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Part 2: Post 02: Exploring Tantegel

Post 02: Exploring Tantegel

Moving on a few... feet? Or miles? Hm, well, we arrive at...

...Tantegel! Well, that makes sense, I guess. A bit lazy. Actually a lot of lazy.

NES differences:
Tantegel is packed with various people with loads of information to help us start off our quest. Let's see what they have to say!

*: town, only to die... Andy, I hope you won't perish.

: Oh boy, another pessimist.

This is an inn! We can stay the night here to heal our health and magic. Most towns have one of these. If you're interested in staying in this particular inn...

...well, it's not terribly expensive. Three gold is pocket change!

The inn also happens to have a storage bank. You may store items*, or gold, but only in increments of 1,000.

*I am unsure of the capacity.

NES differences:
While we're at it, head on over to the dresser by the staircase and loot it!

contains a Warp Wing!
Warp Wings will take you back to Tantegel Castle upon use. Now then, let's continue upstairs.

*: bogs. Entering one when you are weak could cost you your life.
Stepping through marshes damage your health by one point per step you take in them, so watch your step! Moving on.

: Uhh...?

*: Rumour has it... You can buy Keys in some town.
That's mighty helpful! Let's hope his neighbour is more resourceful.

*: If you are ever cursed, come here. I will be able to help you.
On your travels, you will come across various items (read: two) that will curse you. This old man's vase is empty, but atleast he has a second floor, so let's check it out!

: Well, everyone this side of Alefgard thinks I am, including the king so-

*: Do you have any proof of this? If you really bear Loto's blood, you should have the Loto Seal as proof of it.
The Loto Seal? I guess we'll probably need that since some people actually want more than just word that we're some fancy legend's kin!

Back downstairs and outside, a guard is nearby. Hm.

*: Garin was buried with him.

: ...who the heck is Garin?
Actually, one of the people that I didn't make exclusive note of mention a town to the north named Garinham. Maybe they have some sort of connection?

Rounding up north of these two buildings is a locked door, and a guard laying in the... alley?

*: King... the search party for Lady Lora has been wiped out... I... can't... go on... uggh...

: Wow this sure is just making me real optimistic about going to get that orb back. Destroyed towns, wiped out search parties, young men never returning? Geez.
All this talk about the horrors that await us sure is awful. We're gonna need a weapon and some armour if we hope to survive! Such a place is close by, thankfully.

Just step right in!

This is a shopkeeper. He sells weapons and armour to be exact. This store has the following to offer:
Now, we only have 120 gold, so you must choose wisely here until we gain more gold. Actually, there is one other store, maybe we should check that out first before we buy something!

As with the weapons and armour shop, the item shop has various items for sale too:
Hm. Touch pick. Let's head up this staircase real fast and think on it!

*: There is a castle across the sea. It is said to be DracoLord's. I'm terrified.

: Wait what. No wonder people keep dying, he's your freakin' neighbour.
Apparently building your kingdom right across from the castle owned by the ultimate evil wasn't a very thought out prospect. Anyways, with our 120 gold in hand, we need to buy things to prepare for our journey! While this is open to what you choose, I personally go with a Club, Cloth Shirt, and a D-Scale, giving me a total of +4 ATK, and +7 DEF, leaving me with 20 gold to spend on the inn if needed.

But wait, now that we have our goodies, how the heck do we even use them? Wait, of course, the menu!

Woah! We have a whole cavalcade of options in here! We can check our items, our spells, our status, and our equipment. Let's take a look at ourselves using INFO.

Here we have our name, health, and magic. Further entering the menu yields our actual stat values.

Strength, Agility, and Guard are natural stats that grow on their own when you level up. Attack and Defense are modified by current equipment. Right now, we have nothing equipped, so these are our base stats.

Further entering the menu WOULD show us our spell list, but we unfortunately don't know any magic just yet.

Now, shifting over to the EQPT menu, you may set your current equipment. It gives you your current Attack and Defense, and the number of points the piece of equipment modifies. The D-Scale however, shows up as ???.

Upon exiting the menu, it appears our hero has a sword
: Wait, don't I have a club? Why is this sword here-
If you buy a shield, it also is shown on the hero.

If you let the hero stand around too long to ponder his clubsword, a small hud will pop up, showing your name, health, magic, and level.

Finally, if you want to save, but can't make your way back to Tantegel Castle, you can create a temporary Field Log, which allows you to load it once to jump back into the action. Just press Start to do so!

NES differences:
Now that we're equipped, there's only one thing left to do! Let's go kill the DracoLord!

It's not as easy as it looks, unfortunately. Nothing is easy until you've grinded yourself to a shiny smooth surface on the local wildlife.