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Part 44: The Ultimate Technique!! But Has Goku Learned It In Time?!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we saved Chiaotzu from Master Shen, who had kidnapped him for revenge against Tien, and then we beat up a robot version of Mercenary Tao. Today, we're going to finish up King Kai's training and meet Raditz for the final time, so let's head out.

We'll be learning the Spirit Bomb this update; we've got some training to do before it comes along, though.

Well, it was alright. Had some tough times, but Gohan is rapidly on his way to unlimited power and Yamcha is a low-level god, so things went pretty well.

Or that. That's a good, understated, way to put it.

Piccolo is coming along; I've gotten a better grasp on him this playthrough. His single-hit attacks are actually pretty powerful, so as long as I'm making sure they hit, I like having him around.

Something pretty good, Goku...

One of Goku's signature attacks, and one of his Ultimates!

Assume I said something about Metal Gear and let's move on.

I'm going to assume it involves blowing someone the fuck up, Goku.

Would it be too much to ask you to teach it to us first, then send us on whatever errand you have? I'm sure it would come in handy.

Oh, joy, back to Yemma's Forest. There was two or three feet of it we didn't cover before.

I'm never sure to feel when a character reacts how I do.

Forest sprites? The last forest sprite I encountered in a game...Well, shit, that was Secret of Mana.

I also distinctly remember stomping his ass into the dirt. But, go on.

So, there's a log in the road. Alright, let's get an Otherworld truck out there and get it taken care of. Do you need Goku to make the proper phone call or something?

I was surprised, too, Goku. I expected forest sprites to live in high-rise condos.

And here's what happens when you're holding down the fast-forward button in the game to get through dialog quicker and take a shot.

Or maybe I was doing some foreshadowing to King Kai's death during the Cell Games.

You be the judge of what I was doing!


So, our latest training session is us working out our green thumb? Great.

How the hell does a monkey help you make a nutrient to help plants?

Then again, it is Bubbles. He can toss a banana peel at enemies to Stun them.

Goku, don't keep your mouth open like that! Who knows what Bubbles is capable of?!

Okay, that's enough monkey dick jokes. I feel like I've hit some sort of quota for the next two or three LPs.

: If you heal all five trees, the road to the tree the sprites live in should open...Go see Montgomery and bring the Spirit Crystal back to me!

: No problem! I'll be back!

: And just so you know...

That's right; we have the Kaioken available to us. It's one of Goku's Ultimates.

Yeah, Goku, really. It's also pretty powerful, in that it will double Goku's stats for a little while. There's a downside to it, but we'll get to that in the boss fight.

: You did well mastering something not even I myself could not...You impress me, Goku...However, I urge you not to overuse it. If you lose control, your own body could be destroyed...Don't go over two times the power. Got it? Taking the Kaioken beyond that would be too much for your body...Your body won't be able to keep up and the technique will backfire...

: Got it, King Kai!

Alright, let's get over to Yemma Forest. There's not much new to show off there, but we can snag some treasure.

And now we've gone through this for the last time on screen.

There's our first stump. Let's go test out the nutrient.

Alright, monkey, if this doesn't work, I'm going to shave you.

Well, that's--


Oh, never mind. It worked just as well as it was supposed to. Alright, one tree down!

Heading over here is somewhere we didn't visit before, but there's not much around there.

Over to the right is a chest with a Comfort Ring inside, which restores a little Ki each round. It's a weaker version of the Comfort Bracelet we found before.

Alright, two trees down.

Heading back up and to the right, we're about to find the third tree.

Over where we fought Raditz here before, and we actually saw him destroy this tree.

Three down; we're better than halfway done.

We get to put our Level 3 Ki-Blast to use.

It's...Well, it's just like the other two levels, but better.

This has a chance of inflicting Death with each strike, but I'll probably never use it.

And that makes four trees. 80% done!

But, man, there is still a lot of update left. It's mostly dialog, but there's some exciting stuff coming at the end.

We head out the way we came and go to the right, jumping up the ladder to get here. In case you're playing along and were confused about how I got here.

Well, that seems pretty conspicuous.

We hop down here, next to a chest that holds a MAX Bean, and prepare to blast this rock.

Which moves it down here so we can keep moving.

And we head back out, down the path to get to where we fought Raditz, but up the ladder instead of going straight along.

Moving that rock lets us move along and get down here.

We find this fun little item, which will boost all your stats for a little while when used. I'll probably use it later on, but for now, I have the Kaioken.

And then blasting that rock along, we can move along it to find the final tree.

This gives you a chance of a counterattack when you hit an Active Guard. Which is kind of fun, since you should be hitting as many Guards as possible.

Oh, yeah, Goku has the Fighter's Crest and Emblem equipped, in case you were wondering.

And that makes five out of five trees!

Eh? What's that over there?

Man, I knew those trees were up to something. Sons of bitches...

Well, let's check it out.

And it ate Goku. Fantastic.

It then spits him out at the base of a big fuckin' tree.

A pretty tree, at that.

Hey, isn't Gregory one of those sprites?

But first!

Oh, shut up, Raditz.

Friggin' reocurring boss anyway.

: If I can get a hold of the Spirit Crystal I'll gain power greater than that of King Yemma himself!

: What do you plan to do after that?

And this is where the fight begins!

Alright, so round three; Raditz is a bit stronger, having 12,000 HP, but that's about it.

He's got pretty much the same attacks, too.

So let's get this beating started.

Now, you have the Kaioken here, but be careful when using it.

Your stats are doubled, yes, but there is one downside that you need to be aware of. It is not the red glow that Goku gains, as that is nothing but sweet.

When you're Kaioken'd up, you are going to be dealing tons of damage and taking very little. You're going to dodge most attacks coming Goku's ways.

However, after a few turns, the Kaioken's effect will fade, which deals a fair amount of damage to Goku, and also fucking Stuns him.

In this fight, Bubbles and Gregory aren't going to stick around very long. Raditz does too much damage for them to stay for very long.

So when you use the Kaioken, be sure that you'll be able to finish him off with it, otherwise, he might wipe your ass out. I had less than 200 HP after these two attacks.

But I popped a Senzu Bean and then blasted him in the face with a Kamehameha to finish things off.

Well, Raditz, you got whacked 'cuz you're weak.

And he fades away...I think we just killed a soul.


: I wonder if he was telling the truth about the Spirit Crystal being able to make someone more powerful than King Yemma...

: Oh well! I need to hurry up so I can learn the Spirit Bomb from King Kai...!

Sorry, I had to re-kill my dead brother!

Oh, God, it's another Gregory!

I'm just going to say right now, I didn't make Montgomery his own portrait until about thirty seconds ago.

: Of course!

: What's wrong? I suppose you're not just home to visit...

: That's right! I brought a man from Earth with me!

: ...Earth?

: Hi! I'm Goku!

: ...And what is it this man from Earth wants?

: King Kai told me to find the Spirit Crystal!

: If that's all you're looking for then take all you need...Here!

Well, that didn't take much.

You're tellin' me, Goku.

Dude, shut the hell up. Let's go learn the technique of ultimate power already.

: Yeah. Raditz said that it would grant power greater than King Yemma...

: Wah hah hah! Sounds like Goz and Mez have been up to their old lies again! It's just something of a protective charm to us sprites! You can find them rolling all over this area!

: I wonder why King Kai had me come and get one...

: Hmm...Maybe he wanted for us to meet...

: I don't really understand it all, but thanks! I gotta get back to King Kai's place! Later!

And off he goes!

And off Bubbles goes!

Eh? is there dissension in the ranks, Gregory?

: Just what have you been learning under King Kai??

: Huh?!

: You saw the pureness in his eyes, didn't you? He'll put the Spirit Bomb to good use, I'm sure of it! Are you sure you don't want to go after him? Aren't you supposed to still be in training?

: Yes! I guess I better go!

And off Gregory goes.


What, are you surprised? Just wait until I tell you Raditz got his shit wrecked again.

: Why did you make me go after it? The elder said it was just a plain old protective charm!

: Yes, well...Think about it. I'm sure you've gained some strength in getting it, haven't you?

: Come on, King Kai! Hurry up and teach me the Spirit Bomb!

Oh, hey, time for some introspection.

Well, not much, I guess, but hey, it was there.

: I can't wait much longer! There's not much time!

: The truth is...You've already attained the Spirit Bomb!

I'm with Goku on this one, King Kai.

: Gregory even said you saved him!

: I can't believe it! All that work for nothing!


: Each time you complete the training I assign to you, you gain the means to greater control your Ki!

: Really??

This is kind of fuckin' meta, yeah?

But, hey, whatever, we have the Spirit Bomb now. It's super powerful.

: animals. Eventually, the energy from things and the air itself can be gathered and released. You can even tap into the massive energy of the Sun. It will be a Spirit Bomb of enormous power. If you make one mistake, you could destroy the very planet that you are trying to protect. Only use it if you have to!

At no point will it be dangerous to use the Spirit Bomb. We don't have to worry about shit, other than it taking a little while to charge up.

There's one thing we need to find for the Kaioken to become truly powerful.

...Say what?


: You mean I have to go back the way I came?! It took me half a year to get here!

: I'm sure you could make it there in only a couple days now! I'll contact Kami and tell him to meet you to take you to Earth!

: But that'll be one day too long! Everyone might get killed!

: You don't have to remind me! I'm allowed to make mistakes too, aren't I? Now! Hurry up and tell your friends on Earth to wish you back to life!

: How do I do that?

: Put your hand on my back and you can tell them telepathically!

: R-Really? Like this?

Let's hope we're not interrupting Roshi during anything important.

...Well, this is just fantastic.

: (Great! You heard me! I'm still on the other side. I'm talking to you telepathically.)

: The...other side...

: (Did you gather all the Dragon Balls?)

: Yes, we already did! We did it all together...To bring you back...

: (Thanks. Sorry to be in such a rush, but could you summon Shenron and wish me back to life now? The Saiyans will arrive on Earth tomorrow!)

: What?! They'll be here already?! That's a month earlier than I expected!

: Hurry, Master Roshi! I'm gonna be a little late. I promise I'll do what I can!)

: All right, Goku! By the way...I heard you've been training there. How has it come along?

: (Great!)

You almost wonder how long they've been waiting out there, trying to figure out what Roshi is doing while in the shitter.

In all fairness, I wouldn't go and check either. I would not want to be the one to find the master martial artist dead on the john.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see any follow up questions to Roshi bursting out of the bathroom, demanding the Dragon Balls.

: Now, while we wait for them to revive you, I'll do something about those tattered clothes...There!

Exact same outfit, nearly, so we don't get a sprite change.

: Light attacks will bounce right off.

: Thanks, King Kai! Oh, good! The symbol of the turtle is still there! I was worried I was gonna end up with the stupid looking symbol on your clothes!

: ...Well excuse me...

Thank God Goku will never consider looking at his own back.

King Kai is fantastic, and things like this prove it.

Meanwhile, back on Earth...

...There's a fucking wish granting dragon hanging around.

Now, Oolong is on to something here. It'll be another year, but Goku could still get wished back.

Just one year, Bulma!

It would be fucking great if this game went through a genre shift and became a Gradius-like shooter where you control Shenron to shoot down Nappa and Vegeta's pods before they land on Earth.

...Didn't you just promise any wish?

...Oh, yeah. Someone mentioned this waaaaaaaaay back at the beginning of the thread.

Though, as someone pointed out, it's interesting to note that it's apparently easier to revive someone than to kill them.

But then we cut to Piccolo and Gohan!

Where Gohan has changed his clothes and slapped on a headband.

Now, wait for it...

There we go.

Oh, Christ, I still have thirty shots left?!

But, that'll close out the chapter, so let's do it.

: Now remember, your enemy is evil and stronger than you can imagine! You can't let your guard down even for a moment! Don't think you can be brought back to life again!

: I'll be all right! I can only be brought back to life once with the Dragon Balls! I'll give it all I got!

: Thanks for everything, King Kai. If I die again, I'll be sure to visit!

And off he goes, to save the world!

Considering he'll learn to be some sort of god in the future, probably not, King Kai.

In all fairness, I don't think Toriyama expected it, either.

King Kai, why does that sound like you're sure he'll be back?

Why don't you take that lightness and get it down Snake Way? Kind of on a time limit here, Goku.

And then he dives off Snake Way. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well, shit got real in a hurry, huh?

Especially for whoever was in that truck. I bet he's probably in a foul mood by now.

Ah, East City. Maybe we should go and check that out when we have a chance...

That was scary...

Looks like something...Fell from the sky...

I knew it...! That round thing fell from the sky!

There's one over here, too!

And there he is, the Prince of the Saiyans.

The attack of the Saiyans has begun.

Stay tuned.