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by Chakan

Part 16: MinoMax, MiMo - Five

After the Orc Mines Shop Fiasco, I chew my way back out. Snorg is very angry. I know how he feels.

We stop in to visit (and kill) the Keebler Elf. That's 4 loaves of bread over there. I wonder why they didn't put a tree in here.

We find something called "The Vaults" and decide to check it out.

A little ways in, we find this little chestnut. This is what the kids call a "wizlab." It's a loosely magically-themed portal with some kind of nasty spellcaster at the end. Supposed to be amazing rewards.

This one looks like some kind of demon-summoning one. Now, I have absolutely no fire resist. And I try to not spoil new areas or monsters I haven't seen before. So ordinarily I would come back here when I have resists. But I decide to go through it anyway...FOR THE LP!

It's going about as well as expected. These areas can be brutal - full of demons and casters who summon MORE demons who summon MORE demons. I'm getting lit up.

I also get my first bad mutation - and a few more!

This is really hard because ALL these guys look pretty pants-shitting and I've never seen most of them before. Until they do something super dick to me I have no idea which ones to worry about.

I use a scroll of teleport and wind up away from Wuok with just a few demons to kill. Then this happens: