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by Leavemywife

Part 27: Goku Escapes From Hell!! Has He Found King Kai's Place?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Previously, on Attack of the Saiyans, we wound up in Hell and beat up the second strongest guy next to King Yemma. Today, we're going to escape from Hell, so let's head out.

I didn't buy any of the elemental knuckles, but I suppose I could have. Even if they would have cost me 10,000 of my 17,000z.

To escape, we need to beat Mez in a game of tag. Should be easy enough.

Were I more skilled with the Photoshop, there'd be a Colbert face there.

Mez leads us over to the Bloody Pond, which is a pond made entirely of blood. Some of their names in Hell aren't exactly creative.

Didn't you just ask me that?

It'd be far easier if we just fought this guy. As for what's coming up...Eh.

I can't picture Yemma being all that fast. Then again, he's probably got a huge stride.

: I know, I know! Let's hurry up and get started!

: OK! Here we go then! Ready...Set...Go!!

And then, Mez goes jumping across the Pond. He's a quick son of a bitch.

...Yeah, definitely, Goku. It's going to be a hell of a trick to catch him.

We're not as cool as Mez, so we can't go jumping from boat to boat.

Well, not like he did. We've gotta hop into a boat, where it will sail across a little bit of the Pond.

And then we hop into another boat.

Which takes us over to this slide. Unfortunately, there's no fun sliding down it, unlike RE6.

I'm very disappointed, Monolithsoft.

And from there, we hop up onto this jungle gym.

I wonder, are there children in DBZ's Hell?

And another boat, to this fountain in the center. Rumor has it, if you look at it with the moon behind it, normal water starts flowing out.

And we take that boat and hop onto this bit of land.

Where we then hop onto this pier, where we last saw Mez.

We don't see Mez run around here, but it's easy enough to keep the chase going.

Not that it's actually timed, mind you. You could take a million years to do this chase and you'll still win.

Oh, quit looking at your monitor like that. We all know that we're going to win. Just enjoy the tourist attraction.

After we see that, we hop onto one of these RVs. Or is that a tourist bus?

We jump over to the other one, cross it, and hop down over here.

And then blow up this rock to keep going.

And there's Mez, taking a break, like some sort of bum.

Neither of them should be tired; I spent a good few minutes at Pin's Mountain.

Oh, if only it were that easy, Goku.

: Eating just one of those would let you go 100 days without eating. That fruit would also give you a huge boost in power...

: Oh...That's some pretty special fruit...

: That's right...

Damn, Mez, thought you were quicker than that. C'mon, Goku ain't gone that far.

Oh, Goku, you ogre-trolling bastard. I love it.

...I retract my earlier statement about it being that easy.

Too bad, shitlord! Goku, chow down!

...Or get chased around for nine seconds, where you could have easily--

--Oh, you tricky bastard. Remember what I said earlier about Goku not being smart, but clever? This is a good example of that.

: No fair, you got me off guard! Just one more time...

I think this is another good example of Goku being clever; if he were truly stupid, he would have forgotten this little detail. Instead, he can bring it back up. Or maybe he is stupid and just happened to remember the thing about ultra-violence.

In any case, it works on Mez.

Oh, the secret exit is just north of the Yemma Tree.

Alright, boys, lead me outta here.

If not for their promise, I'd find this setup a lot more spooky and ominous.

We're never seeing these guys again, Goku. Say goodbye to the nice ogres, folks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you red-skin Stephen Colbert lookin' motherfucker.

...Oh, holy balls, Goku, you got a piece of Yemma Fruit.

It has no gameplay effect, not even as a Power Fruit or Finisher Bean or anything, which is disappointing.

: Shitlords!

Look, bro, you should be glad you're in this game at all. Then again, maybe you were a shoo-in, considering all the other filler stuff hanging around.

I guess getting out of Hell would include a loooooong staircase.


Every now and again, we pass some of these sparklies. I don't know if they're gates of some sort or just markers for when you're about to finish a floor.

Still, we go up three staircases, and when we encounter this shining light, we're at the end.

What does this have to do with--

--Oh. Of course, Yemma has a desk drawer that leads to Hell. Why wouldn't he?

I'm including this shot because I like how it really shows how big King Yemma is. Sure, we knew he was big before, but I think this puts his size on a scale we can really see.

: Gahhh! K-King Yemma...!

: Did you meet with King Kai already??

: Uh, umm...Is this...Where I think it is...? I gotta go!!

Yemma seems awfully calm about this whole thing. I wonder, how many folks pop out of Hell from his drawer?

Whatever, no time to think about it, back to Snake Way!

Alright, we were 150,000 miles deep, but back at the beginning, but that first quarter seemed to go quickly enough...

Oooh! Maybe this is King Kai's place.

It certainly looks fancy enough for a king.

A big place.

Well, maybe. Only one way to find out.

I wonder, does the afterlife have laws against B&E?

Oooh! A treasure chest!

I'm pretty sure if you keep your stuff in a treasure chest, you're just asking to be robbed.

Oh, hey, new enemies!

Well, kind of new. Differently colored, at least.

So, Goku does about 200 damage with his normal physical, if you were wondering how he stacked up against the others.

They're weak to Ice, and don't have much staying power.

Their bites can inflict Poison, which makes sense, since they're friggin' snakes.

Maybe this is overkill, but I feel a Kamehameha is never out of place.

Not a bad little bit of EXP, either, for a fairly easy fight.

These are handy to have around, but since a level up will restore HP/Ki to full, and they come easily enough, I don't use many restorative items.

Also, since I didn't mention it before, status effects like Blind and Poison will stick around after battle. Be sure to heal them up before you get into another fight, or you'll go in with a handicap.

Well, the layout here isn't all that interesting.

But there is another new enemy!

...Who is horrifically fucked. He resists Physical, sure, but he's weak to every element, and very weak to Ki attacks.

He tries lighting us on fire, but it doesn't save him.

Ghosts fold like paper when hit with a Ki attack. For a comparison, Goku's Kamehameha here did as much, if not more, damage than a S-Combo attack.

And, hell, 300 EXP for a minimum of effort? I love these guys.

Let's snag some more treasure.


Oh, just three snakes. I have a way to handle this.

If they didn't have a new attack to show off, I would have let you all think that attack had ended the fight.

However, after this, Energy Wave Combo blows these shnooks away.

This has a chance to inflict Paralysis on an enemy. However, I already have a Freeze Knuckle, which will do the same thing, in addition to dealing extra damage to them each turn. Not that I use either one of these, but I already have better options than the Bind Knuckle.

Moving along, we find a chest that isn't booby-trapped. I can't think of any other chests that have monsters in them, but it seems like there should be at least one other.

We head south and through that doorway.

Ah-ha! We can't get around that snake right now, but there is a way.

Of course. Whenever you find a depression in the ground, you gotta go step on it.

Is it just me, or is that a very neat effect?

There's a series of depressions around here, and stepping on them will remove parts of the snake.

For instance, the one we just stepped on removes this section.

While that switch destroys the ass-end of the snake.

Last one is right here, on the right side.

Which destroys the head. We can now travel freely through the front hall area!

Huh. I don't know if I needed the exclamation point there. I wasn't really that excited.

Whoever designed this had shitty taste.

Hmm, yeah, I see nothing wrong with this setup.


Holy tapdancing Christ, what the hell did I just see?

Well, I guess we're stuck down here for a minute.

Finally! Someone happy to see us!

I'm glad to be here.

...Princess Snake?

Well, hell, this isn't King Kai's place. Son of a bitch!

Oh, fuck it, let's worry about that later. Goku, take a nap and get some grub.

As for the rest of you, stay tuned!