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by davidspackage

Part 8

That was a long flight. This better be worth

ihh... ihhhhh.... hbbubabb...

Harrbb. Buhhhbl. Flubblabb.


OK. Yes. Yes. Say no more.

STAY. If I see your face I'll toss you in front of a harvester.

This harvester. Anyway, let's wait for the evening.

This is moving so fast. What's your name again?


I know!

Aah! Stilgar, you are a peeping Tom.

My mom always tells people I'm special.

Stilgar's posing with the Ornis, acting all innocent.

You're a great girlfriend, my girlfriend.

We'll go to the north one first.

I will need this guy's eyebrows on my side.

Alright. I'll send the Spice prospectors this way. Next sietch.

I can't tell if this guy has a beard, or a pigment disease.

Thanks, but I'm just going to have you mine Spice.

I'll go to this next sietch and

Mom wants me to open a jar or something. Heh, women.

More unfortunate Fremen hair.

Lots of guys with bad hair. That's good motivation for kicking some butt.

Join the Gurney Halleck punch club today!

Last sietch to check out. I can't figure out whether this guy's hair is retarded or awesome.

He has some laserguns lying around though. I'll equip him and send him to train with Gurney too. Time to check in with the homestead.

This is like the time my dog died, only nobody's mad at me and they're not making me go see a psychiatrist. I feel so vulnerable.

My girlfriend and Dillgar aren't much comfort.

Thufir is only concerned with strategy, when all I need is a hug.

Thanks for also being really creepy, Thufir.


Well. That sounds really, really crazy. I am just going to ignore everything you just said.

Mom's going to look into that Water of Life shenanihoohay. Meanwhile, I'll go check in with some troops.

Oh, go cry about it. I'll make it up to you.

Here, have my Orni.

Now get out of here.

Whoops. Gave away my Orni. Guess now I have no choice but to...

Summon the WoaAAARGH

Life just keeps getting weirder on this damn planet.

I arrive, worm-wise, at my little army-sietch. The prospectors are here, so I'll send them to the new sietchs Chani told me about.

Best check in with our spies, they've discovered a fortress.

I think they're in over their heads. Best have them retreat and look for some weaker Harkonnens, or they'll just get captured.

Believe it, baby.

Agh. The worm riding still isn't enough for Thufir. Guess he's hoping for a stockpile of Atomics the Harkonnens just clean forgot about.