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by davidspackage

Part 3

Oh, hi dad.

What do you mean, dad? Are we having "the talk"? I've never even been kissed.

I think I get what you mean. When I awaken my underpants are all

Huh? No, I haven't. I'll go look at it then.

Holy crapping Christ it's the emperor ohgollyjeez

Oh I guess it's a hologram that he pre-recorded.

On the way out, Duncan tells me I need to go out again. So tired.

I just need a little to get me through the day, man.

Alriiiight let's get us some friggin motherlode of Sp-

Just a girl. Get out of here!

Damn it. On the other hand... lonely woman. This could be my only chance.

Yes! I have a girlfriend! Perfect timing for having the talk with me, dad!

And three new sietchs loaded with Spice to recruit. Let's go, my girlfriend. And Gurney.

I guess I am.

OK, go find a harvester while I move on. I'll send those creepy prospectors along to probe your area later.

I just can't tell if these guys shave their hair like this, or if it just... happens. On to the last sietch.

Alright so get to mining Spice for me and I'll

What? I'm Paul Arst Atreyu Atreddies! What's with this sudden disobedience?

After threatening to hold my breath but being scared to go through with it, I took Harah's ( my GIRLFRIEND'S ) advice and went back to the palace.

This Spice mining deal is sounding scarier all the time. Unless Duncan's just pulling my leg, like the time Gurney told me I had Secundian cancer in my leg and would have to cut my leg off and then he almost cut off my leg.

As of this moment, all of my goals are pretty much fulfilled, mom.

Good thing you said to go alone. Who knows what I would've let penetrate me otherwise. Ha ha! Hm.

It's too bad I can't bring Harah along. Now she's mad.

I don't understand what mom means, I've been sitting here for hours and

Whoaaaa what the deuce

aaaahDAD why are you out here all distorted and wavey

After dad disappears, I go inside and what do you know, there really is a message!

We'd better send him the Spice, I don't want to make the emperor mad.

Yikes, that's more than a thousand ones. That's terrible.

Boom! Instant Spice shipment!

*sounds of nail chewing*

Well, that gives us a bit of breathing room. I'll go tell mom and dad.

Why are you talking about me like I'm speaking a different language, mom? Did my palette re-cleave again?

Mom's not even paying attention to dad. She loves me.

I would have said that

I'm the one for you, sweetcakes.

You know it, dad.

Uh oh.