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Part 49: Chakan, DDAr - Two

So, here's us, chilling out, nearly dead.

Some Makhleb invocations to really cut this troll down to size. Makhlebs abilities come into their own once you've got at least ten levels in invocations.

The invocations allow us to start pushing what we can do. I had really hoped for an offensive spellbook, be we've found nothing but scrolls in the way of reading.

Ok, I get it guys, I'll quit mucking around and go back to the lair. I initially skipped the entrance to the lair because it was guarded by a pool of rather fearsome electric eels. Seeing as I can't normally heal, I elected to push forward and come back later.

Well, not before I hit level 12.

And kill Maurice. This thieving bastard goes invisible, steals things you aren't wearing/holding on to, then runs away! Kill him to get back your stuff. Can't do anything if he's paralyzed though.

Titled: The Essence of this Run. Me, searching for books to ensure that I haven't found any, I'm woefully low on HP, but now I've got another trick up my sleeve. Makhlebs greatest power binds some of the most powerful demons to your will. However, even at full invocations it sometimes grabs a demon that doesn't look kindly on Makhlebs progeny and they decide to attack you. This can often be fatal, as a face full of ice when you're very low will often spell your doom, as Makhleb doesn't protect his children like the good gods do.

Pretty cool ring, but I don't really need rF-, so I don't wear it.

A book! I'm so elated I literally shout.

I... well, it could've been worse! At least utility spells allow me to start training some useful skills.

Just another day in paradise the lair.

Ah, I can use my green death to take care of this guy!

Or, not. Greater destruction takes him out though.

Sweet! A Lab will, hopefully, have books, I can learn some spells, get XP, it'll be a great time!

I'm gimping myself a bit by using greater summons to fight things, but I often can't run away properly and since I'm behind the curve anyways, I feel ok doing this, even if it puts me further behind for now.

I make it easily in time, as I've magic mapped the level. I quickly get the suspicion that I'm in the NE corner of the Lab, which makes moving easy.

It isn't long before I find this, but I have an unusual amount of trouble getting farther. This Labyrinth just doesn't want to give up its secrets.

Here we are! The minotaur's behind the door but I paralyze him and quickly kill him. I nab two books and a number of weapons, I don't take 27 stones, 5 darts of poison, a q-staff of some sort, and a bottled efreet.

Fire magic will do just fine.

Two things about this screen shot: The weapons were all venom themed and useless, and I've only got 4 MP, that combined with my awful spellcasting (kinda been focused on not dying skills) means I'm not casting anything like fireball for some time.

Death Yaks, but I've already got an executioner. He'll just carve them up and I'll have tons of collateral XP (½ of the exp from a summoned creatures kills go to the summoner.)


Oh! Lemme just do that again, aiming at the remaining yak that's a knights move away (so if the random evocation is fireball, it doesn't hurt me.) Oh that's cool, it was orb of electricity, which exploded. That, combined with the damage from this round by the Yak has killed me. I believe he doubled me, which sucks because now, I am dead.

Well, at least I know which of the highlevel-3 the book I had was.

Goodbye, Chakan the Pandemonic. You were a test character that accidentally stumbled his way through the game and managed to make it decently far. Note the disparity of scores between his score and Ran-dums, score gets to be really high later.