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Part 106: Episode LXXXI: In Which We Feel A-Okay

Episode LXXXI: In Which We Feel A-Okay

Music: Corroscience – Battleground

Let's move!

Armaros will be chilling in the background, sort of vaguely floating at a tilt like its driver is drunk for the duration of Ezrael's second phase. While the ancient dragon has teleportation powers out the ass, Armaros had magical bindings (Unnngh) to keep Mikhail and Zero on a rail shooter course during its boss battle. Apparently, putting the two together will cancel out the wyrm's warping powers while making the background a trippy magic mess. Sounds legit.

Oh... Hey there, Zero.
Soooo... the flower's not driving you crazy or anything?
Nope. I'm aaaaaa-okay.
I guess you were kinda crazy to begin with.
Heh heh.
<reverb voice> Look, Zero! Check it out! I summoned an ancient dragon all by myself!
The hell are you yammering on about?
It's the flower's force at work! Seeeee? I'm just like yooou! Hee hee hee hee!
The Three I know isn't this cheery.
Oh... really? So I'm just... I'm just... Just a raven hiding in the veil of night. Just a skeleton beneath the waves. I want to die...
Oh yeah? I can arrange that.
Just kidding! I've got an ancient dragon on my side, remember!? Now it's YOUR turn to die!

Alright, let's focus on Ezrael's second round. As said, it's teleportation and fireball smoke screen has been suppressed. But it still loves squirting out trios of purple balls of fire at Mikhail. The shots are all semi-homing. But a single shot is enough to destroy them mid-flight and there is no reason to ever stop firing in an aerial boss' general direction in this game. So they barely count as a threat.

In this secondary phase, the ancient dragon has gained horizontal and vertical energy waves identical to the ones Armaros was pulling in its secondary phase just with a purple recolor.

Okay, it actually will shoot far more at once and at different angles and try to get cute firing two in rapid succession to mess up anyone attempting to be lazy and just roll through a single shot with Mikhail's roll i-frames.

Lastly, Ezrael's boss obligatory beam cannon is still functional. Only now it sweeps the entire screen and then sweeps back the other direction before it stops firing. The dragon's mouth becomes a weak point for quite a bit more damage compared to its body if you're feeling confident in getting off a few shots mid-beam sweep.

After Ezrael's health is drained to 25% a 30 second countdown begins wherein at its conclusion Ezrael will draw Mikhail and Zero into the Cutscene Zone™ to one-shot the pair with the potent fatal nature of attacks performed in that dark realm.

In the thirty second window we have to finish the fight, Ezrael will begin shedding dozens upon dozens of tiny flea bite damage outputting fireballs while going into a near endless beam cannon phase. Of course we're meant to blast hit fire down the king of dragon dick's mouth to take it down ASAP. But that can be somewhat tricky if Azrael stops to hurl energy at bad camera position.

Regardless, as soon as the wyrm is vanquished in gameplay, we are free to turn the tables and put the Cutscene Zone™ to our own designs.

Zeeeeeeerrrooooooooo! Hehehe!


The Ancient Progenitor indeed.

Ezrael and Mikhail both charge up their special beam cannons for a final, decisive coup de grâce...

...Unfortunately, as proven by every single boss battle in Drakengard 3, special beam cannons have remarkably low accuracy.

But to Mikhail's advantage, his target is roughly ten times larger than himself and put all his skill points into unlocking the Warp ability instead of the Evasion stat.

As such, RIP Ezrael and RIP Dr. Animengele Three for the third and final time. Three is the only Intoner we do not get an on-foot battle against. Due to the vaporization. It just didn't seem sporting.

We did it.
Yeah. One to go...

We also bid adieu to Armaros the Buttrock Castle in the Sky. I suppose it's time to update the list again, huh?

Welp. Decadus is added to the bird count and Three joins Five, Four, and Two in the dead pool. Who'd have thought the perverted old man would be the last sidekick standing?

Actually, given this game that really isn't the biggest of surprises.

In any case, that concludes Verse 6 of Branch D of Drakengard 3. Tune in next time where the remaining party finally get fed up with Zero's anime vagueness bullshit and shake her down to spill the beans on the backstory plot she obviously knows.

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