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Duke Nukem 3D: Duke it out in DC

by cKnoor

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



Duke Caribbean - Life's a beach


Ahh.. the Caribbean, the ultimate vacation destination. After a few months of alien annihilation, Duke's ready for a little R&R. That is, until the alien scum drop in for a little vacation of their own.

Includes 7 new levels plus one secret level, as well as all new weapons (squirt guns, coconut launchers, and more!), new beach-clad monsters, 4 extra DukeMatch levels, and new tropical background music. Works with version 1.3d and up.

Ahh Duke Nukem 3D, I'm going back to the well, a bonedry well but I've got a shovel and I'm gonna dig until I find some water. On May 23, 2007 I posted a new thread called [video]Let's kick ass and chew bubblegum while playing Duke Nukem 3D! and now a little over 2 years later I'm back with more. But this time I'm playing blind and don't know shit about the game, other than what I've read about it, and there's not that much info out there on the tubes.

According to MobyGames we are about to embark on a tropical adventure, with our bestest pal Duke Nukem the third. Which is actually kind of true, this is probably the best produced addon Duke3D ever received, which to be honest might not be saying much since most addons where just a bunch of userlevels downloaded from and burned to a cd. This stuff has actual production value! Heck it even has new Duke Nukem sound bites. It's not all great though, it's still a Duke3D game, and some of the levels have awesome glitches that you'll get to enjoy later.

I'm doing this because I still like Duke3D it was a fun little game when it came out and I still have a soft spot for it since it was the first FPS I played a lot of, heck I even made levels for it. I guess a second reason would be that this forces me to stay away from After Effects, which really saves time in the long run.


Episode 1 - Caribbean Catastrophe (baldurdash) (Youtube HD) (Just plain youtube)
Episode 2 - Market Melee (Baldurdash) (Youtube HD)
Episode 3 - Mr Splashy's (Baldurdash) (Youtube HD)
Episode 4 - The Wavemistress (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 5 - Lost Lagoon (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 6 - Voodoo Caves (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 7 - The Alien Remains (Baldurdash | Youtube HD |
Duke It Out In DC
Episode 1 - Hell to the Chief (Baldurdash | Viddler | | Youtube HD)
Episode 2 - Memorial Service (Baldurdash | | Viddler | Youtube HD)
Episode 3 - Nuked Files (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 4 - Smithsonian Terror (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 5 - Capitol Punishment (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 6 - Metro Mayhem (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
Episode 7 - Brown Water & Dread October (Baldurdash | Youtube HD |
Episode 8 - Nuke Proof (Baldurdash | | Youtube HD)
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