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Part 11: by Locus

1st Moonstone, 1054, Early Winter

Due to laziness and poor time management skills on the part of the workdwarves, the Red spinel item mandate missed it's deadline. The Mayor expressed disappointment, and enacted a new mandate forbidding the export of jet items.

I am somewhat unsure how to proceed in improving our fort in a functional way. My main effort on this front is the construction of secondary living and dining quarters for dwarves who work on the bank of the magma flow.

The slow progress in constructing this area is a constant reminder of how inefficient our metal operations are because of the remote location. Now that drinks and food are provided for the smiths, I would not be surprised if smelting and forging productivity doubles. I must also build traps near the workshops, as they are too vulnerable now, and occupy what will be some of our most talented and important dwarves

Also due to laziness and poor time management skills on the part of the workdwarves, no clear glass was ever produced, and As Urdimanil went insane. He started babbling at dwarves nearby, then ran halfway across the bridge, dove into the channel, removed his pants, and went streaking haphazardly across the hallways until he reached his room. He has been locked in to prevent his lack of garb from upsetting the more sensitive ladydwarves. Note - he later died of thirst.

For the less functional aspects of the fort, I have begun construction of a complex of large tombs to hold the remains of the previous rulers of this fort. I have given the smaller tomb to Kalo, as he used much of his allotted funds commissioning a statue portrait. Some might say that my own tomb is receiving extra attention, but I believe I am entitled, and if someone else wanted to build a fancy one for themselves, they should have thought of it when they had the chance. Note - To those who intern me to my casket when I pass from this world: Please use the provided chains to tether trained mandrills, or a suitable substitute, to guard my bones from thieves and vandals. P.S. That last part kind of rhymes. I will have it engraved on the door at once.

The long and quiet winter has ended, along with my interim reign as ruler of the fort.

The magma work area is almost complete for now. All that remains is some stone hauling jobs, resumption of the well construction, assorted additional traps, and the placement of furniture.

Here I take a look at my fellow retired rulers:

And a map of the fortress.

Suggestions for my successor:

* Smoothing of glass production - There are very bad issues with creating potash, container related.
* Construction of a treasury - As I was leaving I noticed a pile of minted coins underneath the forge.
* Clothes purchase/construction - Dwarves are beginning to complain of tattered garments.
* Examination of job permissions - There is some inefficiency