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Part 6: Episode VI: Breaking our Arena Virginity

Episode VI: Breaking our Arena Virginity

Welcome back to DWMII, where we were given the task of finding the Pirate Key. With the Oasis basically 100%'d, we can now get ready to go to the next world with a couple of tasks in GreatLog before we go to the Arena and win ourselves that key.

The farm is now bigger, after big events - like beating worlds - your father has updated the farm sometimes. It now holds 20 monsters instead of the 10 we originally could. When you get more monsters than the farm can hold, it allows you to release monsters back into the wild. Breeding is fairly important not only because it gets you better monsters but because it helps clear out the farm without having to release half your hard earned monsters.

You'll notice I have Banan on my team right now. There's a reason for this, go to the door here that used to be blocked and we'll see the entrance to the Arena.

That's not what we're looking for right now, we want a screen to the left.

Start by getting this Tinymedal. We'll learn what these are for eventually, I swear. Now, go into the bottom right door.

Old Man: She seems so sad for herself.

Let's see what we can do about that.

Little Girl: ...friends like that. I wish I had one. Your SpotSlime is so adorable...

...w-what? Give up Banan? All right...

Little Girl: I promise, I'll take care of it!

I'll miss you, Banan. Remember all the memories we had together?


Anyway, a quick trip to the farm later to get Ctulu back on our party and... well, let's stop for a minute and talk to our mother.

Mom: ...Oh, don't look so glum, dear!

Mom: ...My, what has gotten into you? Will miracles never cease? Could you go buy a Potion for me?

Mom gives us 400G for the task. Unfortunately, there's nowhere we can get potions right now in the game, neither of the two shops we can access have them and they aren't lying on the ground in the Oasis. With those two minor tasks out of the way, lets go to the Arena.

This is the Arena, where masters go to battle in front of everyone in the Kingdom because everyone here has literally nothing better to do. Monster Battling is the DWM equivilent of baseball - and judging by DWM1, Greatlog is the Yankees. The mummy and wolf over there tell you about meat, while the chick above us just talks about how much she sucks at monster battling.

The Arena proper is bright fucking pink for some reason. Thanks for searing my retinas, Enix!

There's a tinymedal on the farthest left screen in the arena.

And a bear apparently owned by a 6 year old girl who wants to eat us.

This is the entrance to the Arena. Talk to the blue haired girl on the left and the battle will begin.

This is my party for the arena battle, during my time in the Oasis last time I did a little leveling to get all three members to level 10+.

The arena does battles differently from the rest of the game. There's basically three rules that differentiate from normal battling.
* You aren't allowed to use items.
* Obviously, you can't run away.
And the most important one,
* You cannot control what your monsters do.
That's right, the "PLAN" option is removed from the menu in-battle and you can only select CHARGE, MIXED, DEFENSE and a new option, NO SKIL. No Skil basically tells your monster to fight without using MP, helpful if every time your monster CHARGES it always seems to use its 100 MP power with no regard for saving it's magic for later.

The Arena battles come in Threes. Every class you fight three different Masters. Naturally, you don't heal between battles.

This first guy has a PearlGel and two Babbles.

ARENA BATTLE #1 - Babble, PearlGel, Babble
This, being the first battle, is so easy you should have the game taken away from you if you manage to lose it. The Babbles can both use Blaze, which is a single-monster affecting weak fire attack. Other than that, all you have to do is spam CHARGE on all three monsters and you'll win this easily. PearlGel only has 15 HP and no skills, easy pickings.

ARENA BATTLE #2 - SpikyBoy, Pixy, Dracky
SpikyBoy is pretty much useless if you don't have a slime on your team, since his only real attack is SlimeBlow - Unfortunately not as sexual as you'd hope think, the attack just does extra damage to Slimes - so he goes down easy. Pixy has no skills and Dracky can only use VacuSlash, a wind attack. All three go down within a couple of rounds if you keep spamming NO SKIL or CHARGE.

My skills are unprecidented at beating fucking Drackys.

ARENA BATTLE #3 - Raven, Kitehawk, Raven
The only real problem here is that all three monsters have about 40 HP, whereas the other monsters we've seen have only had 20 or so. Even then, KiteHawk's ChargeUP ability - the same one that Beavern had - is rarely used effectively by KiteHawk and the Ravens have almost no attack power. Keep spamming FIGHT and they'll be gone shortly.

And it was such fun raping those other members of kiddie class.

Arena Clerk: The King will give you his official recognition as a Monster Master. You can use the Starry Shrine and the Egg Evaluator's services now. You'll be facing grownups here from now on, so keep training hard.


Oh by the way, I totally forgot was lying when I said that you could use the Starry Shrine right after you got the Pirate Key. Turns out that it's blocked by a line of other people. derp.

Next time, we start to tackle the land of Piracy and mermaids.