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by davidspackage

Part 2

So it turns out I just fainted in the throneroom. I woke up to Gurney slapping me in the face until I cried almost cried and the guards pulled him off me. One time when I accidentally taped all my fingers together, Gurney beat me so hard I bled from my ears. I went and told dad but he threw his head back and just kept laughing. After five minutes I got scared and left the room.

He was still laughing when I went to bed

Anyway, Gurney knows where we're supposed to go.

No, it was really all in the beard, dude.

That's the fifth time you've said that, butthorn. It's not funny anymore.

Oh I guess you weren't joking.

I'm starting to space out a little here.

Whoa, these things are pretty snug. Nice how you can just let everything run, though.

Ahhh... Relief. Slrrrp. Salty.

What, this harvester?

Sure, I'm generous enough to let you use this piece of precious equipment someone left outside your sietch, soulpatch.

Anyway, what else do you have to show in this cave?

It's like you think you have any say in this. Gurney. Kill him.

Gurney wouldn't listen, so we're off to see those other sietchs.

Buh? Who's been talking about me? What did they say?

Why all these complications? It's like these Fremen have never done any mining at all.

Oh, so that's what you meant?

These guys are pretty full of themselves.

OK, go forth and prospect.

God I'm so tired. I should be in bed by now. But we still have to draft more Fremen.

Jesus Kwisatz Haderach! Wh... was this what mom meant when she said she wondered what the proximity of Spice might do to me? I hope it's not this alien pattern baldness.

Everybody's pretty happy with me. I rock.

So me and mom have to go look for anything that might kill us. Share the love, dad.

Well, most mornings I wake up with a really hard

OK mom sorry


Thanks for the pressure dad, JEEZ

I learned it from watching YOU dad. I mean... Let's go see Duncan.

Don't we have servants for this kind of menial crap?

Guess I'll go stare at sand again.

Don't go beyond the rocky area, he said...

Good thing Gurney saw this empty sietch. No Fremen, but a pair of unused harvesters.

Since we don't have radios or messengers or carrier pigeons in the year 10,191, we have to fly over and tell them personally.

Go on then, get that harvester.

Oh, this is awkward. It's those prospector guys again. Let's just send the chief to pick up the harvester and leave.

Done. Now to get back to the palace, I am pooped.

Dad? Hello?