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Part 31: Post 28: In which we find the eventual fate of Linda and Pepe, discuss the merits of various colors, and appreciate art.

Post 28: In which we find the eventual fate of Linda and Pepe, discuss the merits of various colors, and appreciate art.

Wasn't there supposed to be another town near here? I wonder if it has been settled yet.


Hey, are you okay? You haven't hurt yourself? Now now, Linda! I want you to apologize to our guests, too.
(Linda) I'm just fine. It was Bicki.
C'mon now, apologize!
(Linda) Boo! I'm sorry.
I'm terribly sorry everyone. She's only a child, so I do hope you will forgive her. By the way, does my face ring a bell? Forgive me for asking such an odd question. I suppose I must be thinking of someone else. You see, nearly 30 years ago, some people who looked very much like you folks did me a good turn. Well, in any case, welcome to our herb garden. I hope you enjoy your visit. (The man walks off)
(Linda) Daddy, wait! (Linda and her red slime Bicki follow him)
The herbs here used to be world renowned for their medicinal effects, but ever since the boss revealed our cultivation methods, they haven't sold as well. Silly of him, wasn't it? The boss is just too good natured.
Pepe does a wonderful job tending our garden. Did you know that when he was younger, he used to garden for another town?
The boss decided to reveal our cultivation secrets to all our competitors. You wouldn't believe how many people came here to learn from him.
(Pepe) Oh it's you! My daughter was very rude before, so please forgive us! Now, then, everyone. Please have a look at the herb garden. It was my dream from when I was little to have my own herb garden, and I made that dream come true. If I have one regret, it'd be that I remaind a bachelor all these years.
If you're a bachelor, then where'd your daughter come from? Hrmm... let's keep checking around.
The truth is that Linda isn't the Boss' true daughter. When Linda's parents both died and she had nowhere to go, the boss took her in and adopted her.

(Linda) He may not be my real daddy, but he's real nice to me.
(Bicki) Nyanyanya! Mya mya mya?
No, Red is better, obviously. You have slightly better stats.
(Bicki) Oyoyo! Well, of course red's better than blue! Oh, no! Hyuuuu! Only Linda knows that I can talk! You better keep it a secret, pyooon!
I don't see her so often now, but I used to see a Sister from the temple here a lot, until about six months ago. She was shy, and she wouldn't come inside even when I called her.
It wasn't all that long ago that this place was really hopping, and people had to stand in line. The medicines made from the herbs here used to be very popular. Everyone believed that they were the most effective in the world.
You're welcome to rest in the mansion if you're tired from your travels.
You're much nicer than that mansion over in Verdham. Thanks!
Oh, yes, it was a terrible night when Linda came to the mansion. She was soaked from the rain, weeping for her mother and father, who had died.
For the longest time our boss had absolutely no interest in getting married. I tried to set him up before, but he always made himself scarce when he found out. Why does he abhor the concept of marriage so much?
That does it for the town, but if memory serves me, there was also a nunnery out back. I think I had passed up a cave along the way, though - let's check that out first.

her entire life. When she came to the monstery, all she had were the seeds.

Diary posted:

You probably hate me for leaving my husband and child. I can't see you because of that, but I can't stop loving you either. Please allow me to think of you while I'm away, just as I did when I followed you around in the garden.
I wonder if that's... nah.

worship God.
We're able to feed ourselves with what we can grow here. Truly, we have the Terra Spirit to thank for our good fortune.
The food here's so bland. I miss sister Bessia and her spicy dishes.
Bessia never liked being near the herb garden. Whenever she walked by, she always had this pained look on her face.
A convent sister's day begins with morning devotions. We read in silence, and listen to the Word of God in our hearts.
The names on the gravestones are their real ones, not their convent titles.

Garden from here. Sister Bessia used to stand here all the time, looking downward. Maybe that's why she requested to be buried here.
It was Sister Bessia's dying wish that her grave be placed here. That's why it sits in this lonely place... All by itself... Oh! I almost forgot! I need to get some water from the well. (The nun runs off)

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

This is the grave of a woman named Linda. The inscription reads: 'I rest here, protecting your garden forever'
Hmmm... Linda, huh? Now, where have I heard that name before?
Before, in town? Or perhaps previously, in Verdham? Or the time before that, in Verdham. She was the girl that loved Pepe but ended up marrying Iwan? We have heard this story a few times, you know.
Hmm... Do you think there's any connection with the Linda from before?
Oh, I dunnYES!! OF COURSE!

convent title. She passed away after a long illness, some six months ago. I want to tell her family, but no one knows where they are.
That's just depressing... Linda came here after her marriage with Iwan failed, then stalked Pepe for a while, and died in a nunnery, her love unrequited. A terrible end to a sad story. Maybe Pepe would want to know what happened to his lost love...

(Pepe) mind, no?
There's something that I think you should see. Linda, the woman who loved you, was buried at the Geionne Monastery six months ago.
(Pepe) How do you people know about Linda? No, that really doesn't matter anymore. Would you possibly be able to take me to Linda's grave?
Yes, but only because you asked nicely.

(Pepe) stop by the hut for a little while? Please. I need to compose myself before I see Linda's grave.

He must be preparing himself. Looking at Pepe's face makes me feel anxious.
Disgusting! It's so dusty-smelling! Hey, Link! Go and tell Pepe to come out here!
(Pepe) When I think about it, so much has happened. It all started after I fled my hometown. When I first came here, I cleared this wild land and planted a small herb garden. At first, our business was modest. Gradually, though, our sales increased, and before I knew it, the herb garden had become quite large. Then suddenly lots of people were showing up! And here I had hoped to live a quiet life. So, shall we get going now?

Oh did you say 'Linda'? Are you a member of Linda's family, by any chance?
(Pepe) No... We were childhood friends.
You wouldn't be Pepe, from the Herb Garden, would you?
(Pepe) That's right...
Please leave! There is no Linda here.
(Pepe) Why are you acting like that? I just want to visit Linda's grave!
There is no grave for anyone named Linda here!
(Pepe) Well, if you won't help me, I'll search for her by myself! (The nun runs off) Oh, wait! (Pepe follows)

(Pepe) Linda's such a common name, after all... Oh, that must be it! Linda's got to be alive! She's still back in that town, with Iwan! (A nun runs up)
No, that's not true. Linda is no longer in the town of Verdham.
(Pepe) It's you!
The woman who lies here is your childhood friend, Linda. She was living in this convent up until six months ago.
(Pepe) Why didn't you ever come to see me? It doesn't make sense!
She couldn't bring herself to do it. She was ashamed of abandoning her family.
(Pepe) Because of my self-conscious thoughts, I left to keep from breaking your heart, but I broke it anyway. At the time, I felt I had nothing to offer. I worried about what people would think of you running off and marrying a mere gardener. I was a fool and a coward. I'm so sorry, Linda. I was too blind to realize how much you loved me.

(Pepe) If it weren't for you, I would have never known about Linda. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.
Okay, at least the story ended on a bittersweet note, rather than only bitter, like previously. Now, let's go to the Litorud of the present, shall we?

It's the most useful thing he's ever created! What's the point of great architecture if you can't use it?
You may be the wisest man around here. Good for you!
How unusual... What's this thing doing in the middle of the bridge?

Style Rankings... So much so, that he only sells to people in the rankings! He has lots of rare items, but he won't sell any of them to me.
Style Rankings? I wonder what those are?

The city is home to the famous architectural genius Baloch.
This building is an example of Baloch's later period. He built it as his town residence, after returning from the mountains.
We get tourists gawking at Baloch's buildings all the time. I've lived here all my life, so they're normal to me! It's the rest of the buildings here that are strange!
This is the vacation house of the world-renowned Brugeo. He is not here now, but he has been generous enough to open this historical building to the public.Feel free to look around as much as you please.
You mean the mayor's old place? Been there before.
The clock tower represents the marvelous power of art. Centuries after it was built, it still touches our hearts today. If only I could compose a verst that could last so long!
This clock tower might be pretty impressive, but it's got nothing on Baloch's Tower?
Tower, eh? That's new.
Did you see the house behind the temple?
I was aware of it, yes.
Baloch spent the second half of his life there, with his daughter. That was when he began building Baloch's Tower east of the city. That building wasn't completed until twenty years after his death. They say that his daughter put the last stone in place herself.

Baloch. Right now I am busy researching his daughter, Aimy. Oddly enough, the identity of her mother is completely unknown. However, I believe that Creyney, the owner of this house, knew. If only he left behind some clue leading to Aimy's mother.

Good thing we checked downstairs! I wonder if there's anything else down here, though...
They say the great Baloch once used this room as his studio! If I paint here, maybe inspiration will visit me, too.

Letter posted:

To Creyney. By the time you read this, I will be gone forever. I am prepared to die now. My only regret is my poor daughter. I could never bring myself to tell her the truth about her father. My dear friend, you are the only one I can turn to now. Please, I want you to take over as my daughter's guardian. Your friend forever, Emily
Let's bring it up to that scholar.
If only I had a- What? You found a letter in the basement? Could it be? Oh, please, show me that letter!
Here you go!
Good. Thank you very much. Let me see. This letter must have been written to Creyney by Aimy's mother! Yes! According to this, Aimy's mother was named Emily! This is a tremendous find! I've finally got her name! I am deeply indebted to you! Now I can complete my research. Here. Let me give you this INTseed in return.
Just one more thing to check out before I hit that tower...

That diet really made the difference!
So he's the new Intelligence Rankings champion, huh? Wow!
These are the official WRF rankings! There are rankings for Power, Style, and Intelligence. Register your name, and you could be on the list, too!
Some other time, I think... but we will be the Smartest, Strongest, and most Stylish people soon. Remember that, old man. Now! East to the tower!

architect. He supposedly left all of his valuables inside, but now the place has been taken over by monsters. You can go treasure hunting if you want, but be careful!
Treasure *and* monsters? FINALLY!

inaccessible! When I stepped on that blue floor tile, the door opened, but I still can't reach the stairs, what should I do?
There's something fishy about that giant turtle! Yep. No question about it.
I didn't know monsters were lurking around here! I'm getting out of here while I'm still alive!

These are like ordinary mantises... But they're evil!

Okay, I have the feeling that this is one of those dungeons with a lot of puzzles.

I don't know if these guys do anything or not, because they die almost immediately. I wonder...

Okay, that's Chests, Wells, Pots, Books, and Columns. Where's the ChairBeast? There has to be one somewhere!

Well, I think the chandelier is beneath this pit... Let's jump in!

It's just a bizarre elevator. Weird! I wonder what that thing over there says...

Monolith posted:

The breath of dragons is extinguished by the gift of sight.

Okay, let's see if we can't get an eye someplace around here.

Now we'll just put it in the other one and move on!

This rooms looks pretty boring, but it's constantly spinning around.

Oho! A lever! It drained that pool into a hole which we can then dive into, leading us to...

This indoor pool. After some quick button pushing, we reach...

Monolith posted:

I, Baloch, have left my treasure in this tower, which is my final work. To keep the unworthy from discovering my hoard, I have fitted the tower with many traps to keep intruders out. However, I knew that someone would eventually make it to the top. To the one reading this, I have but one request of you. Do what you will with the treasure you find here, but please, do not touch the two paintings I have left behind. I pray that you will respect my wishes.
I won't take them, but I will look at them.

Left Painting posted:

The painting is captioned 'The Days of Our Youth'. It looks like a painting of Baloch and Creyney with a young woman.

Right Painting posted:

This painting is captioned 'My Beloved Daughter'. The lady in the picture resembles Aimy, the girl from the inn.
Aww, how pleasant. Now! ON TO THE LOOTING!

That about wraps it up for this area, I think... but I wonder. Should I go for the WRF Championships now, or wait until later?

That's the question, folks - I could grind for a while and make Link and/or Maribel the various champions (Not Gabo, as class is a major factor and I'm not taking him off monster classes) but it would require some massive grinding. I'd prefer to put that off until we have a fourth party member just for efficiency's sake, but I bow to the will of the people. I'll make my the decision on Friday, so make any requests by then!

New Items: Tinymedal x 3, STRseed, IntSeed x 2, GraceHerb, Bowtie, SilkTux

New Skill: Hurricane
Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Swab

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, ShortFuse

New Skills: WakeSong
Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Crooner