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Part 15: by StarkRavingMad

Early Summer - 1055

Picture of the new food preparation area, new dining (which I'm about to have engraved), and new Elephant-In-A-Fucking-Cage storage room.

We had three Trappers, a profession that was only going to get them killed and Armok knows the last thing we need is more fucking trapped animals anyway. I told them to make clothes instead, since half the dwarves here are walking around in tatters and they're pissed about it.

The Manager demanded a clear glass window in his room. To fucking look at what, I asked him. Your room doesn't have a hole leading to the outside. Your room doesn't have a view of anything. The best I can do is put in a window that is 2 feet away from a stone wall. He doesn't give a shit. He wants a window. Fine, I hope the cocksucker falls through it while drunk.

We have some really messed-up room that serves as bedroom, dining room, office and everything for all the nobles at once. I started carving out some real noble rooms deeper in the mountain, for the next batch of nobles to show up.

Human caravan is here, but unfortunately I couldn't get the road built in time, so no wagons. I'll have it through before the year is up, though.

The humans bring me a load of meat and cloth. I trade them an elephant in a cage for everything they own. Have fun with that one, assholes.