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Part 27: by Sankis

Autumn, 1057.

The Autumn of 1057 starts with death. Just two days into the season a jeweler who had been sentenced to three weeks in jail dies of thirst.

While I'm elsewhere in the fortress, a fire imp wanders into one of our traps. He never saw it coming.

Then I turn back toward the outside. The Mason's Guild leader is injured and knocked unconcious by elephants. They don't seem to finish him off.

Then to make matters better, one of our more skilled Metalsmiths is taken by a fey mood. This fuck better make something decent.

He claims a Magma Forge.

Thankfully we have what he needs for now..

Not long after, the Dwarven Caravan arrives with the City Liason.

While the Dwarves are busy offloading their goods, we get a visit from a few Goblin Snatchers. One is caught and killed in the trap. The other attempts to run

Seconds later, I get a notice that the fey dwarf has begun a construction. I bet it has elephants on it!

Then I get ANOTHER report of goblin thieves. Two more step into the traps. Fucking idiots.

Meanwhile I speak to the liason about goods for the next caravan.

They have nothing to really offer, but more seeds is never a problem so I ask for them.

Just as a mason went out to retrieve the wounded Mason guild's noble, a horde of mandrills attack. He tries to fend them off but is taken down.

The Mason arrives to find his boss dead and also begins fighting the mandrills.

The Mason runs and the Mandrills dart for the trade depot.

The Caravan's axedwarfs head them off, however, making my deployment useless. Damn.

The mandrils are all killed and the axedwarfs head back to their caravan

A second later the Metalsmith finishes his artifact.

Oh hey. fucking elephants. HOW UNPREDICTABLE.

We seem to have a bit of a miasma problem so I assign a few dwarves to clean up.

What the fuck. Mid autumn migrants. As if we didn't have enough already. Oh well. It's only about 8 of them.

Woah. Out of fucking nowhere I get a message that Torret Doge has been struck down. I can't find the body anywhere, though!

I search all over for a sign of a battle outside but there is none.

With that, Autumn is pretty much over. Nothing else of note happens. The dwarves continue being fucking idiots. One jeweler starves to death in jail and I search for more ore.

TouretteDog posted:

Try going to the units screen, picking the corpse, and hitting 'c' or whatever the zoom to creature key is. That works sometimes.

I must be avenged!

Sankis posted:

I tried that but it didn't work at the time. They somehow retrieved your body and your now resting in your tomb. Or you would be if the dwarves weren't bogged down with 1000 orders.

By the way, your tomb pales in comparison to mine:



That wooden table is an artifact

This is one of the things I made when there was literally nothing happening during early summer to early-mid autumn. Not as awesome as that fully engraved one but for some reason the good engravers are "resting" in jail even though they were never jailed and are dying. Hooray dwarven justice system.

mariguana posted:

Noooo, my werewolf table.

My tomb is the cheapest one of all of them, isn't it? And I bet I died first too.