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Part 26: Post 23.5: In which we have a status update.

Post 23.5: In which we have a status update.

Spell Rundown:
Firebal: Minor fire damage against a group.
Blazemore: Medium fire damage against 1 target.
Firebane: Medium fire damage against a group.
SnowStorm: Medium ice damage against a group.
Infermore: Medium air damage against a group.
Boom: Medium explosive damage against all enemies.
Heal: Heals a little HP.
Healmore: Heals a lot of HP.
NumbOff: Removes paralysis.
Surround: Reduces enemy accuracy by creating illusions.
Sap: Reduces one enemy's defense.
Upper: Improves one ally's defense.
Sleep: Attempts to make enemies sleep.

Skill Rundown:
DrakSlash: Melee attack with bonus damage to dragons.
SquallHit: A weaker melee attack that always goes first.
EvilSlash: An extra powerful attack that is inaccurate.
Ramming: Headbutts an enemy out of combat.
Roundhous: Kick everybody.
JumpKick: Kick somebody.
Punch: Plant your feet and punch someone in the face.
FireAir: Minor fire-breath attack.
WindBeast: Air-elemental melee attack.
Tsunami: Strong water attack.
Cragthrow: Throw small rocks at people.
SwordDanc: Attack that uses multiple strikes.
WarCry: Attempt to intimidate opponents into inaction.
LegSweep: Trip an enemy.
Suplex: Remove enemy from combat by wrasslin'.
KnockDown: Remove enemy from combat by punching them.
PsycheUp: Use a turn to double the power of the next attack.
ChargeUp: Use a turn to double the power of the next attack.
ParryPass: Attempt to deflect attacks elsewhere.
SideStep: Try to dodge.
LureDance: Distract enemies by getting them to dance.
OddDance: Reduce one target's MP.
PaniDance: Attempts to confuse enemies.
DanceShut: Attempt to prevent enemy dance attacks.

New Spells:
HealUs: Heal about 100 hp to all allies
Antidote: Remove poison.
Increase: Improve all allies defense. Quite good.
TwinHits: Massively increases one ally's attack. Incredible.

New Skills:
FireSlash: Slashes... WITH FIRE!
Massacre: Incredible damage to a random target. Allies can be targets.
RainSlash: Attacks all enemies.
BackFlip: Attacks all enemies, but does more the fewer enemies there are.
BlazeAir: A heavier firebreath attack.
Tackle: Massively reduce your own health and the target's. Not useful.
Rip: Attack a group with decreasing damage.
Bite: Attack an enemy with random attack power.
Howl: Attempts to attack 4 times. Doesn't always work.
SandStorm: Throws sand in the eyes of enemies, reducing accuracy.
WoolGuard: Reduce damage from ColdBreath attacks.
Bark: Tries to stop an enemy group from attacking.
Retaliate: Counter most attacks.

New Spells:

Infermost: Does devastating wind damage to one group.
Farewell: You sacrifice all of your HP and MP to fully revive and heal all other allies. Needs at least 1 mp to use.
MagicWall: Reduces the effectiveness of magic.

New Skills:
Vacuum: Causes heavy wind damage to all enemies. FOR FREE.
Multicut: Does massive wind damage to all enemies with bonus damage to undead. Not free, though.
JockDance: Attacks a group.
K.O. Dance: Attempts to one-hit kill a group.
ScapeGoat: Attracts damage to the user rather than one ally.
Guarding: Attracts damage to the user rather than all allies.

MVP: Maribel! Vacuum is incredible beyond belief.