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Part 24: Episode XXIV: In Which My Computer Exploded and It Took Two Weeks For This Update to Arrive

Episode XXIV: In Which My Computer Exploded and It Took Two Weeks For This Update to Arrive

Verse 4: The Sorrowful Sky

Well, that was a longer delay than I expected at a highly awkward point. There's only about five minutes left in this chapter and it's just a copy and pasted Black Dragon fight. Yippee.

Not this faggot again... I don't have time for this trifling shit.
"How were you two even friends in the first place?"
Well it's not like I'M going to lug around all the weapons I'm not using. Dopey little redhead would do anything for someone to pay attention to him. I listened to his gay little ballads occasionally and pretended to like it and I had a human pack mule for my junk.
"You were only friends with him so he'd carry your unused inventory?"
Well, duh. Why do you think we picked up the blind weirdo when Inuart got taken off.
"Speaking of taking off... Does...he have Furiae's body...?"
Does he have WHAT?! Oh...that creepy little fucker!

Sorry, sis. Looks like I can only afford a cremation.
"That was in poor taste..."
Will you just incinerate that slimy asshole before he starts dry humping her corpse or something!
"As you wish..."

So, this battle is identical to the previous one, except the dragons entire energy bar must be depleted this time. Other than that...uh... yeah. It's pretty boring. Inuart doesn't even say anything during the fight.

Insert three minutes of spastically belching fireballs.

"Listen, kid. This is getting pretty retarded. I'm going to roll up on over to the sequel. You comin' with me?"
"Am I in the sequel...?"
"Hahaha.... No... You're the worst."
"...I like me."
"Whatever. Come on, kid. Bring your old lady with you. We've got some...weird shit to go do to get ready..."

Okay, Furiae is dead. The Union exploded. Why is this guy still following us?
"He's right, Caim. Besides, the Imperial Capital is right around the corner. Plenty of Imperial soldiers - all just waiting for you."

You're right. This is screwing up my murder quota.
"You have a murder quota...?"
Yes and chasing this jerk is screwing it all up! Forget him. Knowing the goofball he'll probably get blown off his dragon and plummet to his death before we even catch him and that would REALLY mess up the quota. Time to finish this... Alright dragon...

...Let's go to Imperial Notspain.

Oh yeah, and we never see Inuart again. In this ending path at least...

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