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Part 50: The Ultimate Enemy!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we went through the two bonus areas. Today, we're going to fight the bonus boss, so let's head out.

Today's update won't be very long at all; it took me forever to actually get a chance to defeat the bastard, because the times I tried, he just fucking blitzed me. When I managed to defeat him the first time, I retried with the camera on, and he didn't put up much of a fight. I don't really understand it, but hey, I don't really care, since this guy was a complete bastard to me when I wasn't trying to show him off.

Anywho, let's get this show on the road. Let's dance, asshole.

But who is it? Who could this bonus boss be?

And I'm out of ways to kill time and take up screenshots, so let's get it on!

...Dear mother of God, it's Broly; he whose power is maximum, the Legendary Super Saiyan, and one of the strongest foes Goku and the others have ever fought. As per the Dragon Ball Wiki, he has a 1,400,000,000 power level (that's one point four billion). He was born with a power level of 10,000; for a quick contrast, Vegeta, our final boss and the strongest power level we've encountered so far, only has an 18,000 power level.

Now, I'm sure there are better strategies than the one I used, which mostly consisted of keeping Goku alive and dropping as much damage on Broly as possible.

As could be expected, he has a ton of health and hits like a goddamned truck.

This was about 5% of his total health; he has 85,000 at maximum, which is far more than any other boss in the game.

Personally, I like Goku as my big damage dealer, since he has the Kaioken and the Model Full Moon equipped.

Broly doesn't have any fancy tricks; he'll just smash your face in like it ain't shit. Even with the Kaioken active, if this had hit with me getting the Guard, it probably still would have killed Goku in one hit.

So let's get started on softening him up.

Oh, yes, the Kaioken is very nice.

Too bad it only lasts for two turns. Then again, if it lasted much longer, this fight wouldn't be much of a challenge.

For a big fucking guy, Broly has one hell of an evasion stat.

Really, hell of a defense, too.

I got lucky when he targeted Goku a lot; Kaioken makes him nearly impossible to hit.

Honestly, if Kaioken lasted more than two turns, it'd be pretty broken. It's probably still broken even now. And, yes, Broly's regular physical attack involves him thrusting his crotch in someone's face. It'll do around 900 damage, per hit, so this very important that you get the Guard on this.

Which is why I boosted this skill up as far as it could go. The After-Image Technique isn't something I've really ever used, but it boosts Goku's evasion through the roof, so it'll be handy for this fight.

Here's a shot of Yamcha being kicked in the face; Broly doesn't fuck around.

And Yamcha's revenge.

With a little help from Gohan.

So, my general strategy is to get Goku into either Kaioken or to get a Spirit Bomb charging, but the Spirit Bomb route can be a little dangerous, since it leaves Goku wide open.

Y'know, open to stuff like this.

This is something that will kill whoever it hits.

It does something in the neighborhood of 3,000 to 3,500 damage, which nobody in my party can survive.

He also has one pretty big "fuck you" ability, in addition to his full party attack (not shown here, which is good, since when he used it in the other fights, it pretty much wiped me out, leading to the B-Team, who only lasted about four seconds).

I don't have individual shots of it, but this also raises his Defense, Speed, Evasion, hair volume, body mass, shoe size, and whatever other stats you can think of. The worst part of that is the Evasion boost, I think, because it seems to make about 80% of regular attacks miss. Broly's already pretty damned fast. In this fight, it seemed like a toss-up if it was Yamcha, Goku or Broly going first, and largely luck.

It'll wear off after a few turns, but he can reapply it at will (I've seen him do it two turns in a row, but I don't think it stacks), and from what I can tell, he do pull it out at any time.

One thing I like about Broly is that his attacks aren't very flashy or anything. They're just different, brutal, variations of hitting you really goddamned hard.

Though, I can't tell if this is a shoulder charge (I think it is) or a knee strike, but it does a ton of damage.

The Spirit Bomb is the crux of my strategy here, since it's the strongest attack I have, even if it does have a charge time.

However, it does leave Goku open, which makes him much easier to kill. And yes, Gohan is down, too. At this point, if Goku doesn't kill him with the Spirit Bomb, the fight is pretty much over. Or if Broly goes first.

Thankfully, Goku goes before Broly does.

I think it's possible on the turn that Goku is going to launch the Spirit Bomb, he'll always go first.

Thankfully, that was enough to finish him off. I didn't think I had done 49,000 damage to prior to this, but hey, it works out.

All in all, Broly isn't exactly a difficult fight. He's kind of like fighting the Emerald Weapon or Shinryu; you've just gotta take the time to prepare and figure out what you're going to do. Sure, you could brute force it, but by the time you're able to do that, there's no real point in it.

After that, the portal that Shenron opened closes, and Broly disappears from the Earth.

Don't worry, Gohan. It doesn't get any tougher than that, not in this game.

Well, his power is maximum.

Really, Goku, after this, we're not fighting anyone harder. We're going to go fucking crush the final boss.

And, of course, the bonus boss gives us a reward that we can't make any super great use of, because it's an RPG and by the time you beat the bonus boss, what do you need the super powerful reward for? Anyways, for what it does...

Yeah, +50 to all stats. Jesus Christ.

I feel kind of bad for Vegeta.

Next time, folks, happens!

Stay tuned!