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Part 21: Exciting Update Title!! Yamcha Rejoins The Party!!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time on Attack of the Saiyans, we got Tien back in the party, made some medicine for a dying child, and abandoned Launch in Jingle Village. Today, we're going to get Yamcha back in our party, so let's head out.

Yamcha's bandit hideout is located in Mt. Paozu, if you remember back that far. Shouldn't be too hard to just pop in there, find him, and scoot on out.

There's a big rock in the way, but we've got plenty of Ki power. Let's get rid of it, shall we?

Oh, c'mon, goddammit!

Ugh. Can't even go around it.

: Let's try going around to the east.

Not like we have a choice, but, hey, it's another small dungeon. Let's do it.

Not like it'd be a huge imposition otherwise.

In Dragon Ball Z, normal RPG obstacles kind of lose their impact when they stop our heroes, what with their ability to fly and shoot laser beams and punch wolves to death.

There's one spot in this next dungeon that we can't fuck around in, but it's also an optional area.

While there are, it's nothing too dangerous. Just palette swaps of enemies we've seen before, barring one exception.

I know I am, Krillin. I just played this section.

But, first, back to Goku's house. There's precisely one interesting thing around here.

If you're curious, Mom's Rules include:

Early to rise
Say "Good Morning"
Clean your plate
Do all of your homework
Wash your hands at home
Bedtime at 7 p.m.
No bullying the ghosts
No balancing on balls
No playing with trouble

Jeesh, Chi-Chi has a lot of rules. No wonder Goku sacrificed himself.

I think I have at least one of each Fruit again. I need to decide if I want to throw those to Goku or Gohan.

Have we encountered these guys before? I know we've fought bats before, but not sure if these specific ones.

They're pretty much the same as any other bat, though, with just more HP and more attack. The sonic wave these guys can inflict Confuse, though.

Also, let's hope nobody notices I forgot the Scouter again.

Not a bad amount of EXP, though. During this update, Tien will upgrade his Tri-Beam once more, dealing more damage, but taking a slightly higher amount of health to do so, while Krillin gets his Kamehameha to level 3.

When Krillin has his Kamehameha at level 3, he can then unlock the Scatter Energy Wave, his very own Ki blast to hit the entire enemy party. In the show, he uses it against the Saibamen in their first appearance.

For being a small area, there's a few different chests scattered about here.

Some with decent treasure. I'll never turn down a Large Bean.

The ladder up top is blocked at the top by a rock, so we have to go around.

But not without viciously killing something first.

Thugs have 500 HP, but that's about all I think is interesting to mention. They can also shoot you in the face, but it's nowhere near as cool as a panda blasting at you, so no .gif of that.

And with these two positioned the way they are, Krillin can hit them both with a Destructo Disc. If you're playing along, Destructo Disc is a really good skill, if a little costly, but it deals solid damage and can hit multiple foes with the possibility of instant death. What's not to like?

That Wolf may have resisted the instant death effect, but he got hit for enough damage, it doesn't matter.

Krillin and Tien are just about on equal footing, damage wise, at these levels. Krillin is way faster than he is, still, but he's also going to outspeed most things we'll be encountering at this point.

We'll be coming back through here later, so it's a good idea to destroy this rock.

This one, too, but for a different reason.

For a mediocre item that will boost someone's Speed for a few turns.

Ooh, a sign!

Trespassing and treasure hunting is highly discouraged.

And why is that?

Here are two solid reasons.

So we'll just avoid that place for now. I could go in there and snag some good treasures, but it'd take a lot of resources and the risk of a game over is pretty high.

And yet another palette swap. He attacks like the other Tribesman we've seen, and can raise his Attack like he could.

And they also get punched to death like that guy did, too.

These restore all of a character's Ki points. In general, in DBZ media, if something has a "Z" in the title, it's a good item.

There's a chest hidden behind that rock.

This is just another item like the Scrap Metal, meant purely for selling to a vendor for a wad of cash. I'll definitely find a use for it. But on the bright side, we've over 100 carrots!

And there's Yamcha's hideout! Last time we were here, we couldn't do anything with this rock, but we were also on the other side of it then.

Now the tables have turned, and we're free to destroy it.

And go pick up Yamcha! Yay!

Also, Puar seems goddamned terrified that Tien and Krillin have shown up.

And this scene is playing out like these two have come for revenge.

: We've been good! How about you? You haven't been slacking on training, have you?

: Course not!! Not with how Goku showed me up at the last last World Martial Arts Tournament!! I'm not gonna let that happen again!

: Anyway, what's up guys? What's with the serious faces? Goku's not with you?

We get another fade to black, as Krillin, once again, explains what happens to Goku.

: ...Right. He's training on the other side as we speak.

: That's why we have to have training personally from Kami himself...Will you come with us?

Fuck off Puar, you're not doing any shit that's useful.

But Yamcha is going to be useful!

Well, in the game at least. In the show, he was definitely...Less than stellar.

: But it might be a good idea to stop by Master Roshi's place first.

We'll do that, but first, we've a chest to snag.

This rock, when we were here before, was one of the first ones we saw that was flashing white, so we couldn't get past it.

This functions much like the Freeze Knuckle we found last update, but it has a chance to put an enemy to sleep with each punch.

Also, we're running around as Yamcha now.

Where we can remove this obstacle, and now have a quicker route back to Yamcha's place!

It's too bad Master Roshi isn't coming to train with us.

It's been a long time since Tien and Roshi have seen each other.

Ditto for Bulma and Yamcha.

: How could you go into hiding like that?! I bet you were messing around the whole time!

: N-no, I wasn't, Bulma! I went back to my old hideout continued my training...Leavemywife note: That is actually what the text box in the game says. I did not fuck up.

: ...I bet...

: Uh...

And a sudden change from the couple's awkward arguing.

We've all been in that situation before, where we just reach for whatever reason to make that stop.

: Anything on your mind, Master Roshi?

: ...Oh, no...Was just thinking about how far you've all come. Normally, I'd want to fight alongside, but now I don't think I could keep up!

Go, Krillin! Call him on his bullshit!

Oh, fuck it, just let him go. Maybe it's better we don't let Kami train him; I'm not sure he'd appreciate Roshi bringing along seventeen complete pornography series, as well as the supplementary materials for them.

Or maybe he'd be super into it. I don't know his stance on pornography; I'm just assuming.

And that does it for this update. We'll wait until next time before we go off to do anything, but we'll kick off Kami's training next time!

Stay tuned!