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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

by Various

Part 10: by Locus

1st Limestone, 1054, Early Autumn

Ikudoltud has been a thorn in our sides for much too long. I assigned more war dogs to our small defense force, activated the squad, and stationed them near her.

After a few minutes, Unib Besmarlaltur appeared on the scene, and began bravely striking Ikudoltud with her iron sword, gouging out both of the accursed behemoth's eyes! Finally, a fellow dwarf who shares my hatred for this beast.

The battle continued, with Unib having sustaining only minor wounds to her body from the blind rampaging of the massive elephant. Striking again with her sword, she heavily wounded Ikudoltud in the chest.

The last moments of the battle were confused, as Ikudoltud passed out, and was set upon by Unib, and the Captain of the Guard, (who had done nothing to help before, and was most likely trying to steal her glory). Unib's pet horse further obscured the fight by standing on the prone elephant, until it finally bled to death.

Ikudoltud's reign of terror has ended. Unib has been promoted to the leader of her squad in honor of this accomplishment and her bravery in battle. Hurrah!

In other news, a large dwarven caravan has been spotted, and is making its way towards us. As I was waiting for them, a Kobold showed it's marked stupidity by running towards the gate and getting slaughtered by a wardog, a soldier, and a cat.

Several dwarves seem to have taken the fool notion that there are supplies far out in the fields, and one of them, a stone mason, has paid the price for it. Rest in peace. Our fortress population is now at 75.

I have traded some assorted low value bone crafts for the exotic and interesting meats the caravan carried, as I know dwarves have favorite meals we may not be able to supply otherwise.

Ikudoltud's corpse is rotting where it fell. I suppose no one wants bury or cook it.

I noticed that there were many dwarves who were idling about in the hallways, and that all the food we had bought was sitting in the Trade Depot. When I asked them about it, they said they had been ordered previously not to touch any food or do any sort of manual transportation. I ordered several to resume these duties, but it may be a problem again in the future. Mechanics seem expecially lax.

A fisherdwarf nearly starved to death when a Tower Cap grew and blocked his path, locking him in the mill room. Fortunately his cries were heard before it was too late, and a dwarf armed with an axe struck the mushroom down.

Our mayor has mandated that we make two Red spinel items. Perhaps we had none before, so his export ban felt incomplete.

A group of frogmen lept from the river today, killing a war dog and a stray cat. They were quickly struck down by a member of the Fortress Guard and various peasants.

The jack of all trades, As Urdimanil has been possessed by unknown forces, and has collected a stockpile of random materials in a craftdwarf's workshop. Unfortunately he's stopped, and is muttering to himself. He has one piece of clear glass, so I suspect he requires more, which is a problem as dwarves keep taking our silk bags for other purposes than to transport sand. A dwarf has also organized a party at the sandstone statues, further slowing down our operations.

Autumn has ended.