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Part 6: Post 05: Exploring Kol

Post 05: Exploring Kol

Our adventure east brings us to a bridge. As you cross bridges, it is said that enemies grow stronger.

A little ways to the east, there's... another bridge. That can't be good.

To the north, a strange little mountain pass exists.

Following the pass leads us to this shrine!

But what is this place? It seems odd to be out in the middle of nowhere, in a world infested with monsters.

*: Word is that you are on a quest to defeat DracoLord. However, DracoLord is a being of unspeakable power. I can't allow you to go knowing that you will fail. Andy, let me test your power. I've heard that somewhere in this world there is a Shiny Harp that summons monsters. Bring it to me. I will recognize you as a hero and confer you the Rain Staff.
NES differences:
Wow, that's an earful! A harp for a staff? Alright!

Leaving the shrine and the small pass, we finally come across a town nestled near the mountains.

A town to the east.


*: The husband of Cleo there left town in search of some Keys. How could a man just abandon his pretty wife? What a louse! Tch!
He must have locked his door since every door has to have a key it seems.

Cleo: I didn't want to be a burden for him to chase his dreams.

: But he... left to go get some keys. That isn't all that fascinating of a dream.

*: have the legendary sword either... Perhaps it's not for sale.

: Who the heck sells a legendary weapon to some random adventurer?

The inn cost went up by a little again. It's still affordable though, for now!

*: A beautiful woman will declare her love to you! Hehehe...

: A little too late for that if you know what I mean.

*: Rimuldar that sells Keys.

*: Oooh, so nice... Zzzz...

: What.
Fleeing the inn and it's terribleness, we find ourselves outside of a bathhouse on the other side of Kol.

contains a Strength Seed!
contains Cloth Shirt!

*: How about a powder-puff massage? Just 20G, honey!

: ...sure.

: Oh sweet Goddess what just happened to me!?
Puff, puff, puff...

*: Your weapon will not be enough to defeat DracoLord. Somewhere in the world, Loto left behind his sword. Find it.

: Is that in a general area, or do you just mean the whole freakin' world.

*: beautiful woman in the cave by the sea south of here. But the cave is infested with monsters. There can't be a beautiful woman there. He must have just imagined it.
A beautiful woman in a cave huh? Maybe, just maybe, that might be our Princess!

*: said to fear the melody of a flute. Some monsters can't be beaten by just brute force. If you're in a battle, consider your opponent's weak points.

: Are you insinuating I can play a flute?

*: of here?

: Not really, no.

*: The island of Rimuldar is in the south.
Rimuldar is rumoured to have Keys, and is to the south huh? I think we have a pretty good idea of what we gotta do!

...well, after we do everything else first.

A quick roundup before we depart Kol; the weapon and armour shop has some new gear, as well as the item shop.
That's all for Kol, for now!