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Part 3: Everyone knows my dad!

: Are you alright, Simon?

: It's a bit dangerous for you to go wandering off alone, so promise me you'll be careful...
: And then you went POW and then they went SPLORTCH! Huh? Oh, yeah, sure promise. And then deedledeedledeet and my owies got better YOU ARE SO AWESOME!
: Eh, good enough. Well then, let's go!

And then Papas and Simon travelled to the north, getting jumped by monsters with no sense of self preservation. Papas, being a badass, deals with them all handily, to Simon's delight.

: Yeah, stab that capertiller thing and that stinky weasel and that jellyfish!
: I'm only fighting to protect you, son, not entertain you.
: But... uh... I'm learning so much watching you! Yeah!

: Well... just be careful...
: Huh? Yeah, sure, pop. POW! Hit him again!

Finally, father and son arrive at this village to the north.

: What am I saying? Questions can wait for later! I've got to go tell the others!

Onward into the village to collect our due accolades for... I don't know what exactly! But it was awesome, I guess!

: What? That boy... is he...?
: Of course he's my son. What, did you think I went travelling for years to exchange him?
: My how you've grown... Please come and visit us at the tavern tonight, alright?
: ... Hey, Dad, is it OK if I go out drinking with some old guy I just met?
: He's talking to me, son.

: I know all we did was fight when you were here, but after you left... I was so bored... Well, after you settle down, you had better tell me how you've been, alright?

: Ah, God must truly be watching over you to bring you back to us... Blah blah, save that talk for church! This is no time to speak like that! Hooray! Papas is back! Waahoo! Papas has returned! Three cheers... Hip hip, hooray!
: Dad, why is this lady so happy to see you?
: Uh, I'll tell you when you're older.

Finally a face we, the player, recognize! It's that servant from the introduction!

: Oh... how long I have been waiting for the day that you would return... Please, come inside!

: ??? And who is this little girl? Sancho... you didn't... breed did you?

No, that's not Sancho talking.

: She was here to pick up some medicine for her husband, so I asked her to stop by... if you know what I mean.
: Just... just don't, Sancho. You're not fooling anyone.

: Depends. Do you have any toys more entertaining than a stick?
: I have a dolly?
: ... Good enough. I'm in.
: Come on, this way.

: Nope! Can we play dolls now?

: I'm eight, so that makes me... two years older than you. Ha! That also makes me your elder!
And now we officially know how old Simon is, and thus how long it's been since the intro. 6 years is quite the jump!
: Hey! Do you want me to read this book for you? Just a second...

: Urrmmm... In the... sky... there... urrm... is... a... there is a...
: Are you sure you know how to read?
: Hey! This is hard, let's see you do better!

: Ha ha! Why would you even want that book, anyway?
: Because it's big and heavy and good for squashing pests!
: Eep!

: Yes Mama!

Bianca and her mother go downstairs, leaving Simon all alone with the reading material.
: Man, girls are dumb. I bet I could totally read that book.

: Dang. Well, maybe there's something else fun in here.

: I'm going to show Dad my sweet new hat!

: But... hat! Fine, guess I'll go check out the town. But first, I bet Sancho has more stuff to snag!

Strength Seeds are permanent upgrade items. I usually dump all my seeds onto the main character, since he's always around, but for now I just throw this in the bag and move on.

: I have no idea, lady, and I was there!

: Why is that so hard for you to believe?
: Papas must have come to this village five years ago... He was a hard worker and everyone liked him as I recall.
: ... And? That's it? What is the point of this story?

Sounds like Papas gave up being a king or whatever within a year of the intro, and has been wandering ever since. How mysterious!

Let's check out the bar.

: So boring!

Well, Bianca and her mom are hanging out in the inn. Let's go say hi!

: To tell the truth, I wanted someone to go after him... But your father looks so busy...
: Oh, you noticed?
I wish someone would go to the depths of the cave and check up on him...
: ... Why are you looking at me like that? I guess I can ask Dad if he'll go check it out, but I don't think he'll listen to me.

: When you were young your father used to bring you over to play at my house.

Let's go see what the other villagers have to say.

: Why is there a door in the side of a cliff? Hmm, it's unlocked. I bet there's a cave full of adventure inside!

: Or it's just some dude's house.

: Thanks for bringing that up, lady.

Oh, so THAT'S what this place is called.

: You bet! If I got in Dad's way, he'd probably trample me!

: Oooooh, a mysterious cave. I bet THIS one has adventure in it! Oh, dang, a guard. I bet he's not going to let me in.

: ... Oh. Well OK then! Thanks, irresponsible adult!

Next time: Simon's first solo adventure!