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by davidspackage

Part 5

Well, Gurney isn't here.

Mom is so supportive of me, but sometimes I think maybe she exaggerates a bit.

Contact the Fremen within a certain range? I think mom's hair is done up a bit too tightly.

Oh... oh ohmy ohmygosh... Girl... girlgirlgirl in my room. Ok. Stay calm.


I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later, for now let's enjoy the peace and lack of beatings with a stick.

Aw, no!

This palace is just nutty with hidden doors.

It's Gurney! Looks like he's dead.

Yes, he's dead. We'd best have the guards drag him out and bury him, very deep.

No mom he's dead

Sigh. I'll go tell dad.

Thufir? That guy gives me the creeps.

Yes, hello, Nosferatufir.

Gurney's on his feet again. This just isn't my day.

Could you at least take that flashlight from under your chin? It's really distracting.

Oh hell yes! Can I have a gun?

As human shields, you mean?

My mission is clear: ask Harah about a Fremen leader.

Mission: failed.

Gurney really likes guns. Maybe if I bring him into the armory, he'll want to stay there.

Alright, knock yourself out.

(Hope you put a round in your foot, baldy!)

As I head out to go on a romantic Orni flight with Harah (now that Gurney's no longer cramping my style), I remember what mom said about contacting Fremen within range.

Well slap my ass and call me Usul.

Looks like it really does only work on Fremen close by, though. I'll have to fly closer to the other sietchs. Maybe this guy knows something about a Fremen leader?

He doesn't, but he does clue me in on the existence of a nearby sietch. That's cool of him.

Just as I land, I get a vision from one of the Fremen chiefs. Great, as if harvesters are just lying around to be picked up. No time to console them now.

The sietch is abandoned, but there's some rockin' gear here. A harvester, two spare Ornis, and some knives. Those would be useful... if the Fremen would actually fight for me.

One troop of Fremen goes to pick up an Orni, but the other is stubborn and won't leave their sietch. What are those guys so antsy about?

Over in Carthag-Tuek, this guy's beard and hair still kick ass, but he doesn't know any Fremen leaders. Does clue me in on another secret sietch though.

As a reward, I send him to pick up the harvester in the sietch I found before.

Hubba hubba. More Ornis, and a lasergun! These Fremen better start fighting for me soon. Meanwhile, I'll have a nearby troop pick up the harvester.

Whoa, finally. We have a name to work with.

I'm making some headway...

Man, that's a long flight. I hope this'll be worth it.

Ah... the desert sky is so beautiful at sunse

Honeybear's not in the mood.

Oh snap. It's him!