and the records show which houses still owe House Ortan money.

Oh, you will be popular.

One day, I will be able to properly thank you for all you‘ve done for me.

Your happiness is enough. Someone should be happy today other than Bhelen.

And I don't know what treasure is left, but whatever I get, you can have as much as you want.

I'll have to find someone willing to look, maybe a whole expedition. If the thaig is still there, it must have something!

At least Ruck will have some new friends to eat.

House Ortan will not forget this kindness.

Oooh. Didn't that sound official?

You're a natural, Orta. You'll be poisoning your relatives in no time.

[The noble deshyrs of the Assembly are less than pleased about Bhelen's victory. Sucks to be them, I guess.]

Why Bhelen? I'm surprised you didn't seek revenge.

If Bhelen wants Orzammar so bad he can have it. For now.

So he gets rewarded for killing your father and brother, and you get...? A meaningless title? A pat on the head?

I get to be the one who saved the world from the Blight. I get to be recognized as the one who saved the world from the Blight. Who would deny someone like that?

Assuming you can do it.

If I can't, what does any of this matter?

[Hey, it's Filda. Remember Filda and her poor mad son?]

You've returned!

With all the excitement over the new king I never expected you to remember my poor son.

Did you learn anything about my Ruck?

(Lie) I'm sorry. Ruck's dead.

[This is the best resolution for the quest. Tell her Ruck's alive and she'll head into the Roads to find him. That probably wouldn't end well.]

Oh, my poor boy. I-I guess I knew, but... I just wish I could have seen him one last time.

Here. This is my husband's masterwork, the first shield he smithed. I... don't have anyone to save it for anymore.

I'd like you to have it... for what you risked to bring me this news.

[I don't get the point of bucklers. Any warrior worth his salt will have enough strength to use heavier shields, and rogues get no benefit from fighting sword and shield style.

And no, we can't give the shield to Ruck. He'd probably only use it as a frying pan or something.]

[Near Tapster's Tavern is this little building that we couldn't access earlier.]

[It's Brother Burkel! Remember, we helped him start a church.]

Welcome to what will soon be Orzammar‘s first chantry. The Chant of Light will reach all corners of the world.

We will never forget who made this possible.

Good. I expect a plaque on the door.

I will, um, see what I can do.

Maybe something in a shade of blue. Class up the joint.

[It's time to leave Orzammar for the surface. Finally.]

Oh? Sounds like you're passing a stone, there. (Laughs) Get it? "Passing a stone?"

I do get it, yes.

My question is this: had the Anvil of the Void not been destroyed does it believe the dwarves would have used it?

Hmm. You mean to create more golems? Oh yes, faster than you could squish a nug.

Even knowing the agony that it caused? They would still inflict it on others?

No need to inflict it. There'd be plenty ready and willing to sign up, just as you did.

Does it think it was wrong to destroy the Anvil, then?

(Sigh) No... sometimes people need to be kept from doing stupid things, even for good reasons.

It is referring to its former wife?

This is it. Daylight once more.

(Sigh) Give me a moment.

Is everything alright?

Of course everything's all right! Psht!

Just give me one sodding moment.

By the Stone, I feel like I'm about to fall off the world with all that sky up there.

Yes, I remember that feeling. It passes.

Too bad. It's kind of like being drunk. But so much cheaper!

Well, let's get moving. We're losing... whatchacallit? Daylight.


So you're staying with us then.

Got nowhere else to go.

Oh. Good.



NEXT TIME: The Sexy Update.