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Part 98: Episode LXXIV: In Which Simon Says... RIP YOUR GUTS OUT!

Episode LXXIV: In Which Simon Says... RIP YOUR GUTS OUT!

Music: Prevolt – Zophiel

Welp. Four's Go-Bots Dragon has bit the dust. But it looks like Four still wants to throw down with Zero. If you insist, sis. Zero is always up for some good old fashion sororicide with any challengers in the family. Let's do this thing!

Leave this to me!

Err... not sure why Zero chose to be all sporting about this family squabble and dismount her dragon as well for the fight. But here we are...

Your clothes, your hair, your makeup... Eveeerything! Hee hee hee!
Not at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure that never actually happened.
<off-kilter echo reverb> So now I'm going to imitate you again! If you're going to be an Intoner killer... then I'm going to be an Intoner killer too! Then the world will finally be quiet. Shhh... Not a peep from you, world. Eee hee hee!

So like the battles against One and Two on-foot, Four fights entirely like her DLC version. Which is to say a lot of quick kung fu kicks and strikes that are a lot harder to avoid up close than One's stupid ass chakram business or Two's Buster Sword strikes. But far easier to just avoid by having range. Even if I don't use it myself just because I have more fun with swords, the spear class is choice against Four's limited range.

Though Four is really good at reading button inputs like a cheating AI twat anticipating Zero's movements to parry her attacks and instantly follow up with her own strikes. If Four decides to just immediately do a combo on Zero, welp there goes an eighth of the health bar with little ability to retaliate. Sometimes she gets sporting and does her version of a stamina attack, which can easily be dodged out of range if you're quick about it.

Thanks to this technically being the same boss fight as Zophiel, Zero ought to be drenched in blood from the first round and ripe for popping off Intoner Mode early into the fight. As with all the on-foot Intoner battles, Four will instantly retaliate. But Zero is basically invincible while going full song magic and the boss Intoner business is basically for show only. Or giving people a seizure. I cannot be certain how Taro Yoko rolls on that front.

Are you hiding yet, Zero? Arrrrreee yoooooooouuuu?! Because ready or not... here I cooooooooooome! Zeroooooo! Zerooooooo? ZeeeeeeroooooOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where aaaaaaaare yoooooooou, my siiiiiiiiiiiiiiSTER!? ZeeerOOOOOOOOOOO! Eee hee heee hee ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaAAAAaaaa ahahuuuuh!

Seriously, we're unclear about how Four and “The Flower” are related. But it is quite evident the chapter titular The Flower is an input reading jerk.

Simon saaays... rip your guts out! COME ON, DO IT!
Now, try and take me on!
...Ha! I didn't say Simon says! Get her! Tear her apart! TEEEEEEEAR HER APAAART!

She's bonkers! She'll make you bonkers too! Totally bonkers!
Stop saying bonkers already!

Hey! Lay off, Zero. Bonkers is a very fun word to say. It was like the third or fourth word my son learned. The first three were “Oh”, “No”, and “Poop”. Which all relate to this battle ending, if you ask me.

Music: Silence

<heavy panting>

<choke> No... Please, no!

B-But... how could... this happen... to... me... Ughh... Uhh...

So, Four. You've clearly not been paying attention to the previous two timelines when you got ganked off-screen, eh? Welp!

Don't worry. Your sisters will be joining you soon enough.

<To Mikhail> Hey. She's all yours.


Everything is a bit more fucked in this timeline and we're actively endorsing the dragon devouring sisters policy from the get-go...

RIP Four. For good. Remember, this... Is. The. End. This is the final end path. You die here? You turn into a bird? Option insane three!? This is it for you from here on out!! Remember that! Four?! DEAD FOR GOOD! Got it?!

As for Mikhail, he has had his Intoner meal and is leve—wait what now?!

The evolution of a dragon...

<heavy pant>


Good gracious! He's evolved twice in one go!

Everything is ready now. …Michael.

And that concludes Verse 2 of this final act! But before we go...

Mikhail did indeed evolve to his Final Form. No Chaos or Angel alternate form like Drakengard 1 and 2. The three you see plus OG Michael is all you get.

And Zero's sword finally made it to its maximum level. Which, unless you've really been grinding out some weapons, probably makes it one of the strongest swords available at this point. Also we get the complete weapon history:

Zero's Blade posted:

Effective against Intoners. It levels up as your dragon grows.
Weapon Size: Medium

From the moment I was born, there was nothing. That's how I wound up with the name Zero.

I tried and failed to find value in my life. Even religion failed me, for I would have sooner fought and killed a god than pray to it.

I took lives and felt nothing. I killed without regret. Right? Wrong? Sin? Redemption? I couldn't even work up the energy to care.

Like a child, I waited and hoped. Hoped for the moment when this sad shell of a life would finally be over.

And that is Zero's default weapon's history. A bit of extremely angsty teenage journal entries. Don't worry, we've still got a Zero Short Story to hit up in the future that expands on these beats. Spoilers: Zero had an absolutely garbage early life and turned into an absolutely terrible person before even getting into the whole Intoner business.

Video: Four Boss Battle and Verse 2 Conclusion
(You should probably watch this.)