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Part 7: Episode VII: Mermaid Madness

So I was wrong about this taking more than a couple days. This update was basically only catching 5 monsters and talking to a bunch of people anyway.

Episode VII: Mermaid Madness

All right, two more items to get in GreatLog that I derped and forgot about.

In the girl who stole Banan's room, get a Logtwig in the pot. Logtwigs allow you to move the door shrine in a world anywhere you want. Not all that useful right now, but occasionally if you're in a tough area moving the door shrine to right where you are for easy free healing works well.

Talk to her father and he'll thank you for giving his shut-in daughter a friend by giving you a LifeAcorn. LifeAcorns increase the health of one of your monsters permanently by 5.

BUTCH?! What the fuck, little girl. He's not a dog, don't give him a dogs name. Unless it's a dog's name that actually works for the situation like, oh, I don't know... SPOT?!

Yes, I'm angry at video games.

Anyway, how bout that Pirate World?

Let's take a look around at what horrible creatures await u-

OK, fuck you Enix. Yes, you can fight regular Slimes here in the Pirate World, as opposed to the Oasis, where you'd expect a base slime in one of these games. Derp

Fortunately, there are other monsters here to catch!

Type: Bug
Learns: CallHelp NapAttack Kamikaze
Of all the monsters in this world, there are two that you basically have to catch. Armyant is one of them. You're going to the farm, Jason... but you will have your day soon!

Type: Bird
Learns: Antidote Sleep RobMagic
The old standard for the beginnings of DWM games, this is the weakest bird type basically. Welcome to the farm club, Volat!

Type: Grass
Learns: MPass OddDance LureDance
It's like DanceVegi's younger, uglier brother. This is about the point where my ugly bias toward plant types rears it's ugly head... plus Curselamp had already learned Increase and SpeedUp so 21st is coming with me in Tofl's stead.

A quick level grind to get 21st to Level 10, and his INT and DEF are actually higher than Tofl's was at that level. Nice.

Here's the world map. The one farthest West is the door shrine. The thing I'm next to is our first town.

Let's go to the town of Yold, a couple of screens East of the Shrine.

See? Yold! Not much to do in this place except talk to everyone; you'll get some pretty good information.

Villager: travel by boat than walking, so everyone has their own boat. In the olden days it was dangerous because there were Pirates.

Village Lady: famous for mermaids.

Mermaids AND Pirates? Nice.

Warp Staff in the barrel over here.

Woman: ...northwest. Among their treasures was a round mirror called HarMirror but it was stolen by pirates. Nobody knows where it is now.

It's an Enix game, you know that if an item like that is mentioned by name it's gonna be important.

The kid in the top of the screencap there blabs about some Pirate Ship that he saw that I'm sure won't be important at all.

All right, with all that exposition out of the way and several plot points set up, let's get out of this little shanty town. We can move across water now but there's another town on the island we're on right now so let's travel up there... after catching two more monsters!

Type: Beast
Learns: BirdBlow ZombieCut Informer
This is the other monster in the level that you pretty much need to catch. Again, Ayn will soon be in use... just not on our team.

Type: Beast
Learns: MetalCut SquallHit LushLicks
Why no, I have no idea why they changed the name of AntEater from the first game to AntBear in the second. I know that they are two different creatures in Dragon Warrior III, but... still. We'll call him Kumog.

Here's the next town, the town of Polona.

Here's the bay of Polona, where Mermaids used to appear. Not so much anymore, it seems. Here's a real reason to have Eggplaton on your team besides "I LIEK PLANT ," any monster that will learn Luredance - like 21st here - can summon a mermaid! We'll get another monster with LureDance capabilities soon but fuck it.

Bard By The Bay: have sang and danced with people where we stand now. Would you like to dance to remember and celebrate the days gone by?

Select Yes and...

The guy starts singing. Also;

Your monsters and you start to dance in a little circle. It's no leaping through a ring of fire, but still pretty cool.


Mermaid: You have a certain flair for genius! Please take this as my thanks!

Totally worth it.

No seriously, we'll get to what the fuck Tinymedals are eventually, I swear.

Talking to a bard in the east side of town yields a fun wall of text.

Bard: ...the mermaids' treasure? Long ago, a deft craftsman made a mirror with the power of darkness. It brought ruin to whatever its cold face reflected. Learning of this mirror, the people grew frightened. They took the mirror from the craftsman. It was hurled into the sea. The craftsman, out of sorrow, lept after the mirror into the sea. The mirror drifted to the lair of the mermaids where it was kept under secure seal as the HarMirror. And that's the tale.

Wall of text aside, we can learn about some sort of evil cave by talking to the villagers... so naturally that's our next stop!

Look forward to a boss battle and a whole mess of new water type monsters next time!