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Part 13: Episode XIII: Never Say Pirates Again

Episode XIII: Never Say Pirates Again

Welcome back. Our plucky squad of Mummy, Boxslime and WhaleMage are going to partake in an Arena Battle today, (Actualy only two of them will, but we'll get to that later) but first we'll get a couple extra things done.

Namely getting that last handful of monsters from the Pirate World. Where the hell haven't we looked yet, you may ask. Well, the ocean has a couple of monsters you cannot find on land!

Type: Water
Learns: Heal MPass LureDance
I'm calling him Foddr because we already have so many damn water types that I'm just going to delete him after I leave. Getting 100% of the monsters in the game is already a boatload of fun, eh?

Type: Water
Learns: Speed TwinHits Ramming
Fodr2! I never want to see a water type again after this world.

Type: Water
Learns: Vivify Sap SleepAir

Type: Water
Learns: Watershot PoisonGas AquaWall
Fodr4! I have never been happier than when I was releasing these fucking water types en masse.


I DON'T EVEN CARE IF I'M WRONG AND I MISSED ONE DON'T TELL ME (I know I missed Minidrak, I'll get a Minidrak later, I swear just let me go away from this Pirate World )

...Actually, we're not done with the Pirate World as there is still one final thing to do, but we can't do it now.

Back to the Arena regardless. This guy is the guy we need to talk to right now.

Oasis Dude: How would you like to breed one of your monsters with my Armorpede?

Often after this point in the game, we'll be meeting people around the Starry Shrine and Arena who offer to breed one of their monsters with one of yours. Your monster is always the pedigree. One thing improved from the original DWM is that the trainer will tell you what you're going to get instead of saying "I have no idea what the resulting monster will be, hurrhurr!" We're going to breed our BoxSlime Dongs with his Armorpede.

You have to actually go to the Starry Shrine to get your egg hatched, otherwise it will just stay at the farm.

Type: Slime
Learns: IceBolt NumbOff CallHelp
Sqush here is probably one of the last slimes we'll have on our team for a while. Until we get to the metal type slimes, the slime family in general is one of the weaker types overall.

A quick level grind in the Pirate World to get Sqush to level 17 and we're ready for our second Arena Battle.

But first,


Since we've been breeding our monsters finally, they've started to gather quite a collection of spells from their ancestors. In fact, all three monsters are starting to get a good collection of spells for themselves. Let's take a look at the spells we have right now and what they do. One thing you should know about spells before we get started is that spells evolve. Yes, like in Pokemon. Several spells have low level versions and high level versions that they turn into as your monster gains levels and stats. We'll start with Dood's spell selection.

MPass - MPass allows your monster to give its MP to another monster. It evolves from MPass into MPassMore and MPassMost eventually. Not incredibly useful.
NapAttack - A regular attack that has a chance to put the opponent to sleep.
RobDance - Steals the opponent's MP, doesnt cost any MP to cast. It doesn't steal enough MP most of the time to make much of a difference, or else it could be used with in combo with MPass.
BoltSlash - Hits the opponent with a lightning attack.
CallHelp - Calls anywhere from two to five friends, each of whom get a single attack on the opponent. Basically a random multi-hit attack. Eventually evolves into YellHelp, which just increases the power of your friends that are called.
Paralyze - Basically NapAttack except with a paralysis status effect instead of sleep.
Lightning - One of a ton of different "Hit all enemies with an element" attack. This one is obviously lightning based.
EvilSlash - Misses well over half the time you try to use it, but it's well over twice as powerful as a regular attack.

Here's Sqush's abilities.

Blaze - A single hit, single target fire attack. Evolves into BlazeMore and eventually BlazeMost, one of the strongest single-hit spells in the game that doesn't involve spell combinations (We'll get to that WAY later.)
Heal - Does what it says on the box. Evolves into HealMore and HealAll.
Upper - Increases a single monster's Defense. Evolves into Increase, which affects the entire party. One of the more useful of the "buffer" spells.
Icebolt - One of the two ice spells that hits all enemies. Fire and Ice both have two of these type of attacks. The only real difference is that one of them is a cast spell and one of them is a breath attack. Mostly unimportant minus a couple of spells that can cancel out one but not the other. Icebolt is the spell version, Frigidair is the blown version. Icebolt evolves into SnowStorm and then Blizzard.
StopSpell - Stops enemies from casting all spells. Breath attacks can still be used.
TwinSlash - Does more damage than a regular attack but causes a small amount of damage to the user as well.
Beat - Automatically kills one enemy, usually only works on enemies weaker than you and never on bosses. Evolves into Defeat, which affects all enemies instead of just one.
TwinHits - The best "buffer" skill, doubles a monsters attack for the duration of a battle. Very useful against bosses.

Saito only has two abilities we didn't see already.

Firebal - Fire attack that hits all enemies, the spell version - not the breath. Evolves into FireBane and FireBolt.
Antidote - Cures Poison.

That's all our spells we have right now, when we get a new one from this point forward I'll point it out and what it does.


Now, a quick overview of my party before we take them into battle.

Dood is coming along nicely. He's not only quickly turning into the attacking mage of the group but he's also getting some very nice, well rounded stats all around. He has a ton of HP and MP to pass on to his descendants as well. We're going to level him up a touch more before breeding him on.

The best thing about Snailys is that they have amazingly high defense and pretty good AGL and INT to boot. These are all completely perfect for the "Healer and buffer" role that she and her eventual offspring will be used as for the rest of the game.

First thing you'll notice about Saito is that he's only level 12 despite having stats rivaling his two friends. That's because monsters of a high caliber like WhaleMage take for-fucking-ever to level up compared to a regular sort of monster like Snaily. Right now my only beef with him is his very low defense, but I put the MermScale on him to make that less of a problem. Keep working with him and get him past level 30 or so and we're going to have a goddamn tank on our hands, which will be very useful for the next monster I plan to breed him into. You'll see!

To the Arena!

There are four classes now that you can try. Each costs more and has more powerful trainers to face. Obviously we're only going for C Class right now.

ARENA BATTLE 1 - WindBeast, Gismo, PomPomBom

Arena Battling 101 basically teaches that you make your healing monster - Sqush for us - go on DEFENSE the entire arena battle, every arena battle. Since she knows Increase though, I tried to let her beef up my monsters by setting her to MIXED for a turn. Hilariously, she decided to cast Beat instead, which auto-killed WindBeast in the first turn. Saito cast SnowStorm after that, which killed the other two before they even got a hit in. None of them are over level 14 and they all have under 62 HP so this battle is easy pickings.

ARENA BATTLE 2 - DeviPine, Gulpple, Eggplaton

I fuckin' love DeviPine, by the way. As you may have guessed, defeating a team full of fruit isn't really all that hard. Sqush and Saito both cast SnowStorm on them, which left them all dead before Dood even had a chance to move. If your team is overleveled like mine is compared to the C Class you basically just have to mash CHARGE and things will die quickly.

ARENA BATTLE 3 - HammerMan, StubSuck, Hammerman

Stubsuck is the biggest problem here since he can cast SleepAll and has the most HP we've seen out of an Arena battle so far. All he did when I fought him was attack Sqush for 1 damage though - love that high DEF! - and then got creamed by Lightning and Blazemore for the next two turns.

Arena Girl: You've won the C Class! Here's your prize - a Magic Key!

We've got our first non-story Magic Key! You can get tons of these things throughout the game, they all lead to special secret randomly rolled worlds where you can find all sorts of new monsters and treasure.

That's our story for today. We're going to finally get to the damn Ice World next time up.