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Part 64: Post 56: In which we go through an odd sequence of travel in a dungeon, and break a heart.

Post 56: In which we go through an odd sequence of travel in a dungeon, and break a heart.

Aaaah, that feel better. I'm not an EvilWell anymore, now I'm a... FloraJay? Crap.
Let's get back on the ship and head back to Fishbel.

Yes, please.
Meoow! (The cat gives you a TinyMedal!)
The cat asked him if he wanted the TinyMedal.
Gabo, you can speak cat?
Nope, just good at guessing.

food source. On long voyages, the only fresh good you usually get is out of the sea.
... There's a small farm on this ship too? This is... there are no appropriate words, really. Let's just get back to the Ruined Fane.

Okay, let's do the Terra Spirit next, I think. The other end was in the Dune desert, if memory serves. Let's go talk to the queen.

faces! ... Yeagh! The Great Saviors! Please, forgive me! You may go on inside! We've been waiting for your return!

Oh, how wonderful to see all of you return! The Queen has been waiting and waiting for this day! (She turns and talks to the queen for a moment.) Oh, my! The Queen has asked to speak with you directly! Please wait a moment. I will ask the others to withdraw. May I have your attention, please? I am very sorry, but I'm afraid the Queen is indisposed. I must therefore ask everyone to please withdraw for today. (Everyone else leaves.) Well, then, we must ask you to excuse us. I will return when your conversation is over.

(Queen) You may come closer now. My people and I have long awaited your return, Savior of the Desert. Although much good has come from your resurrection of God, much ill has come as well. The desert has been turned into a dark netherworld, and my people have resigned themselves to a bleak future. I believe the Dark Ruby which was sealed in the basement long ago has something to do with this strange curse. The other night I prayed to God, asking Him for answers... Do you promise to believe what I am about to tell you?
I think we can agree to that.
(Queen) I know what I saw to be true! God responded to my prayers, in a horrible, thundering voice.

God? posted:

Are you here?
(Queen) At that very moment, monsters swarmed from out of the ground and attacked the Fane, snatching the Dark Ruby from within its walls. If only my people knew what God has done to them. Saviors, did you give your piece of the Ruby to God as well?
Yeah, we didn't know he was going to go mad with power
(Queen) So it is true, after all. This is terrible. I know of only one way we can save our desert. The Terra Spirit has protected our land since ancient times. If we could somehow awaken him, he would surely destroy this evil. I beg of you, Great Saviors! Please arouse the Terra Spirit for us! Only the Shaman of the village knows how to wake the Terra Spirit. Please! You must awaken him to save our desert!
So, we need to talk to the weird guy in the giant bottle? Thanks for the info. Now, let's go save this barren, horrible desert!
(Queen) Please, wait a moment! I know well the immeasureable power you possess, Great Saviors, but we cannot simply do nothing in this time of crisis. Please, take one of us to act as a guide for your party! The village chief has four brave sons who can help you. I beg of you, please ask one of them to accompany you! I assure you, he will help you greatly in your travels!
Sounds like a good idea - we'll pick him up after we talk to the bottle guy.

The sky has turned black, monsters are terrorizing us... Why is this happening to us?

(He doesn't respond. He appears to be asleep.)
Maybe we should get a guide first. Let's go talk to the elder or something.

But I don't want to embarass everyone else.
(Chief)All right, my eldest son, I understand your point. Now, my middle son, what do you think?
It's obvious I am the toughest. But I think I'll let one of my brothers handle this one. They could use some training from you anyway, oh Saviors!
(Chief)Hmmm... and as for you?
In this situation, I shouldn't leave the village because I'm the smartest and the toughest! Who'll protect the villagers if anything happened while I'm away?
(Chief)So what you're saying is you didn't want to go with the Saviors.
I mean... um... you know...
Not that I'm afraid or anything...
I mean, oh, yeah, I'd love to go, but...
(Chief)Wow! Oh, our Saviors! The Queen's messenger told me the whole story! I would be honored if one of my sons would join you, but they are all cowards and would be little help.
Oh, my stomach! Ouchy ouch ow! I can hardly move! Oh, Saviors, I'm so sorry I can't help.
Ooh! Owwwww! I just got this piercing headache! Oooh! It's so painful! Sorry, guys!
Ooh, ow, ow, ow! My whole body's aching! Ohh... I'd be no good to you like this!
SILENCE, YOU PATHETIC DOORMATS! I've saved your pathetic town once before, and that means that if necessary I CAN UNMAKE IT.
(Chief)... Please accept my apologies, Great Saviors.
(Young Man) What do you think, Father? Can I join them instead?
(Chief)Saide! You will go with them?
(Saide) They're all sick, so we really have no choice. I'll go pack up in my room. I'll be right back! (He walks off.)
(Chief)He may not look like much, but my youngest son tries hard. His room's in the rear. Please, feel free to take him with you.
He's taking a while, let's meet him out at his room.

(Saide) come back!
(Saide) There's lots of monsters outside! It's too dangerous for you! Now then. It's a bit weird calling you 'Savior' all the time. Could you tell me your name?
I'm Link, the dowdy girl is Maribel, scantily-clad dancer is Aira, and the little guy is Gabo.
I'm small, but I'm fierce!
(Saide) All right, Link. You ready to go? I, Saide of Dune, promise to help you in any way I can!
Then let's go bother a man in a vase, shall we?

Well, tell me, then, what is it?
We want to wake the Terra Spirit - how do we go about it?
Hmm, The Terra Spirit. I know where he is.
(Saide) Then tell us? Where is he? How do we awaken him?
Don't worry. The Spirit is all around us. He is everywhere.
(Saide) Oh, come on...!
Do not be angry. The Terra Spirit is everywhere at once. He is the entire desert, and he is a single grain of sand. He is before your eyes, above the village, and in the palace. That is his way. And now you wish to meet him, yes?
Pretty much. We need to wake him up.
Hmm. This place is too small to summon him. Please follow me.

But summoning his bodily form requires a holy ritual. (He leaves town.)

And then, the Spirit may finally awaken from his long sleep. (He walks to the place where the Traveler's Gate from the shrine went).

This may be the location the Spirit. Yes. Stay right here and be quiet. Oh, great sleeping Spirit, listen to thine song! Watch over me as I draw thine holy form. (He starts tracing an odd pattern in the dirt.) Oh, great spirit of the Desert! Stronger than any mortal king! Thy skin is hard as stone, unyielding to any weapon of man! Thy legs are mighty pillars, planted deeply in the earth! They chest is as broad and wide as the desert itself! Thy arms are strong enough to fell a GreatDrak with one blow! Thy hands can halt even the raging waters of the Nila!

is now! Thy face is drawn upon the earth! The time to........ Uh-oh. I guess I'm getting old. I've completely forgotten the rest. If I just knew what his fae was like, I could continue. Hmm. The Terra Spirit's face, what did it look like? Once I remember the face, we'll be getting somewhere.
Well, maybe the queen know something. Let's go check with her!

(Queen) right?
That idiot mystic forgot what the Terra Spirit's face look like. Have any ideas?
(Queen) I see. So you know not what the Terra Spirit looks like. I am afraid the song used to awaken him has also been lost. If there are any clues left, they would be in the Fane underground. Its doors are shut now, but I will open them again for you. You may search the Fane all you want, Great Saviors, but I believe monsters are still lurking in its corridors. Please, be careful down there.
Let's murder some monsters and find out a face! ONWARD AND DOWNWARD!

(Saide) Link! That voice! Let's get a little closer.

Anyway, I found this thing! Ha ha ha! I think it's important!
Ha ha ha ha! You won't see any monsters with us around! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
(Saide) This looks like it's getting pretty interesting. Let's get in a little closer, Link.
Wa ha ha ha! I beat you to it, Saide!
Wa ha ha ha! My brother found it before you did!
Do you want it, Saide? Ha ha ha! (Monsters leap from the water at the three brothers!) Ha ha ha... ha... agh! (The monsters start attacking them!) Aaaaaahhh, monsters! Monsters! Saide! Help us!
I suppose we should help them or something.

Oh, and you too, Saviors!
But you know, we could've taken them on by ourselves. I just wanted to share the spotlight with my little brother! Ha ha ha!
Actually, we have a reason for being here. We were searching for something we could use to save the desert!
I didn't want the mosnters to get it first, you know? Ha ha ha ha...
We'll give it to you if you promise one thing!
It's really important!
You left us!
Don't become the next village Chief, okay?
But, I mean, if you really want to, I suppose it would be all right. Mmmmm?
(Saide) I never had any intention of becoming the Chief.
(Saide) I've always felt that way.
Really really?
Cross your heart and hope to die?
(Saide) People of Dune never tell lies. You know this, brothers.
We did it! Great job! You can have this, then. Take it! (Link obtained the King's Key!) I didn't find anything else. Mayber the monster got it all.
Okay, guys, good luck with the rest!
Leave the palace and village to us!
Well, what am I supposed to do with this key? Maybe the Queen knows - she's been very helpful so far.

(Queen) Oh my! Where did you find that key? It is the property of the Royal House and has been handed down since the days of King Hadeed! According to legend, he said that when the time was right, use the key to reopen the Sphinx. The will of King Hadeed must have led you to the King'sKey, and surely the time the legend speaks of is now!
So, Hadeed became the King. Good for him. I think I know how we can get to the Sphinx, since we can't take a small boat, our carpet doesn't work, and our flying rock isn't even taking our calls. But I think that the gate in that pot might be the right way to go.

I was right. Onward and inward!

What? The King'sKey? I see. It seems the time truly has come. Proceed, and open the door with the King'sKey. Good luck!

(Saide) tiles.
Then let's give 'em a good looking over then.

The interesting floortiles say... posted:

'The eyes shine brightly through the deep darkness.'
'The lips are closed tightly. Only time may part them.'
'The ears are born of a broken heart.'
'The nose in the lowest place, and in the highest.'
(Saide) That's strange.
Yeah! The TerraSpirit has two noses? That's just weird!
(Saide) I think we had better copy this down, it may be important.If you wish to see it, just ask me. Now, let's continue.

I didn't expect a rafting area in a desert. Well, more fool me.

I certainly didn't expect to find an upside-down pyramid under a sphinx.

The Zombier is a common undead soldier, the WoeBottle is a palette swap of the other bottle monsters, and the SkyDevil is the hip new monster featured in a recent job post. All respectable monsters, none can take more than a few hits.

A maze inside of an upside-down pyramid accessed by a raft? That's... that's kinda sensible, I suppose.

Those are pretty pimpin' slimes. They drop better than average XP, but less than other ridiculous slimes.

That's a pretty impressive guy for a grunt.

Okay... I bet I'll have to find a part for each thing mentioned in those panes.

Will we need two of these?

I wonder how we're going to get past this? I bet some sort of red gem is behind it. Hrmm... what did it say about the mouth? 'The lips are closed tightly. Only time may part them.' Aha! If I wait here, it opens!

I wonder what I'm gonna do with all of these, anyway?

It's not easy to tell, but there's a torch in each casket. When I close each one, it gets darker, ending with...

Probably the eyes... I think I'll give these to the old mystic. Let's see if this works!

What's that jewel in your hand? Really? It is from deep within the Sphinx? Oh, my! The Terra Spirit's face is hidden within! Now, we just have to find all of the pieces, to assemble his face. We don't have enough yet. Please, go and find the rest of the jewels!
The hell you say! Wait... the Heart Gem was heart shaped... and hearts don't belong on faces... 'The ears are born of a broken heart.'... Gabo - you know what to do!

That should do it.

Now then, please let me borrow them.
Here you go!
Oh, yes! Yes! Look!

Thy form is drawn upon the earth! The time to rise is near! Oh, great Guardian of the Earth! Heed our plaintive call! Arise from your sleep, and let the world see your form!

(Terra Spirit) You must be both brave and wise to have succeeded in the ritual. For this, I shall assist you. What is your wish? Tell me what you request of me.
God is awful, and we need your help to defeat him. He blackened the world and banished entire continents.
(Terra Spirit) I see. These are trying times, indeed. The world will soon need warriors of your caliber. Now, to free this desert of the scourge inflicted upon it. Dune shall suffer no more. However, as you know, I alone cannot restore this continent. When all four Spirits are awakened and our efforts are combined, the desert may be returned to the bright world. That I shall leave to you, Link. I will wait at Dharma Temple for the time to come. If you ever need my powers again, use this to call upon me. (Link received the TerraChrm!) I protect all living creatures of the desert against evil. I promise you, the desert will be at peace once more. Now, go!
... I no longer sense any monsters.
(Saide) I can't believe it! I saw the Terra Spirit with my own eyes! I have chosen wisely in siding with you, Link. I am eternally grateful. Thanks to the Terra Spirit, the desert is free from the monsters. Or should I say, thanks to you. Hmm. My work here is done. I'm going back to the village. Mmm? Did I just hear a snap? Oww! My back! I can't move!
(Saide) I can help. We're going back to Dune village. Link, I'm sure the Queen would love to hear about what has transpired. Why don't you go and deliver the good news?

(Queen) The Terra Spirit has reawoken and dispelled the monsters from the desert once more! From the depths of our hearts, we thank you. However, though the Spirit has driven the monsters away, its powers pale in comparison to the darkness which shrouds this land. All we can do now is pray for your safety as you quest to defeat the evil in this realm. Please, be careful. We will await your successful return.
Onto the next spirit!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: The Wind Spirit, or Air Spirit, or whatever.

Also, we need to advance the page pretty badly.

Game time: 289:24

TinyMedal Count: 79

New Items: BluePrint, MimicHeart,

New Monsters: Panther, BoltDevil, SkyDevil, RedGrunt,

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Level: 35-36
Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, WellDone, WingStem

Level: 31-32
Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, Martyr
New Skills: MultiCut,

Level: 32-33
Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief), Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, General, Swordsman
New Skills: ZombieCut

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok