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Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi's Journey

by UZworm

Part 1: Episode I: Boats and Hoes

Episode I: Boats and Hoes
Getting this first update going sooner rather than later!

Welcome! As compared to the Dragon Warrior Monsters, DWM2 has five letter spots instead of four for your character - although they did allow your character to be named "Terry" by default. Even then, I can't fit "UZworm" so we'll go with the next best thing.

To this eternally warm and natural setting, a family of Monster farmers was headed to start a new life…

Welcome to our lovely ship. Wait for the sailor to stop dicking around and your sister will eventually run up to talk to you.

Tara: Papa's calling at the Stern!

That's Tara. As you can see, the little bitch is blocking the staircase so we'll have to go talk to our dad.

This guy wants to talk to you about how awesome sailing is. Agreeing and disagreeing him do the exact same thing so move along.

Just look at that family resemblance.

Dad: the kingdom and run our farm. He recognizes our worth, wahahah! This will be our new life. You're a growing boy, so I'll need you to be responsible and reliable.

So now it's time to go back to our wonderful (read: annoying as shit) sister.

Peering into the jars and barrels yields a bounty of fish and water, which I suppose are what you'd expect to find on a ship. You can't look into the boxes.

Sailor: We've never had monsters on our ship before this, it's amazing!

Just ignore the awestruck sailor who's obviously never been outside before and talk to Tara again.

Tara: Greatlog will be in sight soon.



This is a tale of children who came to the kingdom of Greatlog…

Finally, we can get some actual gameplay going!

Or perhaps watch an endless animation of UZ and Tara chasing each other around a water pump.

Your dad has had enough of this shit.

Dad: Quit horsing around and go help your mother. Do you hear me?

What fun, the first thing we do in the game is menial labor. Take a quick look around the farm first and you won't find much.

Yeah, an Armyant and a Drakslime, yee-freakin' haw.

Master of conversation, this guy.
Now let's go help our mother.

The house is a quick jog to the East. Hop inside, there's nothing you can do until you help out your mom.

Unless of course you enjoy about the exciting exploits of Drakslime going outside.

Mom: ...for us to enjoy at our new homestead. I'm too busy to go get it right now, so can the two of you go instead?

Hmm, pie? This quest is relevant to my interests. The pie will be mine!


Mom: Don't dawdle, and be careful.

Well, we finally have something resembling a quest, so let's go and be quick about it.

Your dad and the slime have moved away from the entrance to the farm so you can now wander freely!

Prince: Hehehe, this is going to be fun…

Or not. I'll rephrase that to "Let's attempt to go exploring only to be repeatedly tortured by that jackass other kid."

Either way, it's time to wander around a bit.

Here we see the two tricksters torturing a poor old woman.

Bearded dude who highly resembles your dad: ...this world in the past. The elemental spirits decided to send the monsters to other worlds until they were sure that humans could live safely with monsters.

Nice guy. Trying to talk to the shop owner yields nothing and there's nothing but a fish in that jar, so move along.

An ambush on this shopkeeper and his package!

Naturally, a game of monkey in the middle is in order.

Fortunately this guy knows how to lay down the law.

Probably the least helpful info you'll be finding on the island. Head into the vault, that's the door with the bag over it.

The vault man must be friends with the red dude.

Vault man: It smells really delicious! Here you go, be careful with it!

We have ourselves a pie, what could possibly go wrong?

Ah right, that.

Warubou: I smell something tasty!

Warubou: Perfect, I was hungry, Wa-hey!

Nigga stole my pie!

A struggle...

Of course the pie flies down the fucking well.

Thanks for the encouragement, lady.

Glad to see they're settling this like gentlemen.

Oh, you bitch.

Well that can't be good.

All Tara!

The prince makes a swift exit and orange crap starts belching out of the hole. God dammit, Tara.

...Interesting way to solve the problem, Warubou.

Warubou: Calm down and listen! What came out of the hole now, that was the life force of Greatlog's tree. Greatlog is an island kept afloat by the palm tree, do you see? If the palm tree dies, the island sinks into the deep, deep ocean! A plug! That is what we need! A plug to plug the log's navel! Hurry, go fetch a monster master!

Shit just got real!

Oh hey guess what nobody believes you that the island is sinking.

Don't forget to deliver the pie to Mom, who reminds you that your bedtime is more important than the imminent death of the island.

Warubou: You told everyone Greatlog'll sink? So where is the monster master? …What? Nobody believed you? Warroh, they are so complacent! Wa-hey, it can't be helped now. You go instead. No other way!

You know, for a guy who just stole your pie he's being awfully demanding. Of course you'll go.

Warubou: In you I saw the potential, warooh! A good idea I have for plugging up the log's navel, yes I do, warroh! I'm an elemental so I know such. Here, take this, you, warooh.

Warubou: It opens the door to other worlds. Specially made, it is, by elemental power, making it magic, warooh. Use to open the magic door ahead. It takes you to another world. Another world, it might be, warooh, but it is not much different. Only difference is monsters. Monsters live in other worlds. But a monster master needs not fear such a thing, warooh. I see you have great potential. You go to other worlds, and bring back a plug for the log's navel. That something, I don't know what. But you will know when you find it! Now, warooh, take this!

Well now that Waru"wall of text"bou is finished, time for the goddamn adventure to begin!


OK, he has a point with that one. Now, a quick snazzy teleport back home, and you finally get to… talk to your sister.

Tara: to put in the Log's Navel, this house, the farm and everything else will sink with the island.

Nice plot synopsis, sis.

Tara: ...would be really worried about us!

Slash: I couldn't help overhearing you. I'll go with you to other worlds! That way one of you can stay here. That solves your little problem!

I'd really like to send her out to get eaten by a dragon, but unfortunately this is Cobi's Journey so we're obligated.

Congratulations, you have a Slime now.

Type: Slime
Learns: Firebal MegaMagic Radiant
A Dragon Quest staple, he's pretty much the mascot of the series. Makes sense you'd start out with him. He also packs a bit of a punch for a little guy, you can actually use Slimes for some nifty magic powers at higher levels, namely the feared MEGAMAGIC.

Good work on getting through the menial labor and starting work of the game! Next up we'll actually do some training and monster attaining in the Oasis!

Don't forget... we can save our progress now.