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Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi's Journey

by UZworm

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Original Thread: Greatlog is sinking! Let's play Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi's Journey!



Hello, and welcome to m-
Wait, this looks vaguely familiar!
Well it might. I started a lets play of this very game way back in March of 2009. I got three LP posts into it before a horrific laptop crash, my failures at school and some other personal issues basically raped it and left it for dead in an alley. I have a new laptop and a much more stable life now so I'm coming back to the fold.

So... will you be posting the same shit you already posted in 2009?
Well, not quite. I'm restarting the game so I'll have brand new screencaps etc. - I honestly had no idea how screencaps worked back then and was doing it about as wrong as possible, which made all the caps blurry. They'll be sharper this time around - and I'll be rewriting a lot of the text I did originally. I'm more prepared to LP the game this time as opposed to the last time when I basically just dove right into it after not playing for several years. The first update will be almost verbatim from the original thread but after that I'll be writing mostly new material minus some of the jokes that I thought were actually funny from before.

All right, all that out of the way...

What's this?
Dragon Warrior Monsters II was released as two separate games in 2001 for the Game Boy Color; Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure. The purpose of the games is to collect a group of monsters and go to various other worlds in order to save your kingdom's island from sinking, utilizing a turn-based RPG battle system to fight.

The difference between the two games is negligible and mostly for cosmetic purposes; the real purpose of having two versions was a Pokemon-esque breeding and battle arena link up scheme. There was also the opportunity to trade special monster eggs between game boys later in the game. I'm playing Cobi's Journey because that was the one that I had as a kid; my brother had Tara's Adventure but I never played it and the dog wound up eating it.

Why do the sequel and not the original?
When I started my original one a user named iastudent was making a wonderful LP of the original DWM that died about the same time I did. I guess I'm hoping he might show up again and restart his if I do. If not and I manage to finish DWM2, I'll probably LP the original after I'm through, I'd actually enjoy that since the original is quite literally my favorite video game of all time.

What's this LP all about?
This here will be a screenshot LP. I'm going to do as thorough a run-through as I can of each world, capturing all points of interest and several of the more interesting characters along the way. I will not be catching everything I see but I will inform about every monster available in each world. Be warned that I have a particular affinity for Grass and Water types, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of those in my party.

I'll obviously be skipping most of the random level grinding in the game.

What can I do to help?
I'll be naming my monsters with names you provide me, up to 5 letters. So if you want to be a frightening spotslime that will most likely be breeding fodder, throw down a name for me and I'll add it to the list. Or if nobody cares to participate, I'll name them all after food or something.

Please try not to ask for specific monsters, I recall last time someone asked to be "a monster that looks like a fetus" and I don't think even if I finished the LP I would have found something like that.

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