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Part 43: Episode XXXIX: In Which We Recap a Crappy Chapter

Episode XXXIX: In Which We Recap a Crappy Chapter

Following Leonard's Regret, we are dumped back to Chapter 3's beginning. The beginning of Chapter 3 plays out the same. Here's a brief summary of events that transpire:

Verse 1: Reunion

Why does this hug make me feel unbelievably uncomfortable...?
"Where is everyone?"
"The Empire came and took everyone who wasn't important and they had no use for."
"Let us go to their aid!"
"Shouldn't someone guard the goddess...?"
Nah. Just...have her hide behind a rock or something. She'll be fine. Later, sis.

"He has such a fine ass..."

Verse 2: To the Dungeon

"Suggestion of sibling's unnatural sexual feelings."
Ignoring of statement due to amusement at Imperial murder!

Verse 3: Prisoners


Verse IV: Regret

"I am Verdelet."
<clears throat>
"The seals! The goddess! Seeds! We're doomed! Goddess! Where is the goddess! Doomed! Me must hurry to the desert seal and save it or we are doooooooomed!"

Demand for action through violence!
"Random but innocuous comment."
Irreverent reply which hints at mental instability!

You can start paying attention to new stuff now.


"What are you telling us?"
"The desert temple's seal is broken."
"Yes. Can you not sense it?"
"It has been broken for a very long time now."
"Very long indeed."
"It is best this way."
"You would have tried and tried to prevent it but it would be broken regardless."
"It would be very tedious, very long, very boring. You wouldn't have liked it."
I'm annoyed just thinking about doing something like that again.

"Is he always like this?"
"It is overly melodramatic."
"Overacted indeed."
"You'd think he'd be used to this sort of thing happening by now."
"You'd think that, wouldn't you?"

So, in this tangent timeline the desert temple is destroyed before Caim and company even bother trying to save it. Instead, we're going to go check out the spiffy ocean temple seal. Cavia actually bothered to model this one.

Oh yeah, Inuart has one last little scene. It doesn't change.

"Oh woe is me. My barely past high school love of my life has dumped me. This world is dead to me!"
"Hey, turn evil!"
"Turn evil! Come on!"
"Come on! Turn evil! The Empire is having a big party for the goddess. You just gotta turn evil and you can invite her to come along. It'll be great. There will be singing and dancing and if you're lucky it might be just like a love letter driven deep into her heart."
"Well...when you put it that way..."


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