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Part 4: Bonus Post 01: Slime

Bonus Post 01: Slime

Ah, yes, the Slime. The basic enemy of all Dragon Warrior/Quest games, and the most recognizable character from it. Originally just a mindless monster, in later games they have been developed into their own civilization, even getting their own games based on them.

Dragon Warrior 1 introduced the original three types of Slime.

The Slime is THE first enemy you will encounter. It's the weakest monster, but they're still brave (or stupid) enough to challenge you, so you have to give them that.

With an average of around three health, they can be defeated by even an unequipped adventurer. When slain, they give one experience, and drop two gold from... somewhere. The magical space that monsters place their gold, of course!

In later games, they are around the same strength as well. A few games however feature a variation of blue slime that is quite stronger. Just as well, when eight of them gather, they can fuse into a single entity; the KingSlime! This massive behemoth of goo is quite the advesary, too. Fortunately for us, KingSlimes don't exist for another three games.

The RedSlime is the Slime's close relative, with the only difference being... well, it's red instead of blue? They're a very narrow margin stronger and faster than their blue counterparts, with an average of four health. They as well give two experience and four gold upon defeat.

They serve as a slightly upgraded, but still early fought encounter. In the more recent games, they're called SheSlimes, despite being able to be male. Unlike the blue Slime, they cannot in any game combine into a single entity, though it is most likely possible.

The final and rarest variety of Slime is the Metaly. Made out of pure liquid metal, they are extremely fast and are almost impossible to damage normally, but have a very low amount of health, which would be an average of four. If one is even lucky enough to encounter one of these, they'll most likely run away before you can even act. But, if given the grace to actually slay one, you will receive 775 experience and six gold! Beware though, as they know Firebal, and aren't afraid to use it!

They are a staple of easing the grind, as they give the most experience within all of the games. In later games, there are other variants of Slime made of liquid metal, such as the Metabble, and MetalKing, each of which give even greater amounts of experience! Thankfully, in the later games as well, exist certain items and skills that allow them to be easily defeated.

Another interesting slice of information, are the Liquid Metal and Metal King equipment sets named after (and most likely crafted with) the MetalSlimes.