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Part 55: Episode L: In Which We Get the "I Don't Even Know Anymore" Ending

Episode L: In Which We Get the "I Don't Even Know Anymore" Ending

Verse 9: Awakening

You are little and have a trait related to time. That's about where the similarities end, kiddo. Anyhow, welcome to the penultimate mission of Drakengard and the finale of this chapter. Sorry, no final boss this time around.

You do get a new music track, though. I think Lavos might be in the area:
Chapter 12 Suicide Mission

The goal this time is to just make it through an overwhelming swarm of grotesqueries in order to get Seere's dopey ass to the very disturbing giant pregnant woman in the city's center.

The grotesqueries' attacks are suddenly EXTREMELY strong. Four hits and you're toast strong. But Caim, Red, and Seere just need to make it to the end of the map alive and it's only 40 seconds tops from beginning to end; so it's not too rough.

I included a bonus video showing it off at the end of the update if you're curious.

We haven't managed it yet with these alternate timelines, but damned if we aren't trying! Oh well, here goes nothing...

Verse 10: Seere's Solace

I'm not even sure what to make of this ending. So let's just get It done with.

Time to get all pro-choice on the Watchers.

"Alright! We're almost there! Just fly in close and land near its stomach and I'll do the rest."
Uhh... Land? Sorry kid... After this load of shit your ass is flying coach.
"Get ready, Seere!"
"Umm... I'm ready! B-but aren't we still a wa-"
See ya, fucker!


Oh that was totally worth it!

"Not to ruin the moment, Caim... But err..."

Well, shit...

I hope that fanny pack of his comes equipped with a parachute.

"Aaaand touchdown... Well, that went smoother than I int-"


And so Seere takes a nice relaxing nap on the surface of the grotesquely bloated, vein riddled stomach of the queen-beast.

Meanwhile, everyone else dies horribly. Yet they still don't show Verdelet get ripped to shreds even though there's 0% chance of him living through this ending.

A self sacrifice to undo an unleashed evil caused by you being a blubbering pussy and sicking a giant stone monster on her because she smacked you for the first time in your life? No, I think you're on your own with that one, kiddo.

And so the reaction between god devourer of time and the eternal timeless asshole Seere took a form most fitting:

A gigantic black thinger...

And so that giant Hershey's Kiss did grow and grow...

It grew to engulf the Watchers...

It grew to engulf time...

It grew and grew and at its chocolate filled center Seere is left alone and unloved for all eternity.

And so that day Mother Earth flipped itself right side-up and gained a massive blackhead over Eastern Europe for some reason. I guess it really was Not Spain.

The End.

Drakengard: Damned Kids Get Off My Lawn - The Game


The Greatest of All Trolls' shadow remains cast before us...


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Chapter 12 Final Mission
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Chapter 12 Suicide Mission
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