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Part 52: Episode XXXVI: This is a Story About a Sassy Dragon

Episode XXXVI: This is a Story About a Sassy Dragon

Music: Strumble

One and the other Intoner sisters are not above camping scenes between murder filled rampages defeating the wicked armies of the evil lords for justice and peace. There was only enough budget for the three storybook cutscenes. You take what you can get for pseudo cutscene chatty time. Let's see how Brone is feeling now that he's gotten at least an assist on maybe one or two murders.

Remember what you told me earlier today? About how Intoners are charged up sexually? ...Is that true?
Is it true for you?
So do you need me to--
Why not?
Why not? Because ******** aren't allowed to *********************.
We need permission... just to *********************?
It's not happening, okay? You'd have to be some kind of crazed maniac to do that.
But then, how will you satisfy your needs?
I'm creative. I'll figure something out.
You're... creative?
Just go to bed.
I just want to do what I can to help...

Alright that's enough talking to Brone for now. And One definitely needs to cut off his access to watching episodes of Game of Thrones. That's just irresponsible. Let's see how Gabriella is doing following our uncomfortable One on One discussions.

Then you make me come aaall the way back to you. And now you've gone and become a pair of sisters!?
I'm the only sister.
He's male.
You know, I knew you had weird powers, but... Oh well. Whatever floats your boat. It's your life, after all.
Where are we off to next, Sister?
I'm going to the Land of Sands with Gabriella. You're going to the Cathedral City.
B-But I want to stay with you...
No. You need to go cool off a bit.
...Very well.

Tch. How typical. You know how it is with clones. Two weeks in and they're already wanting to go fuck themselves.

Verse 3: Understanding
Music: Wilderblades - Battleground

After rendezvousing with Gabriella, I headed out for the monster-infested desert.

We find ourselves back in the Land of Sands. Specifically, this is that miserable magic sun gimmick area prior to taking on Two's angels in the Shrine of Sands. This area was so large and open because it doubles as an aerial dragon-mounted only mission map as well. Thankfully there are no dastardly wizards creating super sunburn producing rays of light. There are just three golems and three standard issue cerberuses stomping around the desert in need of slaying to end the mission.

There are of course a mess of archers scattered around and terrified ground troops fleeing for cover. But nothing much to worry about. Gabriella controls identically to Mikhail in the missions Zero had to mount him for some carnage. There's just less "woo-hoo!" and "eat this!" shouts of excitement while immolating man and beast.

That I did.
And didn't you say you needed more power to defeat these lords?
That I did.
So instead of getting a disciple, you made a brother?
...That I did.
Girl, you are crazy. I'm just sayin'.
Just be quiet and fight. You're distracting me.

It's a dragon!
You've got to be kidding me.
Dragon... Dragon! Shit, we're gonna die!
Calm down and watch out! Quick! He's gonna vaporize you! Heads down! Forward! Forward!

We can tackle the appointed monsters marked for death in any order. There's a golem right next to the cliffs where we begin. So that's as good a place to start as any. Unlike most mid-boss enemies fought while riding a dragon, golems can still put up a decent fight even if we're airborne. Remember they have heat vision and rocket booster augmented fists. There's a reason in the distant future Seere enslaves their race to wage a war on dragons. So there's no just staying out of reach and pelting it with fireballs like every other mid-boss taken on in this gameplay mode. We have to maybe evade occasionally and pelt it with fireballs while out of range. Total game changer!

Really golems are quite resistant to fireballs so it actually is more efficient to either dive bomb from the air. Or alternatively get all up in their grill to activate their melee attacks then backstep and punish with tail spins or the ever useful fire breath stream.

One dead golem later...

I don't care. This is how I always look.
That's not true! When you smile, it's much more...
No, please. Continue. What's my smile like?
Never mind that! You're ugly! Uuug-ly! A total ug-mo!

The opposite direction from where we began holds a seemingly lost cerberus wandering the sand dunes. Cerberuses do have the ability to shoot a concentrated fireball at Gabriella if she lingers nearby for too long without striking. But they can essentially be just stunlocked to death within about fifteen seconds by just hammering dive bombs and popping their heads off in rapid succession.

It's a real shame dragon soccer never really caught on in this region.

Three decapitated cerberus heads later...

You know, I remember when you used to laugh and stuff.
I knew nothing back then.
I miss it, you know? I bet you're still like that somewhere deep down.

Another golem is chilling out and working on its sun tan toward the southern temple in the area along with a band of vacationing swordsmen. Their weekend is completely ruined by One unfortunate bout of weather.

It's in the sky! We can't escape!
Soldiers! Open fire!
Uggh! I'm hurt... Get a medic over here!
Medic... Medic! Where's the 4th squadron's medic?!
In sight! In sight! Check your escape route!
Keep your head down or it's gonna see you!
How can this actually be happening?!
We're fighting a dragon... I can't believe this...
Captain, are you alright?
He's gonna kill us all!
Run! Don't throw your lives away.
This must be some kinda divine punishment.
Ahhh! He's gonna eat me!

A dead golem and a squadron or two of soldiers later...

Think whatever you like.
You pretend to be all grown-up and mature, but you haven't changed since childhood. We all need some kind of mental support, you know? Even Intoners. ...Heck, you probably need it MORE than the rest of us.
I suppose there's some truth to that. Perhaps we're weaker than we'd like to admit.
Aw, come ON! You're supposed to get all mad and yell and stuff! I don't like this pensive you. Quit messing with my head!

Another lone cerberus stalks the western most temple. While the ground based soldiers are of little consequence in these fights, I do kind of like the detail that golems come with detachments of ground troops like they're patrolling the area together. Meanwhile everyone has either vacated the areas occupied solely by hell beasts or else is safely perched high above 'em in ruins or atop steep hills well out of reach.

Another slain cerberus later...

Yes, although I wouldn't call you a partner.
Well, no, I guess not... I mean...
You're... You're a friend.
Your FRIEND? Oh, come on! You think I want to hear that?
And if I really was looking for a partner, I'd prefer to stick to my own species.
That's not what I meant!

Help... me... Please... D-Dragon!
Forget about him! He's a lost cause.
Giving up?
No. We can hold out a while longer.
Good. Surrendering will just get us killed anyway...
Is there nowhere to hide?!
Get us more golems... Now!

To the far north, just outside the Shrine of Sands and future home of Two and Cent, we find a golem AND a cerberus have made friends. I'm sure given enough time and resources Taro Yoko would get someone on staff to write a heart-wrenching tale of these two unlikely allies coming together to overcome adversity in the harsh desert sands. And then a random dragon and prudish magic teenager came along out of nowhere and burned them alive because Drakengard.

It's a fairly simple trick to land briefly on the ground in order to coax the cerberus into dashing into the range of the golem. The golem can't be bothered to do more than stomp around a bit and the cerberus will remain fairly stationary if nothing is in range at ground level. While they're bunched together the splash damage from fireballs and dive bombs will take the two out together in no time flat. The poor desert golem will no doubt have at least one of his doggy companions heads bounce off his chest in the exchange, much to the stone giant's utter horror.

The most Drakengard of outcomes to this tale.

Of course. Why else do you think I'd be doing all this fiel--
"Field training," right? Pah! How stupid and ineffective! Not to mention toootally old-fashioned!
Be quiet!
No. Listen up for a change. I happen to have a piece of info you'll be very interested in.
Yes. See, there's a wood called the "Forest of Trials" over in the Land of Forests. I hear it's the perfect little spot to build up your body AND your soul.
Sounds like a hoax.
Could be.
Still... I suppose I am a bit curious.
All right. Let's pay a visit to this Forest of Trials.

Music: Iniquitus

Lacking a disciple to call her own...

...the Intoner used one of her own ribs to fashion herself a brother.

The two of them made up for what each other lacked, and they grew up together within the Cathedral.

And beneath the light of the moon, the dragon quietly watched over them.

And that's a wrap on yet another short mission of One's prologue. Tune in next time for the mysterious "Forest of Trials" and the conclusion of the first of the Intoner Sisters Prologues.

Video: One's Prologue Verse 3 Highlight Reel

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