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Part 25: Episode XXV: Spirit in the Sky (World)

Episode XXV: Spirit in the Sky (World)

Welcome back, we're finally going to the Sky World today.

And here we are. Island in the sky, it appears. Makes sense.

Here's the first town in the Sky World, the town of Fhunt.


Yeah, so the town is populated with monsters. Nice.

BigEye: with the LightOrb. The LightOrb must have been very powerful to do that.

Everyone in Fhunt seems to be obsessed with this LightOrb thing. My RPG senses are tingling.

Actually, they're talking a lot about that dead Ugor sage guy as well quite a bit.

Hey look, a graveyard!

Nothing to see here, I guess.

Oh hey, this grave looks important.

...Ugor was a WhaleMage, there's that overly happy sprite again!

Ugor: A visitor from another world? This is indeed a rare occasion. However, no one must be permitted to obtain the LightOrb. It has been sealed away to sleep.

Well that wasn't helpful at all. Let's just find the LightOrb on our own.

This tower seems a likely place to find it.

We're not allowed to go into the tower if any of our monsters have any Wildness. Fortunately bred monsters don't have any wildness to start so that's pretty much not a trouble at all.

There's two staircases in here, one to our right and one if we go up. Taking the one above us leads to that chest you see there contains an ExitBell. Pretty much useless, actually. After that, taking the right staircase is pretty much just a linear path to the top.

Well other than the piercing screeches this looks like a nice place. Covered in treasure at least.

God dammit, MadCondor! Well we knew this wouldn't be that easy.

And there's another bright side! The other chest has a Cleric Ring, which promotes INT gain during level ups.

After appraising that magic key, it's the WhiteSky key. So you can add WhiteSky to our BlueJungl and GreenShore key list.

And what would going to a new world be without some new monsters?!

Type: Plant
Learns: Firebal Antidote CurseOff
For reasons that still escape me to this day, Floraman's overworld sprite - pictured above - doesn't look like his regular sprite, but looks a little like a purple ALF.

Type: Bird
Learns: WindBeast Hustle Errand
I forgot to put some monsters to sleep before going here so I had to release Data the Slimenite to make room for our new colorful friend PCock here.

Next time we'll figure out how to get off this first Island and onto the Sky World mainland!

(By the way, I added a Magic Keys list to the OP so that we could keep track of all the keys we have and which ones we've beaten already.)