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Part 25: by Sankis

Not too much happened. I have a feeling the goblins will be back within a season, though, so stay tuned!

Spring, 1057.

Today I arrived at the fortress to begin my job as Director. The previous director of the fortress has left me quite a nice fortress to work with.

It is quite the typical Dwarven Stronghold, nothing seems to be out of the ordin---what the fuck is with this fortress?

After meeting with the former Director and hearing all he cared to tell me, the fortress was now in my hands.

Since Goblin invasions and elephants have been a threat in the past, I planned to rectify it by ordering the construction of a series of channels to release lava into the world. I cancel all other orders and begin construction immediately.

The plan is to bypass the botched area that was done by a previous ruler. I am also planning on relying on only 2 floodgates. The pathway I have dug out will do the rest, guiding the lava to the outside and killing whatever threatens us.

I scan the surroundings outside. These Elephants, if they remain, will be our first target once it is done.

Luckily they do not attack.

Suddenly, I recieve a report that one of our jewelers, Besmar, has drowned. Unfortunately, I am unable to recover the body. It is suspected he comitted suicide. I refocus on the lava channels.

While I do so, the yearly Elven caravan comes.

I look over our supplies and see we are not in need of any goods that they can give us. However, I do order the stills to full activity.

Today, however, a true criminal walks free. Eshtan Overbust, Jeweler of Boatmurdered, is released after his jail sentence. He was charged with failing to comply with orders given by the wonderful and generous Governor, thereby disrupting our glorious capitialist economy.

I will keep a close eye on this scum. Any more wrong moves from him and he will be the first to fight in the upcoming gladiator arena.

At this point, I notice my lava project is not being completed quick enough. I give this job high priority. No mining dwarf is to do anything else the duration of this assignment.

It is now 1st Slate of Spring and there have been no more important events.

I seem to have spoke too soon. On the 9th of Slate, a horde of Mandrils attacked the fortress.

The troops arrive in time. A group of Marksdwarves engage the mandrils from a distance, picking several off before engaging in melee. All the while some dogs that have been stationed outside attack them as well.

Soon, however, the battle is over. It is not without loss, however. One war dog and a marksdwarf have perished. You will not be forgotten, Iden Ralesesh.

On the Second of Felsite I recieve word from a messenger that several nobles, along with some immigrants, are due to arrive shortly. Damnation. As if I didn't have enough to worry about!

Prior to the arrival of these immigrants we had 73 citizens. These immigrants bring us to 98.

With the Advent of the Baron, we are in need of royal guards. I go around and and appoint the most worthy to the role.

Just as things were settling down once again, I recieve a report that one of my novice miners has been acting strangely and no longer working. Shortly after I recieve word that he has claimed a Mason's workshop and will not allow anyone inside.

He remains there babbling to himself. What he wants I do not know, but hopefull he plans something productive.

On a related note, I have procured the Artifact Vodudib for my room. I figure I am not being payed enough, why not pad my room with some expensive items?

Showing little respect for the dead, a masterwork of Starkravingmad has been lost. If I get my hands on the one responsible, they will be killed.

Just in time to cheer me up, I learn that the fey dwarf mentioned earlier has finally begun construction. Hopefully his item is useful, though I have my doubts.

DAMNATION! Just as I expected. This item is nigh useless. A basalt floodgate?! You idiot. If I didn't need you, I'd station you in the lava pit. Infact, I just may do that anyway.

Spring is now over. Nothing else of note happened during this time.