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Part 49: Secrets In The Sewers!! The East City Ruins Hold A Secret!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Attack of the Saiyans, we learned about the Popo Balls, did some exploration, got the High Spirits from Bubbles, and learned what wishes we can make using the Popo Balls. Off-screen, I did the EXP and AP wish, while also getting the Pass for East City. Today, we'll be exploring the area unlocked when you get 1,000 Carrots and going through the East City Ruins, so let's head out.

Today's update isn't going to be very long; we meet some new enemies, but they're what we've come to expect so far, so we pretty well know what we're getting into with them.

We also get some really neato treasures, including one that I could see the use for, but I"m not sure who to put it on.

And we've finally gotten this guy his 1,000 carrots! With a bit of grinding, we could have done this a little sooner, but I'm satisfied finishing this up here.

I don't think some of the readers can believe it, either.

So this is the satisfying feeling that all dealers get when they leave their customers satisfied.

Now, I know some of you are probably feeling rather disappointed and maybe even a little angry that this guy gives us a key to the sewer levels.

As for where the sewer is, it's in a place that we haven't been in a loooooooong time.

When I first played, I spent forever hunting around to find the goddamned sewer.

As far as I know, none of the dialog is new, and I'm pretty sure the shops haven't changed, either. Too bad that there isn't some sort of arena/tournament thing we can do here. That would be one of the few additions I'd want for this game.

The other is a New Game +, but I think more RPGs need that sort of thing. It's really sort of fun to run around as the equivalent of a deity and crush everything in your path, from the first enemies of the game to the local world-destroyer.

What you're seeing here is half of the sewers; I think that's part of why they're not so bad.

Most sewer levels tend to be overly long or some sort of stupid, same-looking maze; Chrono Trigger did it right by having the sewer there short and sweet, and this sewer is just like that one.

There's also some destroyable objects here.

They just make stairs that you can use to get around.

There are new enemies around here, too, but like I said above, they're just different flavors of what we've seen before.

This is the only place where we'll encounter Red Vampires.

They have 1,850 HP, which really isn't that much anymore. In fact, Yamcha had another hit here, that nearly one-shot the guy.

These are the Weird Girls, and they're just recolors of the girls that hung out with Princess Snake.


And there's the first half done.

This gives you the first attack in battle. Neat!

That treasure chest is the main reason you'd want to wander down here.

It also has a mimic in it!

This isn't actually a special enemy; they're just wandering around here.

They also have 6,000 HP, and I got the first attack this battle.

Which, uh, didn't pan out well for the Robot.

In that I blitzed him into oblivion before he could get an attack off.


Still, 2,000 EXP for a low amount of effort. I can dig it.

So, yeah, we came into a sewer and stole a dead guy's cape.

However, goddamn, lookit that; all Ki attacks costing 1 point to use? I'm not sure who to give this to, but I'm thinking Piccolo.

There's also a save point down here; just north of Goku looks like another hatch, so I'm wondering if this area was originally meant to be longer, but I'm not sure. There's no way to interact with the hatch up there, so maybe it's just part of the background.

There's also one bit of treasure on this first screen I didn't grab when coming through.

But first, let's fight some Saibamen-looking robots.

These guys have 1,480 HP, but not much else going for them.

They've also got this leap attack.

Which I'm sure would have dome some damage, had it connected, but they also have an electric shock attack that can potentially Paralyze someone.

Meh. I remember when 840 would have been exciting.

And, finally, one more enemy down here.

1,600 HP, but with the instant kill attack and the potential to steal of the others of his type.

But before he can move, Goku breaks his jaw, lodging some of the pieces in his brain.

Anywho, it was just a Ki-Blast Fruit over here. How very...

But look how big our Ki meter is now!

And with that done, let's pop over to East City, shall we?


Shenron gives us the pass we need to get in here, and once we've made that wish, we can then wish for a Really Awesome Item, which I'll show you next time.

Much like the Sewers, this area isn't overly long, but has some fun treasure in it.

Starting with this little piece, which raises the power of Ki blasts. There's also one hidden in the Nemuria Ruins, which I somehow missed, but oh well. I'm thinking I'm going to slap this and Kami's Cape on Piccolo, since he's one of our best Ki blasting motherfuckers.

There's also a destructible wall right there, but we'll get it when we come back through.

Well, now, that is a lot of Saibamen.

There's plenty of flavors of Saibamen around here, including grey and pink ones.

But six of these guys looks a little intimidating, but with all the full-party attacks we have, it really ain't shit.

And it's so profitable!

This raises Ki points by 100, which isn't as great as it could be. That seems like a lot, but a lot of our good Ki attacks are costing around 50 or 60 points, so this isn't the huge boost it looks like.

We duck into this building real quick-like.

This raises all of the Saiyan's parameters, but only when he's near death. And since that involves letting Gohan or Goku be nearly dead, I probably won't be using it.

Moving on, there's a save point right there, but very little of this area left. The two bonus areas aren't much to write about, except they have some strong enemies and some treasures.

That chest there holds something that isn't too bad, but also not that good.

This gives you some cash as you walk around; it sounds handy, but by this point, enemies drop enough money that you don't really need to raise the extra cash that way.

Here's another variation of Saibaman. They have 1,500 HP, so they're a little stronger than the green version, and they drop the most EXP of all the different flavors.

Their moveset is also pretty much the same, so there's not too much to say about them.

However, holy smokes, 1,200 for two easy enemies? The game is just babying us now.

Our here is another destructible wall, which leads to our last little bit of treasure.

Well, let's scoot and skedaddle.

Hey, more robot guys!

1,880 HP on these guys, so they're the strongest variations of the Experiments, which still doesn't mean much.

And these are the middle child of the Experiments, with 1,620 HP.

All of the Experiments are resistant to the Elements, but none of them handle a dick-punch very well.

Or Kamehameha waves.

These are endgame levels, too, so we could go trash Vegeta right now, but we've still got a bonus boss to fight. And then I have some other preparations to make before taking on the Prince of the Saiyans.

Not quite done yet, as there's a pretty good variety of enemies here.

Including our final Cell ripoff.

With 2,890 HP, they have some staying power, and they also resist the three elements, so it's best to punch them in the mouth or to laser beam them to oblivion.

Or, to take a page from Goku's book, elbow them in the stomach so hard that they turn inside out.

And our last variation of these little fellas, the Mad Scientist.

They have 1,400 HP. Gohan is displaying that he doesn't give a shit about that.

Let's grab our final treasure and blow this Popsicle stand.

Now this is a bit of equipment that could be really fun.

I have no idea what the chance is, what would affect it, or anything else about this Belt, but I'm sure the chance is low enough that it's not worth even equipping. Which is too bad, because it'd be really fun if you could game this thing to activate more often than not.

Anyways, those are the two bonus areas of Attack of the Saiyans; they're short, sweet, and feature strong enemies, so they're not bad grinding areas.

Next time, we'll fight the bonus boss, so stay tuned!