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Part 38: Post 32: In which we fight a son of son, son of a gun, son of a son of a Gracos and get an extra-mysterious shard.

Post 32: In which we fight a son of son, son of a gun, son of a son of a Gracos and get an extra-mysterious shard.

Okay, back to work. Let's find Hamelia and the other cities we just visited!

This is the town of both the legendary Great Flood and the Bard.
Welcome, travelers. Have you seen the statue of the Messenger of God yet?
Nah, we just rolled into town.
That's not good. Look for a statue of a Bard near the fountain.
Our famous Dr. Azmov and his assistant Beck live in the house over there. I've heard that the good doctor is currently researching the legends of this town.
Darn! I can't seem to catch anything but minnows. What am I going to do for dinner?
Lately, I keep hearing a cat meowing whenever I fall asleep. My husband doesn't even seem to notice, but it scares me!
Zzz... Kitty, kitty... Zzz...
Dr. Azmov always teaches me new things!

legendary Bard himself. Some people think it's just legend, but I believe that music has a mysterious power over people. I don't think the existance of a Bard like that in the legend is out of the question.
Would you be interested in hearing the legend of our town of Hamelia?
These are always fun to hear! Please, go on.
The legend of the Flood and the Bard has been passed down through the generations. Long ago, a wandering Bard strayed through town. The Bard used a mysterious musical instrument to enchant the people of the town and lure them away. They awoke to find themselves held captive in a lookout tower. Fearful of what might happen to them, they decided to escape. Suddenly, a thunderous sound was heard, shaking the very foundation of the tower. The sound was that of a horrible flood that swallowed up the surrounding land. Many should have been lost during the disaster, but they were saved by virtue of the Bard's design.It was clear to the people that Bard had been sent as an envoy of God. And that is the legend of Hamelia. I wouldn't put too much faith in it, though. There is little evidence that the flood even happened.
Deep in the mountains beyond this town stands a tower that was built long ago. They say that the tower is the one from the legend, but it's hard to believe.
Just look at my mother. She just sits around all day. I feel like she's watching over me. It makes me nervous.
Based upon the legend, the Bard was supposedly a Messenger of God. I have trouble that a Messenger of God would adorn himself with such strange attire, though. If you ask me, it was probably just some old man on his way through town, who happened upon people in need and saved them. Purely coincidental, I'm sure. Legends should not be relied upon so much.
I hear that vicious monsters live in a tower deep in the mountains to the north of this town. But it's not like anyone would actually want to go out there. That's good news, I guess.

(Beck) Y-yes, Doctor!
(Azmov) Ah, a shard! It looks lod. What era is it from, I wonder? Ah! But we must focus our attention on fish right now. Good luck, Beck.
(Beck) Y-Yes, Doctor! (Beck pulls out a fish!) Dr. Azmov, what do you think?
(Azmov) Aha! The fish in this moat are the same kind as in the sea around here.
Ym (Beck) Doctor? So this means...
(Azmov) That's right, Beck. This may be proof that the area around here was submerged by seawater at one point.
Ym (Beck) So this means the legend of the Great Flood is true after all!
(Azmov) However, we shouldn't jump to any conclusions, Beck. It's too early to make a final decision. At any rate, we have moved a step forward. Let's tackle the next research topic, shall we?
(Beck) Y-Yes, Doctor!
(Azmov) Can I help you? I am rather busy at the moment. What's that? You want that shard that we fished out of the moat?
(Azmov) But would you mind stopping by my house later? There is a favor I'd like to ask of you. Then, I'll give you the shard.
(Beck) Dr. Azmov? Isn't that the...
(Azmov) But for the time being, we must go. I'll see you later.
The extent of Dr. Azmov's intellect is dubious at best. Supposedly, he wears something called a LoreHat that imbues him with knowledge he would otherwise not have. I heard all about it from the Professor's assitant, Beck!
Dr. Azmov is truly an amazing person. The other day, the doctor conducted an experiment involving two stones, one large and one small. He dropped them both from the same height, at the same time. You would think that the large stone hit the ground first, wouldn't you?
Nah, they'd hit at the same time, due to gravity.
Oh, you saw the experiment? Why didn't you say so sooner? Well no need for me to tell you the outcome, then. Anyway, I was shocked by the result.
The weather is nice today, so we can clearly see the old tower deep in the mountains. Fearsome monsters dwell within. Did you know that?
Long ago, there were two other villages in this region besides Hamelia. The populations of the villages of Avon and Huzu had been on the decline for some time. And now, there's nothing left but dust.
This is my first time coming here. Don't you find the idea of building on top of moats strange? I think it's interesting myself.
There is a large city submerged under the sea to the southwest of this continent. I want to check it out, but I can't hold my breath that long. It's too deep.
About the legend of this town... I heard that the two villages that disappeared also had similar legends. It's starting to make me think that the legend is actually historical fact. Not to mention, it's more romantic to think of things that way.

(Azmov) Oh, I just realized that I haven't introduced myself. I'm Azmov, a scholar. And that young man over there is my assistant, Beck.
I'm Beck. Pleased to meet you.
(Azmov) And you are called Link, then? That's a nice name. Well, then, let's get right to the point. I'm currently investigating the town legends of the Great Flood and the Bard. Most people think of these stories as simple fairy tales, but I believe that there's more to it than that. And so I'm conducting research to prove my theory, but there isn't nearly enough research material. So I was thinking that perhaps I would ask you to help, Link. There is an old tower said to be related to the legend deep in the mountains to the north of town. Supposedly, vicious monsters live there, which has prevented me from going myself. From what I've seen, Link, you seem quite skilled at combat. Would you use your considerable power to get rid of the monster in that tower for me? Of course, there's a reward in it for you. I promise to give you the Shard you saw earlier. What do you think? Will you get rid of the monsters for me?
Sounds great! We'll do it!
(Azmov) You'll do it? That's wonderful! I knew I could count on you.
(Beck) Thank goodness, Doctor!
(Azmov) Very well. I shall leave things up to you, Link.

Let's check the basement first - that's the obvious place where a monster would be in a tower!

going around wearing a crown.
I suspect it's a King Slime. I've heard that they form when several different slimes combine into one.
It attacked so suddenly. I was caught off-guard.
The KingSlime is a hard hitter with decent HP and the ability to heal itself, and as Melvin said, he's made of other, smaller slimes. He's also so jolly, I almost don't want to fight him.

Almost. Hey! What's this he's carrying?

Bwahaha! This will be vital to my master plan.

aren't you? Humans! This tower is our home. What are you doing here? Huh? You say you've come to fight the monster that lives in this tower?
It would be great if you actually beat him. We used to have this tower all to ourselves, before he came and took over. He's a real pain in the slime to us. You'd be doing us all a great favor if you took him out.
Hold on! You're just a bunch of kids! Do you really think you can handle him?
I know! Let me help you out. I may not be able to fight, but I can at least show you way. The name's Slachi. Pleased to meet you. So do you want me to lead you to your inevitable demise?
I can lead myself there on my own, but can you be a dear and take me to the top of the tower?
(Slachi) All right! Let's do it!
First, let's check around the side of the tower - I keep finding treasure there.

Bingo! And one short trek through a familiar tower later...

(Slachi) (Slachi slips through the small entrance and opens the door) Okay! Let's go!
Now we'll defeat this monster and there's nothing that can delay us! Not even a little!

(Slachi) some food. Or maybe he ran away cause he was afraid of us? Hey! Coward! If you're really a man, show yourself! Eek! He really showed himself! Hey, guys, you take care of the rest! (He hides behind the party).

Wow! It's hard to believe that thing can jump that far!
That is quite an unsettling monster. We have no idea what it may do, Master Link. Be careful.
Behold! The GigaMute! He can talk, I think the Mute is short for Mutant.He's pretty hardcore, and has attacks like Blizzard that hits the entire party fairly hard. Not hard enough. So, soon...

(Slachi) haven I knew and loved! I can't wait to go and tell my friends! (He dives off the side of the tower)
After him!
(Slachi) Oh, it's you! Thank you for liberating our small sect of Slimes. We will be forever grateful to you, oh great hero.

(Azmov) monsters for me?
All of the hostile monsters have been dealt with.
(Azmov) That is wonderful! I felt quite certain that you could do it. It's just as you heard, Beck. Now that the monsters are gone, we must make haste. Let us go and investigate the tower at once.
(Beck) Yes, Doctor!
I wonder if any of these books are interesting...

The Diary of Colin the Adventurer posted:

It has been half a year since I set off in search of the Medal King's castle, but still no luck. I often find myself going around in circles. Once, I hurriedly changed course, and... Wow! I found another tiny medal! What good fortune!

Unusual Tribes and Peoples posted:

The People of Dune possess a unique culture. The Sphinx they have constructed is a glorious wonder.
The Dejans are a nomadic tribe on a mission to revive God. Their civilization is notable for its excellent dancers and musicians.
The halflings live underground. Although a separate species from humans, they may still intermarry.
The Lefa Tribe, a legendary sect of winged people, is fabled to have flown through the skies. Details, however, are scarce.
Well, let's see what's happened to Dr. Azmov.

(Azmov) You said that you had cleared out all the monsters, but there are Slimes all over! Please do something! (The Kingslime runs up and turns into it's component slimes)

(Slachi) Oh, Link! And your friends, too! Not to be rude, but is that old man a friend of yours?
It's cool, he's with me.
(Slachi) Well then, sorry for surprising him. I was sure he'd come to wreck the tower.
(Beck) What? Dr. Azmov would never do such a thing!
(Slachi) So what the heck is a human doing coming this deep into the mountains?
(Beck) I don't need to get your permission for that!
(Azmov) Well, if it isn't Beck. Don't be as hurried as a HornRush. I'm here to conduct research on the relationship between an old town legend and this tower. I can assure I have not come to damage the tower or disrupt your way of life.
(Slachi) Hmm... Humans sure do strange things. That's the only reason you came?
(Beck) You don't care? You people have no idea how important the professor's research is! Mmph mmph!
(Azmov) It's okay, Beck, it's okay. Everyone has their own way of looking at things.
(Slachi) Whatever. If he's a friend of yours, then we can trust him. If you need to research something, go right ahead. It's fine with us. All right, Slimes. Clear out!
(Azmov) Wow, you saved me! I never would have guessed that Slime was friends with Link! Now I'll be able to thoroughly research the tower. Okay, Beck, let's go.
(Beck) Yes, Doctor!

(Azmov) population of the whole area. Oh, Link. Are you leaving already? Whoops! I almost forgot! I have this Shard to give you as thanks. I'm so excited to finally be able to check this place out. Oh, I'm very sorry. I left the Shard in my basement storage in Hamelia. I'll need to concentrate on the research here for a while, so please go ahead and pick it up by yourself.
(Beck) If the legend is true, a long time ago, an old musician helped the people take shelter here. I feel such a grand sense of adventure!
Then back to Hamelia!

What? Azmov said you could take something from here as a gift? I'll have to make an exception, then. But I don't know if you'll find anything of use to you down here.

Okay, there's just one more thing I need to do here and now.

this? How did you get here?

This town is ruled by the great Demon of the Sea. It's been agtes since humans have visited here.
I've heard that somewhere in this world, there is a monster paradise! You can have plenty to eat, and you don't have to do anything at all! I wish I could find this mythical place.
Humans? This is the first time I've ever seen any of your kind. I heard that you live above the ground, but yet, you were able to come here, deep in the sea. Can you also breathe underwater?
Smooch! You're sexy! You're just my type! Smooch!
Last time I was strolling on the bottom of the sea, I came across a strange-looking rock. What did I do with the rock? I gave it to Lord Gracos. Lord Gracos collects strange things, you see.

I am Gracos the Fifth, great Demon of the Sea. I despise your kind after group of filthy humans defeated my great ancestor long ago. However, that has taught me to suspect you as well. Your species can become surprisingly formidable when you have had the gall to show your faces here, I can no longer turn a blind eye to your presence. Showing yourselves was a bad mistake. Now I, Gracos the Fifth, will make you pay for it!

killed his ancestor. I guess we could call it karma.
I've seen this monster somewhere before.
Did Master Link and his comrades kill his ancestors? It doesn't surprise me.
Gracos the Fifth fights almost exactly like his Great Great Grandfather, but there are three notable differences. The first is that unlike last time, I could just walk here without having to solve puzzles and deal with random encounters. The second is that we have a fourth character, Melvin. And the final difference is that we're so far beyond where we should be in levels that we act as the hand of Death itself until much later on. Melvin came in at level 19, and was supposed to be at about the same level as the party. We're about ten levels higher than that.

And yet we still will need to be more powerful to beat the final boss and we'll need to be substantially more powerful for any optional bosses we will fight.

But Gracos the Fifth isn't much at all.

(Gracos V) Take my treasure if you want, but please, spare my life.
This is a trait I want to encourage in monsters, so I will spare you. Breed as much as you can, I want to have to kill as few monsters as possible.
(Gracos V) You humans are insidious. Even the weakest of you can possess a great strength. Had I been more foolish, I could have met the same end as my ancestor. As I promised, I will give you my treasure. Here, take this. It's a strange stone Shard that was brought to me.

(Gracos V) Isn't it odd? It may still prove useful somehow. If it does, remember who you should thank.
Well, you were substantially more pleasant than I thought you would be.
(Gracos V) I have one more request. Please, do not let my subjects know that I was defeated by mere humans. Hopefully, this treasure will seal your lips.
We're good, Gracos the Fifth. There's no need for us tell your citizens what happened here... now let's go to the Fire Chamber of the Ruined Fane!

This is odd... We can get into either the northeast pedestal or the southwest one in this room, or we could go to the Wind Room and there's a world we could enter there!

And that's the new question, folks! We can go into the upper right pedestal of the Fire Room, which leads to the town of Loomin, the City Destined to Fail, where there will be several choices to make (that can actually make a difference!). Or we could go to the upper right pedestal of the Wind Room where we'll see Probina, a Goddess-fearing land full of drama and many, many words. Or we could go to the lower-left pedestal in the Fire Room and visit Mardra, where we can stop a war. The choices are yours, and yours alone!

New Items: SlimeHeart, LifeAcorn, MysticNut, TinyMedal 42.

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Squire

New Skills: Vacuum

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, HornSlime

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Arbiter

New Spell: Blizzard

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Novice (Warrior)

New Skill: PsycheUp