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Part 28: by Sankis

Winter, 1057.

Hooray! Winter has finally arrived. The final stretch before my year term is over.

It starts off well enough. A metal smith starves to death. I assume he was jailed for disobeying orders and none of the lazy ass dwarves fed him.

Our coin vault finally finishes. It contains the fortress's supply of coins. It is protected by first a door of pure steel, followed by one of pure platinum.

The late Torret Doge's corpse is finally placed in his tomb.

Since nothing is happening, I decide to set some traps in various areas. I catch a spider! Hooray!

Remember when I said shit was getting boring?

I take that back.

I have no idea what the fuck just happened. I was cleaning up outside a bit and mining out useless areas. By the gods!

Immediately we lose the miner who undug it.

The rest of those stranded outside are safe. For now.

I get an idea to possibly save the fortress. If I release the lava I have trapped up, it will evaporate the water on contact. With nothing to lose, I do it.

The lava is released and hits the water.

It continues spreading and steaming up.

Sadly, the dwarves trapped outside are unable to flee. They either die horrible deaths due to scalding, or due to being burned alive in the lava.

Poor dog.

After awhile, it clears up. All the goods outside the fortress are burnt but they can't be recovered. The fortress is saved.

But at a terrible cost.

After everything settles down I decide to engrave some things in my future tomb. Clearly I have suffered some sort of trauma.

Things begin settling down and finally become normal again as winter starts to come to a close. A dwarf becomes possessed! Yay!

He claims a craftsdwarf workshop.

Later begins production.

Winter comes to a close. I am now retiring after only a year. Hopefully the next ruler is up to the task of rebuilding the outside and refilling the channels.

Luckily I finished my tomb before my reign ended.

I now retire.

Phew. Sorry for taking so long.

Itzena posted:

"You maniac! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! "
Did it solve the elephant problem at least?

Sankis posted:

You tell me.

Atleast the water flooding/lava steaming gives the next ruler an excuse to make the fortresses' indoor moat into a lava moat.

Zakuu posted:

Deployment of the "lava death system"