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Dragon Ball Z: Attack Of The Saiyans

by Leavemywife

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Original Thread: Everyone, Lend Me Your LPs For The DBZ Megathread!



Howdy, folks! Leavemywife here, with another SSLP of another RPG!

And a Dragonball Z RPG at that! It's a fairly solid game in its own right, covering from just after the death of King Piccolo to the fight with Vegeta. That might not sound like a whole hell of a lot game, but we'll get about twenty hours out of it, as there's some side stuff we can do, as well as bits of story you might not expect covered in a DBZ game. It's got a good cast of characters, and had a lot of love put into it. For those of you reading this thread, I'm going to guess you're unfamiliar with the game, which leads me to my spoiler policy.


So, when it comes to Dragonball Z, pretty much everyone knows about it; we all know that Goku becomes a Super Saiyan, Vegeta becomes a good guy, and that Chiaotzu sucks. Knowing that information, spoilers for the series at large are perfectly okay. However, spoilers for the game itself? Not so cool. There are some cool things in this game, some twists and turns you might not expect, so don't go spoiling things within the game. There is some overlap between the two, as this game covers the opening sagas of the series. So, for something like that, we know that Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku, but let's not talk about specifics within the game itself, y'dig?

Voting Information

Well, there might not be a lot of voting this go 'round. We can't rename anybody, which is unfortunate, as that means there's not going to be any Bowsers here. Which makes me sad, but it's okay, because I'm sad on the inside and you don't have to deal with that. However, we have a party limit of three, so I guess every now and again, I'll ask you guys who should be in the active party.

Update Schedule

I'll try and update every two or three days, but occasionally, I'll get antsy and fire off an update before two days is up. You all know how I update; I'm a madman about it.

I also announce when I update on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

With all of that out of the way, let's head out.

Table of Contents

Update One: The Story Begins With The End Of Their Training!!
Update Two: Their Final Exam! Can They Survive It!?
Update Three: Orin Temple's Fighters Defeated! Can Krillin Restore Honor To The Temple!?
Update Four: Yamcha's Hideout Seized! Can He Take It Back!?
Update Five: Tien's Self-Doubt! Can He Overcome It!?
Update Six: The Tournament Has Arrived! Who's The Strongest In The World!?
Update Seven: The Fate Of The World Hangs In The Balance!! Can Goku Defeat Piccolo To Save Earth!?
Update Eight: Chi Chi's Wedding Dress Will Burn!? Can Goku Put Out The Flames Of Fire Mountain!?
Update Nine: Guardian Of The Furnace? Is Annin Too Fiery For Goku!?
Update Ten: Old Foes Return! Why Are They Seeking The Egg Of The Fire-Eater Bird!?
Update Eleven: Grandma Hakkake In Trouble!! Can Her Honey Be Recovered!?
Update Twelve: Ox-King Can Wait! Sight-Seeing Must Be Done!!
Update Thirteen: One In A Million!? Can Goku Overcome The Odds!?
Update Fourteen: Goku's Brother Appears! What Does He Want!?
Update Fifteen: The Ultimate Team Up!! Goku And Piccolo Combine Their Strength!!
Update Sixteen: Raditz Confronted!! Are Goku And Piccolo Strong Enough!?
Update Seventeen: Piccolo Takes Matters Into His Own Hands! Can Gohan Become A Warrior!?
Update Eighteen: Gohan's True Power!? Can Piccolo Contain It!?
Update Nineteen: Krillin's Most Dangerous Mission!! Will He Survive!?
Update Twenty: A Child's Life In Danger!! Can Tien And Krillin Retrieve The Medicine!?
Update Twenty One: Exciting Update Title!! Yamcha Rejoins The Party!!
Update Twenty Two: The Sacred Land of Korin!! Their Training Begins!!
Update Twenty Three: Into The Hermit's Cave!! Will The Sacred Water Be Recovered?!
Update Twenty Four: Kami's Training Begins!! But Has Gohan Survived His Half-Year Alone?!
Update Twenty Five: Piccolo Returns!! Will Gohan Finally Begin His Training?!
Update Twenty Six: Goku Arrives In Otherworld!! But Can He Survive Hell?!
Update Twenty Seven: Goku Escapes From Hell!! Has He Found King Kai's Place?!
Update Twenty Eight: Princess Snake's Hospitality!! Can Goku Survive Her Kindness?!
Update Twenty Nine: Goku Arrives On King Kai's Planet!! But Can He Qualify To Start Training?!
Update Thirty: Goku's Training Begins!! Can He Defeat An Old Foe?!
Update Thirty One: The Search For The Dragon Balls Begins!! But Where To Start Looking?!
Update Thirty Two: Gohan Has Two Dads!! They're Going To Play At Muscle Tower!!
Update Thirty Three: The Yunzabit Heights!! Is The Ice Truly Impenetrable?!
Update Thirty Four: The Ice Melted!! But Who Beat Them To The Dragon Ball?!
Update Thirty Five: The Gentlemen's Is Full!! But Can He Pass The Two-Star Ball?!
Update Thirty Six: Ol' Scratch's Shitter Has Been Flushed!! But Can The Dragon Ball Be Repaired?!
Update Thirty Seven: The Desert Has Its Secrets!! But Is The Six Star Ball One Of Them?!
Update Thirty Eight: The Mysterious Cave!! An Old Foe Emerges!!
Update Thirty Nine: Pilaf's Castle Infiltrated! But Can Our Heroes Survive His Deadly Games?!
Update Forty: Shenron Hasn't Been Summoned Yet!! But Can Our Heroes Defeat The Pilaf Fusion Mech?!
Update Forty One: Gohan Trapped In The Ruins!! Will An Old Friend Be His Salvation?!
Update Forty Two: Thieves In The Ruins?! Have They Taken The Devil's Bracelet?!
Update Forty Three: Master Mutaito's Training Grounds!! Can Kami's Trainees Save Their Friend?!
Update Forty Four: The Ultimate Technique!! But Has Goku Learned It In Time?!
Update Forty Five: The Saiyan Attack Begins!! The First Confrontation!!
Update Forty Six: Nappa Steps Up!! His Power Is Monstrous!!
Update Forty Seven: Goku Arrives!! But Is He Powerful Enough To Stop The Monstrous Nappa?!
Update Forty Eight: The Endgame Begins!!
Update Forty Nine: Secrets In The Sewers!! The East City Ruins Hold A Secret!!
Update Fifty: The Ultimate Enemy!!
Update Fifty One: The Final Battle Begins!! Vegeta Has A Trick Up His Sleeve!!
Update Fifty Two: Vegeta's Trick Has Been Defeated!! But Will That Stop The Prince Of The Saiyans!?
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