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Part 27: Episode XXVII: MadCondor, MadMirror, MadGoose

EPISODE XXVII: MadCondor, MadMirror, MadGoose

Welcome back! Last time we found out where exactly the MadCondor who stole our Orb went.

You can find MadCondor's nest simply by going to the Northwest around a couple of mountain ranges. Going to the Southwest from Pei leads to an area we don't yet need to be, so don't bother exploring yet.

I'd recognize that piercing screech anywhere!

What the- Get your claws off me, you damn dirty bird!

Damn bird! He captured an innocent MadMirror as well!

Yep, time to fight us a bird! And an incredibly weak bird it is, too! With only 600 HP, the poor Condor could only sit and watch as I loosed Explodet, QuadHits and TidalWave on it on the first turn, doing almost 1000 damage. Poor guy never even got a hit in. If your team is weaker than my super squad of destiny here, you might want to note that poison, paralysis and sleep all seem to work on the Condor. It can heal itself but it doesn't have a HealAll spell so you should be able to overdeal what it's healing every turn.

Oh, shit. MadCondor was apparently impressed with my turning him into fried chicken in only one turn! (Pro Tip: He joins you regardless.)

Type: Bird
Learns: Firebal HealUs MultiCut
MAD here has pretty much the best ability in the game, HealUs. He WILL be bred with a starter at some point. I had to release Myst the Bullbird to get him on the team.

MadMirror: ...mountain, I ended up in a nest!

Nice, but... where's the LightOrb?

Well, the LightOrb either went missing or was stolen from the Condor or... I have no idea. Nowhere to go but south from the nest, I guess.

This cave is nestled away just northwest of Pei inside a mountain range.

It basically just lets us out on the other side of the mountains, there's nothing in the cave.

Here's the castle of Hitano, maybe we can find that King they were talking about.

Bigeye: ...proclaimation? If you find three treasures, you get the LightOrb!

...God dammit.

Sign: ...Heaven Helmet. Gather these and the LightOrb shall be your reward. I will await word in the Castle. -King

Well, guess it's time to go exploring for some treasures.

Next time we're going to have a special episode, so in preperation I'm going to grab a couple of the more powerful monsters from the Sky World to end this one.

Type: Bird
Learns: Heal WindBeast LureDance
I named him Goose because we already got one MAD bird today.

Type: Dragon
Learns: DragonFireAir FireSlash SuckAll

Type: Devil
Learns: SlimeBlow ChargeUp EvilSlash
Anyone who played the original DWM game remembers how obsessed this guy is with Meat.

See you Monday for the special episode! Until then, which special key do you want to see me do next, BlueJungl, Greenshore or WhiteSky?