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Part 5: Post 04: Exploring Garinham

Post 04: Exploring Garinham

Upon exiting the cave, our quest was clear. Gather some items and then we can go defeat the DracoLord! Of course, now we have to find the items.

We head northwest.

...and discover Garinham! It is a small town, but we already knew about it, right? It is here, that Garin's Harp is buried.

*: town of folklore.
The people here seem quite friendly.

There is a weapons and armour shop here.
The equipment here is pretty good, but it's also really expensive. We only have 46 gold, so no buying for us today.

On the other side of Garinham is an item shop.

Same as Tantegel, I'm afraid.

*: The monster flew off with the Princess to the east. Is there someone who can save her?

: I have a pretty good idea of a person, yeah.

*: Pardon? There is someone? Then please get word to him. The Princess was taken east.
Well, atleast we know where she is now.

*: There was a cave on the way, yeah? That's where they put up a memorial for Loto, the legendary hero.

: So you mean to tell me everyone knows about that place then and has read that same tablet then? Great.
Heading across town to another small building yields more people to talk to!

*: The bard Garin ended his long journey here and founded this town. The town is named after him.

: And hams, apparently.

: I don't see why not.

*: Er... ahem.
The man begins to sing.
*: Thank you. I'm practicing in hopes of becoming like the legendary bard, Garin.

: Oh sweet Goddess my ears.
Now that we've touched up on the local flavour, let's go get that harp!

...except the only other place to go is here. Looks like we won't be getting the harp just yet after all. On the bright side, we know what direction the Princess is in, so let's hop to it!

From here we can head south and then east back to Tantegel or just go back the way we came.

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