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Part 28: Post 25: In which we talk with people, steal, and wait in a line for water.

Post 25: In which we talk with people, steal, and wait in a line for water.

Since that portal was in the same room as the big one for Dune, it's likely not too far...

Aha! That new island in the NE, not far from Dune! I was right!

North of town stands the famous World Tree.
Would you like to try Krage's famous water? I won't charge you, of course!
Sure, I've always wanted to know what it feels like to be the Demon Lord.
There you go. Speaking of water, there's a shop that sells WorldDew here in town. I heard that it's very difficult to obtain, because it can only be extracted in small amounts. Still, though, lots of people come to buy it every day.
The guest staying in this room just stands on the balcony, looking at the World Tree all day. There sure are some strange people in this world...
There's a great view of the World Tree from here. What a marvelous view!
I heard that long ago, the well over there used to be the only source of water for the village. But today, wells and waterways cover the whole village. The flow of groundwater seems to have changed because of it.
When I was just a little girl, this well was our only source of water. Today there are wells all over the place, which is more convenient, but sometimes I miss standing and talking around the well.

And when I complained, he said that laziness runs in his family! What kind of family is that? Sigh. Was this marriage a big mistake?
Wow, that's the worst! Maybe you need a divorce, lady!
I guess so.
That's right! You should do it!
Zzzzz... ( He just sleeps, without any idea of what's going on around him. )
There used to be a monster living in the large well in the center of town. I hope it's not still living there now!
Oh, travelers! You came here to see the World Tree in the north of town, didn't you?
It is on my to-do list, thank you for asking.
I don't think there's a tree anywhere in the world that can compare to the majesty of the World Tree, and none has its great healing power. No wonder it's so famous. Krage has flourished thanks to the World Tree.
The reason this town is so full of wells and waterways is because of a terrible incident which happened long ago. At the time, Krage was yet a tiny village, and the monsters poisoned the only well. In the end, the monsters were defeated by travelers from afar. But the villagers were still cautious. They began to build many new sources of water, because they thought that relying on a single well was dangerous.
When this town was attacked long ago, the Mayor's ancestors really took care of the situation. That's what the Mayor always tells us.
Dad's stories about the ancient heroes are really starting to get tedious. He just can't stop bragging about his ancestors.
I wonder if there's anything on this booksheeeeeeiiiiiit.

Though it was killed by Maribel's opening use of Windbeast, it was quite startling nonetheless. Let's check the other bookcase...

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

You have found the Mayor's diary. Do you want to read it?

There is no privacy from me!

Mayor's Diary posted:

I've been losing a lot of hair recently. Wait a minute, my father was bald, and so was my grandfather. Oh no, my family line has been cursed! I'll run the WorldDew on my shiny head! That will lift the curse! It can cure any illness! Dear God, give me a head with hair!

this your first time here?
... For the purposes of this discussion, yes. We were here previously, but not for some time.
(Mayor) It must be! Well, how would you like to hear a tale of some heroes that saved this land long ago?
I do so love hearing of our exploits. Please, go on.
(Mayor) Well, then, I'd be happy to tell you the story! Long ago, before there was running water, the people of Krage relied on but a single well to get all their water. As part of an evil plot, a monster poisoned that well, turning the townspeople mad. The Mayor at the time was a strong man, though, and he managed to resist the poison. Then three young heroes came to Krage. Following the Mayor's advice, they purified the well and defeated the vile monster! The Mayor at that time was one of my ancestors. I'm so proud to have such great blood running through my veins!
All of that is true. Good work, Krage Mayors, for getting it right.
What beautiful weather! It's a perfect day for laundry. Thanks to the waterway, doing laundry is so east these days!

Krage is world famous for its quality water. Try some from this spring! People come from far and wide just for a sip.
All I do here is drink a lot of this fabulous water and take naps. What a great place! The only way it could be better was if there was a booze fountain around here somewhere...
I came here to get water for cooking, but climbing the ladder is really tiring.
I'm a gardener, and I'm dedicated to taking care of this mansion. I've never seen the Master before, though. It's really strange.
With it's beautiful forests and waters, Krage is probably the perfect place to build a vacation house. But I understand that the owner of the vacation house hasn't even visited it yet. I bet he's forgotten he even has a vacation house here at all!

Well, this person's property is safe... for now.
The magnificent building over there is the vacation house of a rich man named Brugeo. He even hires maids to keep the place clean when he isn't there. I guess some people just have money to burn, eh?
I wonder...
Speaking of which, I was asked to straighten up the mansion's storehouse today. But it's so boring. Ah, if only somebody else'd go instead of me...

Aha! It's not locked!
I have been employed here for two years now. I still haven't gotten a chance to serve my Master my special dish yet. The pay is decent, but the work doesn't give me any satisfaction.
This is one of the vacation homes of Brugeo, the world's richest man. You're the ones who were asked to straighten up the storehouse? Go inside the kitchen, take the stairs on the right, and you'll find the storehouse.

promised, okay? Would you mind putting these empty bottles in the storehouse? After you're done, come see me, and I'll pay you. (The maid starts to walk off, but then turns) You look different from the person that I asked before... Oh, well!
Unfortunately, I have a muscle disorder that makes me throw things so hard that they break instead of being able to put them down. As well as a neural disorder that means I have to do this...

I don't think I'll bother with payment for this bit of work. Just one more store to check out in town.

We're selling that mysterious dew here! That's right, the secret medicine WorldDew! The rarest of the rare, you can only get it here at this one shop! Don't miss your chance!
That's worth getting - WorldDew is good stuff.

Our rules forbid selling to more than one person in a group. That's why I want everyone that's not in line to wait in those seats over there. You will of course shop with us, won't you now?
Ehhhhhh, why not?
Thank you very much! Please, have your fellow travelers wait over there.

Unfortunately, however, the supply is limited. To be fair, we're only selling one to a customer. One WorldDew will be 1000 gold. Would you like one?
Would I have stayed in this line for 5 minutes if I didn't want one? Gimme gimme gimme!
Thank you very much, please come again!
WorldDew can fully heal the party, making it quite useful in rough circumstances. Now let's check the tree out back!

Tree that protects the forest. But the only thing I've ever seen here is a blue bird that flies around the tree from time to time. Wait a minute! Do you supoose that little bird could be the elf, changed into another form? I guess it might all be only a legend, after all. That would be a shame.
This World Tree is simply amazing. I used to think it was just an old tree. It has such a mystical feeling to it.
I've been cutting trees in this forest for twenty years! A bird with brilliant blue plumage lives in the World Tree. And it has a beautiful song! My greatest pleasure of the last twenty years has been to hear that blue bird sing!
Oh, happy day! I'm so glad I lived long enough to see such a fine, splendid tree! I wanted to come here at least once before I died! Oh, happy, happy day!

There's the last one we need, I think... Let's see if we can move on.

New items: Tinymedalx2, IntSeed, INTSpecs.