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Part 14: Episode XIV: Ice, Ice, Maybe

Episode XIV: Ice, Ice, Maybe

Welcome back. Last time we got a magic key and won an arena battle along with catching approx. 20,000 new monsters from the Pirate World. That means that we're finally finished with all that nonsense and can finally get to the third "plot-advancing" world, the Ice World.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what I thought the Ice World would look like but this is about right. Frosty trees, snow covered peaks...

Ah, and Yetis.

Type: Beast
Learns: IceBolt IceSlash WarCry
Yeti here is one of the few monsters with a name short enough to be used as it's actual name.

You'll notice that on the overworld map up there, there were a ton of cities compared to the Oasis or Pirate World. The basic plot of the Ice World involves several Kingdoms.

The first one we'll need to get to is the one highest on the Map, which is also the only one you can access first.

There are Ice chunks covering the shoreline, so we can't surf across the water. Clever, Enix, clever.

Here's Norden, the Kingdom of the North.

Loot the town blind, as usual.

Eskimo: They found gold on the border with the kingdom in the West. The Northern kingdom found it first, but the Western kingdom is trying to hoard all the gold!

That sounds like the start to a plot line if I've ever heard one.

The priest over there tells us about something called the SkyShield... Hm, both words are capitalized so...

Bingo, that would be our navel plug this time around.

Everyone in the town is in a tizzy about that gold that they and the Western kingdom found. Even the King. Sounds like this Norden King should be our next stop.

Security is tight. We won't be getting in there without sneaking in or getting some sort of authority. Sneaking isn't really something this game does so we'll look for plan B.

Here's Mirage Lake the spring. Let's take a look.

It's the Sky Shield! Quick, take it when nobody is looking!


Spring Spirit: You aren't from this world. I am the elemental spirit who guards over this world. At least, I did. I had lost my power, you see. I was rebuilding my power to make my return to the people, but some being cast a shadow over the hearts of the people. Even my spring finally froze. If peace returns to the souls of the people, I too will be saved. I sense a magical power in you.

Spring Spirit: You will? No words of thanks can ever be enough for what I feel. If you restore this world's peace, I will give you this Sky Shield.

Spring Spirit: It shows that you act as my envoy. It will let you into castles.

All right, as long as we have this Crest on us, the people of the world will know that we are in cahoots with the Spring's Spirit. We can get into Castles that way. Let's start with the castle at Norden and see what this king guy has to say.

But first, some more new monsters!

Type: Plant
Learns: NapAttack HighJump SleepAir
No, I have no idea what the hell a giant Apple is doing in the Ice world.

Type: Slime
Learns: WindBeast SquallHit TailWind
Wingy was a quest monster way back in the original DWM. Here, she's pretty much useless.

Type: Beast
Learns: Sleep RainSlash GigaSlash
Koala learns GigaSlash, which is a fantastic attack. We're still not using him though.

All right, with all that out of the way, we can finally get into the Castle.

And to actually get into the King's chamber, you have to get through another set of guards. I have no idea why the inside of the castle is frozen and has trees covered with snow in it.

King of Norden: We had started mining the mountains on the border first. The west comes along later and demands mining rights? Pah! The brazen nerve of them! This problem is solved by the west abandoning their frivolous claim. Until then, the border is closed!


Next time we'll try and see if we can find that mine, along with the Western kingdom and perhaps a boss battle. Oh, and catching a metric fuckton of more monsters, naturally.