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Part 26: by Sankis

megor grendel posted:

Please post a screenshot of the whole fortress in your next update. It's been a while since anyone has posted one and I'm desperate to see what's going on

Sankis posted:

Sure thing.

Autumn is equally boring so far so I just decided to post the horribly boring summer update by itself instead of making you all wait until tomorrow.

Seriously. There's like nothing going on I got a bad year, I think. The rest of autumn and winter better be fucking awesome. It's not even like i'm missing stuff. It's gotten to the point where i'm making very inane events into updates because everyone just goes about their business and nothing interesting happens Oh well. Sorry for the lack of updates. It takes alot longer then I thought it would. I'm going to try to finish it up by tomorrow evening with a final update.

Summer, 1057:

The summer flood comes early this year. The ingenius series of bridges that a previous ruler made causes us to lose only a dog and a horse.

Shortly after the flooding, the Human Caravans arrive bringing several wagons. Among the humans is a diplomat.

One of our sworddwarves seems to have gone to great lengths to get a drink of water. Instead of, you know, going to the river edge or a well like a normal dwarf he wades out into the waters and is now stranded. I hope the idiot dies, but sadly he does not.

The diplomat that arrived leaves after speaking to me. We accomplish nothing, and within minutes of him greeting me he leaves.

Meanwhile I set some idlers to work. My first mission is to get rid of the embarrassing failed aqueduct.

I also begin a mass engraving job for the stone engravers. This will increase our wealth greatly.

Nothing of importance happens until late summer. Finally, the lava world flood device is finished!

Now, to test it out. I usher everyone inside, and order the lever pulled.

It flows! Yes! So far, so good!

It passes the aquaduct successfully.

It hits the river!

I am just about to release the lava over the river when I look outside. I notice the canals that the previous rulers had done extensive canal work. Were I to release the lava into the wild, these would instantly dry up on contact with the lava. Testing it now would be too risky. I will have to save it, else my "test" would make the most trafficked portion of the fortress a steamy deathtrap.

Asides from the wounded soldier lying unconcious, starving, and dehydraded in the main hallway the remainder of the Summer remains uneventful

Since nothing fun is happening, I decided to make my own events: