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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

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Part 16: by StarkRavingMad

I finished making the Broker's mini-forges. He immediately issued a mandate that no mini-forges could be exported. I guess the cocksucker really likes his fucking mini-forges.

One of my farmers took over the craftsdwarf shop, he's babbling about gods and artifacts and sketching pictures of quarries and ore and trees and shells and everything under the fucking sun. I'm sketching pictures of the fortress guards lopping his head off in about two weeks.

The road is through. Welcome to greater society, Boatmurdered.

Oh for the love of...sure, why not, more migrants, come on in cocksuckers, the more the merrier.

I finally figured out something useful to do with all the trapped animals. The Barnum and Bailey Happytime Zoo, pictured below (still under constructions). Friends, if you like to look at elephants or mandrills or more fucking elephants and mandrills, is this ever the place for you!

Kind of ironic, considering my nickname and all. At least I have that craftshop back.

A frogman jumped out of a well and surprised Sibruk, one of the military dwarves. He killed the froggie pretty easily, but then he somehow got stuck in the well. So now little Timmy there is dying of thirst because he can't drink from the well that his fat ass is stuck in. His friends don't seem to have any trouble drinking around him. I guess they brought straws or something.