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Part 7: The Fate Of The World Hangs In The Balance!! Can Goku Defeat Piccolo To Save Earth!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, Goku joined the party, we did a bit of training, and we met Piccolo Jr., the reincarnation of the evil King Piccolo. Today, we're going to finish the Tournament, so let's head out.

We'd left off last time with Goku at level 7, which looking back, is about the average for our party (with Krillin and Tien at level 8 and Yamcha at level 10). I didn't do that on purpose, as I'm not a math sort of fellow, but it's cool that it worked out.

Outside, Tien is shitting his pants about Piccolo's return.

For a long time, Piccolo believed himself to be a demon, before learning he was from Namek.

Years ago, Goku had beaten King Piccolo to save the world.

: You completely pulverized Piccolo! That can't be him!

By using a Kamehameha-boosted headbutt to tear through King Piccolo's guts, no less.

Also, Chi Chi is here. She and Goku are getting married, y'know. As for why the game skips this, I don't know, but now you know.

He did this while Goku wasn't looking, to keep his legacy alive and well.

: Even worse...This Piccolo is way, way stronger than the old one!

: I...I never even dreamed this would be King Piccolo. This is going to be bad...

This Piccolo is powerful enough to reflect the Evil Containment Wave, when used by Kami.

Kami is now trapped within a jar, which Piccolo swallowed. I think I mentioned this last update.

: It was Kami. He just looks like Piccolo. Piccolo and Kami used to be the same person. If one of them is killed, the other will die as well.

: Oh...I makes sense. That explains the Evil Containment Wave. That would banish one of them without killing him.

: That wave sucked Kami into that jar...Is there anyway to get him out of there?

: We just need to get the lid open...but Piccolo swallowed the jar whole.

: His...His strength is just staggering. Not even Kami could beat him!

: I have to admit, we couldn't take him on even if we all ganged up at once...

: I...I guess Goku's our only hope again. I hate to say it, but that's how it is...

: Yeah...I'll see what I can do.

This shot is here because I was tired of transcription for a minute.

Which isn't an unfair assumption; Goku is just about the only person alive who could take on Piccolo, and Piccolo is a big enough chump to come here and get his ass kic--



At this point, that's pretty much the truth. Piccolo and Goku are the two strongest fighters on the planet.

In all fairness, if I were God, I don't know if I'd keep up on my training.

Yeah, you have a turban!

Don't worry, Piccolo. I'll be punching you in the face soon enough.

Also, he's very evil.

Very evil. Were this voiced, I'm sure even Cobra Commander would tell him to take a step back and chill the fuck out.

We're back in control now, so let's head back in.

That's your job, Krillin!

Aye. Kami purged all the evil from his body and King Piccolo emerged.

In case you'd missed something, Roshi has a little recap on Piccolo's story.

We've got a bit of time to explore now, before starting the final battle, but there's not much else to show off.

Except that Chiaotzu got his ass beaten beyond belief.

There's a shop over here, but not much new is for sale. He has a variety of accessories like our Fighter's Mark, but for the other stats. Goku has our single Mark right now, as +5% attack is better than nothing.

This crate also has some words of wisdom written on it.

There's a bit of dialog to see here; nothing earth-shattering, but interesting all the same.

...There's only one fight left. Between two dudes. One of whom is green and non-human.

This is the man called Hero, by the way.

He has no idea what happened, but he did a pretty bang-up job out there.

Launch sneezed at some point, by the by.

Oh, y'know, just the ultimate evil is back and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Pretty standard stuff, really.

There is an absolute ton of incidental dialog in this game. I don't know that I'll show off every bit of it, as random NPC dialog changes throughout the game, but I'll get some of it here and there.

When we're ready, chatting with the Announcer will kick things off.

: Who will be the greatest fighter in the world? Goku, or Piccolo Jr.? Fighters, you may enter!

Piccolo saunters into the arena.

Hey, c'mon, I'm not going to beat you that badly.


"I don't want to add any more deaths to my total!"

Well, you've kinda fought him before, Goku.

Chi Chi, Goku doesn't know what that word means. He probably thinks it's a kind of burrito.

: Both fighters are among the most capable who ever lived! This is going to be one killer match!

: The fate of the whole world is riding on this match...

: The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament is almost over! Who will take the top prize and reign supreme!?

...Seriously. C'mon, Goku.

Oh! Piccolo was just setting up his one-liner! That clever son of a bitch.


Not only is this a boss fight, but there's a gimmick. Hopefully you did some training so you're not relying on items.

Piccolo has a lot of attacks at his disposal; in this one, he shoots lightning out of his little deely-boppers.

He's got 800 HP. In hindsight, level 5 or 6 would have been sufficient.

For once, I didn't overlevel on purpose. I remember Piccolo Jr. being a tough fight at level 6, and thought 7 would help even the odds.

I...I didn't think I would just beat the living shit out of him.

I'm doing an LP and I'm trying to show off what you're capable of, Piccolo.

...I've gotta stop thinking characters are talking directly to me.

He's got a lot of attacks, about as many as Goku here does.

This next line is going to sum up Goku pretty well.

He's a really nice guy, but he loves fighting.

None of the other fighters could even hope to try and size Piccolo up. Not that he would let them, mind you.

...Piccolo. C'mon, man.

Piccolo has his Destructive Wave, which is just a blast of Ki energy.

As well as a regular physical attack.

I believe this is supposed to be the Light Grenade, as it looks really similar to that, but I'm also pretty sure Piccolo only started using that attack after he fused with Kami, during the Android Saga of DBZ.

Then again, it's also kind of a signature attack of his, so maybe the devs weren't sure what else to give him.

Looks like you didn't grind as hard as you thought you did.

...That doesn't sound good.

Those veins in his noggin are giving me the creeps.

Or you could just Kamehameha him in the crotch, Goku. I'm pretty sure that would interrupt whatever he's trying to do.

Hopefully not be horrifically killed!

...Oh, hey, Kami. When did you get back?

So, Goku did actually free Kami during the fight in the series, but here, Kami is just kind of...Back.

But enough of that oh shit we're gonna die

Piccolo is using his Super Explosive Wave here, which creates a gigantic fuckoff explosion of energy.

As indicated by the name.

...Well, son of a bitch.

Piccolo, not to burst your bubble, but, uh, Goku is right over there.

All it really did was blow your shirt off. Not the most impressive of attacks, I'll admit.

It'll be a while before Goku gets killed, Krillin.

I kind of wish that attack had done some sort of damage instead of just whiting out the screen.

The video also covers this next fight, too.

He should have saved some Ki to calm down those head veins. Seriously creepy, bro.

All that, Goku, and you're still concerned about winning the tournament!? Granted, you'll make 500,000 Zeni, which is a good chunk of change, but aren't there more important things at stake!?

If I'm not mistaken, he's preparing to beat your ass, Piccolo.


650 HP this go 'round. Still can't use items, as the Tournament isn't officially over.

An odd detail is present here; up above, in the screenshots, Goku had no boots on. Apparently the Explosive Wave not only blew off his shirt, but also formed a pair of boots.

Which Piccolo is getting a taste of.

This fight is much the same as the first fight, but Piccolo has less HP. Be sure to keep using your Advance Guard and smash him as hard as you can.

Boy, things look bad, don't they, Kami?

...C'mon, they don't look that bad. Jeesh.

Ah, Kami raises a good point. Since he and Piccolo are one in the same, if one dies, the other goes, too. They're two halves of the same whole.

Tien has a perfectly understandable reaction here. God did just ask him to kill Him, after all.

Is anyone else suddenly thinking of that episode of South Park where Kyle had to kill Jesus?

: It will be fine! You can summon Shenron and wish me back to life later!

: ...W-well, okay...


Not to mention there's another shitty reason to kill Kami, but we'll get to that.

After that bit of chatter, we finish up the fight.

Goku snags himself a level, even!

...Well, I would reckon so...

By a ring-out, even.

Not only did he save the world, but Goku also is, officially, the strongest fighter in the world!

Chi Chi runs over to check on Goku.

If I remember right, this is the only Tournament Goku has actually won. Tien won the last one, the 22nd.

Well, look at this ambulatory mound of suet.

This is Yajirobe; he lives with Korin, where they grow Senzu Beans and do other stuff.

You should be fine. I'm pretty sure you were at more than half HP at the end of that fight.

Senzu Beans are better than any hospital. When eaten by someone, they act as an Elixir would in a Final Fantasy game.

How the hell did you miss him, Krillin?

Yajirobe is a pretty cool guy. He's actually a fairly strong fighter, if very lazy, and he's very skilled with the katana he carries.

After munching down, Goku snaps right up, right as rain.

He then flies off.

Celebrating like a fool for winning the tournament.

One of my favorite things about Goku is that he never really loses his childlike enthusiasm. He's a very passionate man.

Kami, what're you doin' there, bro?

Keep in mind, Piccolo wasn't killed here. If Goku had killed him, he would have been disqualified in the Tournament.

Sniffing out your bullshit, mostly, Kami.


There's one very important reason that Piccolo can't be killed.

That's not exactly it, Kami.

Kami is trying to be a sneaky bastard here, but Goku isn't letting that fly.

Which has already been established. That would be bad, but someone can take Kami's place.

So why would it be so bad for Kami to die?

Tien doesn't know why.

But Goku does.

Kami might be a touch embarrassed here. I don't blame him, since he has been outsmarted by Goku.

Yes he is! He even revived Shenron after King Piccolo killed him.


However, this speaks a lot about how much of a threat Kami finds Piccolo to be.

Piccolo is such a bad dude that Kami is willing to die and deprive the world of the Dragon Balls to make sure he doesn't get another chance to even try and take over the world.

This would have worked, but Kami didn't count on Goku calling him out.

I dunno 'bout that, Kami.

It's not like you did that with the intention of him going around and wrecking all sorts of shit.

That's a little harsh, don't you think? Besides, what would Mr. Popo do?

Kami is the Guardian of Earth. He's pretty important for stuff like that.

And just imagine the good they can do for future generations, Kami.

Those shots flow by with this text box, and I wanted to make sure to capture them all. I thought you guys would like that.

Who, Roshi? Yeah, he's pretty kickass.

That, too.

...I hope you mean for martial arts, Roshi.

One of Kami's abilities is to kind of make stuff appear out of nowhere. In this case, he slapped a proper uniform on Goku.

There we go. That's the Goku we're used to seeing.

And do you notice the patch on his shirt?

That's Roshi's symbol.

Roshi claims to have just taught him the basics, but he did a bit more than that. Kami and his crew just helped refine those over the last few years.

Why the hell do you need another Bean, Goku?

Well, I've seen him eat, and he might still just be hungry...


Goku, you son of a bitch.

Goku also possesses an incredible sense of mercy and compassion.

This is the guy who even tried to help Freiza, despite his numerous crimes and general assholery.

Relax, everyone. I kicked his ass once, and I'll do it again if needed.

'course, perhaps Goku is more clever than people give him credit for. He knew if Piccolo died from his injuries here, Kami would still bite the dust.

And, of course, he wants the strongest fighter to stick around.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You don't have much choice there, do you, Piccolo?

Goku doesn't know the Evil Containment Wave, Krillin!

Piccolo goes running off, presumably to kick a puppy or to adopt an orphan and never pick him up from the shelter.

That is going to bite you in the ass one of these days, Goku.

W-Weren't you there the entire time? You can't be surprised!

...Oh, my.

If you need any tips for that, Goku, I'm sure Roshi has some manga he can loan you.

...Well, now, that's a hell of a question.

That's a pretty understandable reaction.

But, Goku is a pure-hearted fellow, with the planet's best interest at heart, including the well-being of the people.

Buuuuut....That'd be boring, as he'd have to live in the Lookout and keep an eye on things from up there.

However, he does get to become, essentially, God.

I think you should ask Roshi. I think he'd be a pretty good replacement for you.

I'm going to guess nobody has ever done that to Kami before.

Ah, here's something that hasn't come up yet.

That golden cloud is the Flying Nimbus. Only the pure-hearted can use it to fly, and it allows the user to travel quickly without expending any of their own energy.

Goku's had it for a while, and he got it from Master Roshi, for saving Turtle's life. Roshi couldn't ride it, due to his, um...Lustful tendencies. He originally got it from Korin, though, when he climbed Korin's Tower.

And if you're not pure-hearted, you can still ride it by hanging on the rider. Chi Chi can ride it, but Bulma cannot. Gohan, Goten and Trunks can ride it, too, but Krillin cannot.

You're damn right, Roshi.

But what comes after this?

Stay tuned to find out!