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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

by Various

Part 29: by Astronautonomicron

First off, look who's back!

About twelve of our large pachyderm friends decided to take up residence just beyond the river where so many of their family members were cooked alive by an ocean of boiling water. They have yet to cause my dwarves any trouble.. well, except maybe this guy;

He looked so happy too..

And then this poor fella drowned;

Noting our lack of gems both rough and cut, I set about designating a large area for excavation. The double wide spacing allows maximum exposure of gems with the least amount of effort.

Plus it'll keep our few mining dwarves busy for a good long while.

On the 15th of Granite those pointy earred pricks that refuse to bring anything useful for trading arrived! Unfortunately they were just south of the massive herd of elephants by a few screens and reached our trade depot unscathed.

It seems the actions of one former ruler upset the great Elven civilization!

(crying dwarf added for dramatic effect)

Shortly after the Elves arrived, we recieved another glorious gift from the outside world.. immigrants! x21

Along with them came a Treasurer, Tax Collector, Hammerer, Masons Guildmaster, and Dungeon Master. Due to the sorry state of our current noble housing area, I set about designating new homes for our distinguished brethren;

I'm also working on fullfilling all of our current nobles requirements. They have gone without studies and dining rooms for far too long and they are nearing revolt! Or maybe just imposing bans on certain exports. In any event, rest assured that when my reign ends, all nobles will be fully satisfied, and those that aren't will be sleeping at the bottom of the cave river. < with that guy

All of this and it's only mid-spring. Let me know if you like all this small event coverage, or if you'd prefer to be informed of only the major happenings (such as elephant attacks and disastrous flooding). I leave you for now with a shot of what will be my final resting place. Note the excessive amount of elephant engravings. All of the dwarf engravings are of them either melting, or in fetal position!