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Part 7: Post 06: Exploring Rimuldar

Post 06: Exploring Rimuldar

Diving back into the adventure, we find ourselves outside of Kol. The local wildlife here is pretty brutal.

MagDrackys are beefed up Drackys that can cast Firebal.

NES differences:

Scorpions are just plain annoying. They have a large amount of defense, so you have to whittle them down little by little.

Magicians aren't a threat at all unless they get Firebal off on you.

Skeletons however will ruin your freakin' face. Given our current level, these things have a lot of health and can take you out in about two hits.

Since our quest is taking us to the tunnel cave to the south, we're going to need a torch. And since Kol lacks an item shop, we'll have to head back to Tantegel to get one. Using a Warp Wing is a fast way to get there.

One hike later...

Here is the infamous marsh. Stepping in it subtracts one health point. At this point, you can't really avoid this, so be prepared to get hurt.

Eleven health eh. Nothing Heal won't fix.

Once inside, using a torch is advised.

This cave has a long path that leads south, and to the staircase. It also has a sidepath that winds around itself a lot. Let's investigate the sidepath first.

Whatever the heck these Eyeder things are inhabit this cave. They're not all that tough thankfully.

NES differences:

Oh dear, another dragon tile.

...and also this. Without Keys, you won't be going through here for a little bit. Heading back to the main path...

...and leveling up along the way to learn Sleep, at level seven. Sleep is very useful if it works on an enemy, as it lets you get free hits in on them. Unfortunately, some monsters know it too, and they're usually able to tear you to pieces if it works on you.

Finally making it to the end of the tunnel leads you out here. More marsh!

An upgraded version of the Magician with a staff in hand, the Druin knows Firebal and Sleep and has almost as much health as a Skeleton.

NES differences:

Taking a route around some mountains and crossing the lake will get you to Rimuldar, the place of legend that sells Keys.

Well okay it isn't that glorius but, atleast we can progress, just as soon as we find where they're sold.

The price just keeps going on up. The dresser in the inn is also empty, by the way.

*: of a shop that sells Keys. I've found no such place. ...grumble...

: B-but everyone keeps saying this is where they're sold. Bah.

*: There's a small shrine northwest of Kol. I heard an odd old fellow lives there by himself.

*: I've never seen you before. You should come stay at our inn.

: That's extremely creepy. And I uh... already did.

*: ring. It's a form of etiquette.

*: Ah, you are Loto's blood descendant. No need to speak. The eyes say all. Have you gone to the Sacred Shrine?

: Not really, no.

*: Head south.
Upstairs is a whole gaggle of people to converse with.

*: I can't focus on my business.

*: you're another fan of brave Loto. Loto's history is really mysterious. He's rumoured to have come from a different world...

: I'm his freakin'... descendant somewhow. Hrm.

*: town... Heaven help us...

*: Cleo in Kol but I was robbed of all my money by monsters. I can't very well just return to Kol now...
This sure would explain why monsters have gold somewhat, if this guy was a millionaire and all of the monsters of the world divided the money amongst eachother.

*: Right here is fine for business.
The item shop isn't much different from the others. The D-Scale isn't for sale out this far though.
Speaking of the weapons and armour shop which is directly south of this guy, it has new equipment as well.
What's the difference between the Steel Armour and Magic Armour, you ask? For every two steps you take while wearing the Magic Armour, you recover one health point.

*: I'm changing here! Please, get out!

: Of all the places in the world NOT to have a door... Geez.

After spying on this woman changing, we raid her dresser for panties...
contains a Warp Wing!

...and then having our ear yapped off by backstory...
*: Loto constructed a bridge made of a rainbow at the far west of this land. He entered the darkness through the evil lord's hidden doorway. Kind traveller, if you were to ever meet Loto's descendant, please convey my words to that person. They would surely be of help.

: That's amazing. A bridge of rainbows is what my ancestor is known for? Oh man.
After talking to almost everyone, now it's time to search the other part of town. You can circle the space outside of town without being forced onto the overworld. Out there are two people and a building...

Rogo: If you see a girl named Nina, can you tell her I'm waiting for her?
Meanwhile, on the other side of Rimuldar...

Nina: What could he be doing? Sheesh!

: Actually... he's uh, on the other side of here.

Nina: Oh! He was waiting for me somewhere else? He's so absent-minded. Please tell Rogo that I'm here.

: Didn't we already establish that. Yeah uh, she's waiting for you on the other side of this place.

Rogo: Huh? She's waiting for me? Oh no! I made a mistake again! She must be really angry. Oh yeah. Thanks! I'll tell you something. Walk two steps south from the bath in Kol and check the ground. You'll find something nice. Now, I need an excuse for Nina...

Making your way into the building reveals more lootable vases.
contains 123 gold!
contains a DEFseed!

*: armour that is powerful enough to defeat DracoLord?

You'd think this would be highly illegal. I mean, this even sort of defeats the purpose of jails and prisons.

From here you can buy Keys. Except! My inventory is full, and Rimuldar lacks a storage bank, so I must do away with some things.

STRseeds are things you randomly find. Using them...

...increases your strength by a random number.

And DEFseeds... well, uh.

They do the same thing, except you get a random amount of... guard?

And then, since we won't ever need it anymore, we toss out the Cloth Shirt.

Back in the inn were two locked doors. We head back to see what's up.

*: a rainbow will form a bridge. It's an old saying here in Alefgard. I've heard that the Sun Stone is hidden away in Tantegel Castle.
NES differences:

contains a LifeAcorn!

On the way out, make sure to buy two new Keys to replace the ones you just used.

At this point, we have Keys which will let us get into any place we need now, including that door in the cave. We as well have to find the Shiny Harp in order to obtain the Rain Staff, and THEN locate the Sun Stone in Tantegel Castle to make a rainbow. We've got the full spread of our quest, now to get it done!